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Time Flies

January 27, 2018
By t.l1n GOLD, Staten Island, New York
t.l1n GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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I slammed the door and locked it. I told my family I didn’t want to be bothered. They won’t miss me anyway. I put on my gaming set and thought about all the times my family and I acted like strangers to each other. I shook off the thought and soon got lost in the fantasy world that is virtual reality. It seemed like hours passed, but I didn’t care. In the real world, no one needed me. No one missed me. In here, my level and skills were appreciated by my team.

Later, I signed off and looked around me. The house seemed to be quiet and I checked the time. It was 3AM. The darkness ate me until I went and turned on the lights. Where is everyone, I thought. I looked at all the notifications on my phone. There were so many text messages from John: “Hello? Where are you? Do you see what’s happening outside? Why aren’t you responding? Are you okay? Help me!” They were all from a year ago.
I walked out of my room and called for my family. Only the echoes of my voice could be heard. The hard truth slapped me and I knew that my family was gone and I was alone. I sat against the cold wooden floor and reflected. I never bonded with my sister. I never minded my grandparents. I neglected my parents.

I should have bonded more. I shouldn’t have cut myself out. I shouldn’t have kept everything to myself. I should have cared about them more. I should have been there with them, been there for them. I gazed at emptiness all around me and realized that time was life’s greatest enemy. Every second you have is always valuable so don’t waste it.

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