January 24, 2018
By KyleJK BRONZE, Lucifer, Michigan
KyleJK BRONZE, Lucifer, Michigan
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Flames emblem figures in the distance, the heat feels unbearable but at the same time, natural.  Smoldering ash fills the air, it’s not easy to breath.  I feel the embers from the air graze my skin, it burns but for some reason I don’t mind it.  Not aware of where exactly this place is, but it looks like an atomic bomb met five hundred trucks of gasoline and a single match.  A disfigured shadow slowly moves towards me from the haze of the ash.  With a limp it begins to become more clear, it’s body is deteriorating into the ash that fills the air as it gets closer.  I could run or fight but it oddly doesn’t feel necessary.  It gets with a couple feet and lunges at me, but when it’s deformed hand reaches for my face the creature completely turns to a bright red ash about a centimeter from my nose.  The ground beneath me violently shakes, suddenly it rips a ravine below my now falling body.  Suddenly there’s a bright flash of light, I open my eyes, it was but only a dream.

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