The Demon

January 29, 2018
By BreoniaSpencer BRONZE, White Health , Illinois
BreoniaSpencer BRONZE, White Health , Illinois
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Its about some people getting possed and its a good story


Chapter 1: The start

   On a rainy day a family was inside of their new house which was big and a little creepy,  but little did they know they are not alone.  Previously, some people had died in their new house.  They did not know so they thought it was weird when they started hearing things and seeing things.  The family consisted of a little boy that was five, and two twin girls- the age of nine, but that night the twins were acting weird.
           Their mom asked, “Is everything ok girls?”  Suddenly there was a knocking not coming from the door but from the wall.  They thought it was nothing just a branch knocking  on the window, but it was not.  The twins names were Lindsay and Kenzie and the little brother’s name was Bentley.  Bentley kept on asking his sister is wrong?  By that time the twin’s eyes were red and they had deep voices.  Then the parents and Bentley went to bed, but not the twins.  The parents awoke quickly when they heard something slam in the living room.  They went to go see it, and it   was the twins. The parents thought they were sleepwalking, but they were possessed.  The parents  helped them back to bed just as they reached the stairs, the lights went out.  It was complete darkness the rain stopped by now it was misty outside.  Bentley met them at the bottom of the stairs and  the girls started acting like themselves again.  Bentley didn’t know what was happening.  Morning came the Twin acted like themselves again but Bentley started acting weird like the twins did, the twins were scared this time.  Bentley kept saying  evig em ym esouh kcab which backwards means “give me my house back”.  They went to church and something changed.  What happened that day no one will forget.  The children were heading out of church and then dropped down on the ground and this time all three of them had Black eyes and blood dripping down their face and they were whispering “Death”.  Soon after that they had a blackout they don't remember anything and had awoken in the hospital.  The doctor’s were confused on what was happening so they had a Pope come in to see the children.  The Pope though he had saved their lives but he was mistaken.  The Pope made the matter’s worst the parents were still ok even though their children weren’t. Then after the kids got out of the hospital they became stronger like superhuman strength.  The children couldn't control their self and then they blacked out  the parents took them home .  That night the kids tied themselves to their bed and locked their bedroom door.  Somehow they ended up in the living room everything broken and they thought it was blood but it was jam.  The children called for their parents no answer and tried again no answer. They went upstairs to see if the parents were there they weren’t.  Then the children heard a big BOOM!!  They went to go see what it was it was.  An a rock busted through the window.  The kids ran out the front door as fast as they can.  There was their parents standing there like zombies meaning they didn’t walk, talk, or blink.  The children were terrified and scared about to the point of crying.  They ran to the church which was a good five miles or so.  They went to the Pope and he was also acting weird just like their mom and dad.  They ran to a gas station near but the same thing happened.  They thought maybe it’s only the grown up’s so they went to the twin’s rivels house.  Their rivels  mom was acting weird just like their mom and dad and the Pope.  The twin’s rivels name is Tiffany but they are rivels because the twin’s won the talent show about two weeks before this all happened. Tiffany was fine just like Bentley,Mackenzie, and Kenzie.  They were trying to figure out what was going on so they agreed to be friends until this is over.  When it is they will work things out properly.  They ran back to the church the got Holy water and five crucifixes and then they ran to the gas station to get gasoline.  After they got the gas they ran to Tiffany’s house and there were already twenty kids there also confused.  They made a circle of holy water around all the parents only the twin’s and Troy's mom and dad and also Tiffany’s mom.  Then they laid the  crucifix down by the parents and then all the kids prayed.  It worked!  Tiffany and the twin’s were acting weird though. The parents didn’t know what was going on so they laid them down on the floor. Tiffany lifted her mom and threw her across the room. They were drinch in blood.Their eyes were shot red and they keep on shouting  “GO AWAY” and kept saying it. Soon all the twenty kids were out even Bentley but Tiffany,Kenzie,and Mackenzie were still in there.They all three fell to the floor. Something smelled  like smoke Troy pointed out Smoke coming from the house. The twin’s dad ran in and got them out one by one they were all safe luckly. The girls were asleep when they awoken the had no memory and they felt different still drenched in blood and eyes still red. They were also talking differently like old days.  The parents looked up who died in their house long ago and it was Edward Pellow, and William Marshall.  They thought that they possessed the girls bodies but there had to be a third person involved they saw a name in little print at the bottom of the paper that said William Wilberforce.  Yes a Pope confirmed they could be possessed by the spirits.  There was only one way to save them before the spirits take control  forever.  The parents had to go to a place about an hour or two away to get a exercise that gets rid of  spirits that are unwanted and some can see them.  The parents got two and suppouble they are not fake.  The people’s names were Lucy and James Cartell and they sat down with the kids and they got in contact with the spirit.  They finally saw the spirit and they asked why are you doing this and the spirits said I am held captive you gotta help. When the spirit said that Lucy had a vision it wasn't the spirit it was a Phantom.  She was trying to kill the girls  to take their bodies so the parents had to save them.  They got  all the holy water they could find they drew a cross on the floor and made a circle around them and they laid all the crucifixes they had all around the circle and also put it in the girls laps. They all said a Bible verse and they also poured gasoline in the circle.  They got on their knees and prayed they were their for 24 hours praying and in the morning the girls were ok.  It has been two weeks now and nothing like it was.  They all were safe for now but they still weren’t ok they has nightmares and dreams about what happened to them and the had to have therapy.  The excurisi wasn’t sure how the Phantom got there or why it was there, but the good thing is it’s gone or is it?

The author's comments:

I am doing this story because people liked it.

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