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January 31, 2018
By gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
gbarrera1029 BRONZE, San Jacinto , California
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It was twelve on a cold brisk night. There was no noises outside but the own noise of his breathing sigh. He hadn’t been able to sleep all night the stress of his upcoming tests and work he had to do. But it wasn’t anything compared to the stress of other people around the world who’ve faced bigger problems but this night was a weird one than usual. He felt weird in a bad way, almost like someone called him but he didn’t know who. It just stood on his mind like a vulture waiting for its food to die, but nothing occured for the next eighteen minutes. Until something actually did. It happened as quick as life changes, it appeared. It? He? It wore a black leathery suit that looked more night than night and glided like a sheet of paper on the wind. He tried to get up but he couldn’t, he was stuck and it was advancing at eversome pace and didn’t move around objects it just went through them. He became more frantic by the second but couldn’t move but he noticed something as it got closer. It carried a gold medallion in its hands which shone like the sun at dawn. As he saw this he could feel his arms move but they just sunk back down to the cold confines of his bed. He wanted to move and get the medallion but he couldn’t, it was the prize he always wanted but he couldn’t pull enough power to get up and get it. It was still coming closer now it was about five feet away as it got close again he felt more energy to get up but he couldn’t. He sank down for the final time as it passed and heard it whisper “You missed me” and disappeared forever into the darkness. He felt it, he missed it. Then he went to sleep, and it filled him with regret the next morning knowing he missed it.

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on Feb. 4 at 11:55 am
Lamest_Coolguy BRONZE, Downers Grove, Illinois
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Nice story, I really enjoyed the simile, "It just stood on his mind like a vulture waiting for its food to die..." Very vibrant word choice.

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