When daylight ends

January 25, 2018
By Zoie_Lammers SILVER, Melbourne , Florida
Zoie_Lammers SILVER, Melbourne , Florida
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Eslyn was always alone, when a curious male shows up Eslyns worl is turned upside down and she dosent know what to think of it. She has never experienced the company of another human. She dosent know what love or emotion truly feels like. Maybe it is time poor Eslyn learned how to be human.

Chapter 1: Stranger

                                               When Daylight Ends
France, 1353
The golden orb set in the twilight sky and painted the Earth with a light rose. The dark navy dragon tilts his snout to the air and sniffed. “Eslyn there’s smoke! It is coming from the forest” Eslyn groes worried as she looks towards the trees. “How? Is it maybe from the other dragons?” Flare shook his head “our flames smell quite different”  Eslyn started to walk into the forest she walks slow and cautious. Through the trees there was an amber light burning brightly. Eslyn stares into the flame completely mesmerized. The flame dances atop a piece of wood as the wind catches the ashes sending them into a big circle across the sky. Eslyn draws closer to the beautiful ember. Her emerald eyes never stray from the flame, she has experienced fire before, but this time it felt different. The flame begins to grow and rise and soon the flames go from the bright amber to a dark crimson, then a deep blue, indigo, violet, rose, magenta. The colors twirl and change and Eslyn realizes she is the one causing this to happen. “How are you doing that?” A deep soothing voice comes from behind Eslyn. The flames drop and return to their natural state. Eslyn whips around to see a young man standing there with ice eyes that burn into hers. He had dark hair, he was tall and slim. “Y-you...you are..a human” Eslyn stutters and stumbles back. “Last time i checked, yes” Eslyn breathes heavy and falls silent before taking a shaky breath to speak one thing.     “I do not know how I did that to the fire” She fell silent again and bites her lip. How was he here? Why was he here? How did he get here? She has never experienced human interaction before she did not know how to take it. “I am Kyle, are you alright?”
She inhales “humans...they do not..live here..I am the only one”
“What what do you mean?” He grows curious his eyes wide. “I was born here during the plague...Everyone died and I had to survive on my own. I taught myself how to read and write…I learned how to speak properly and cook.”
Kyle stares at the girl in front of him “you are crazy completely insane. No human can survive alone for- how long have you been here?”
“15 years” she says flatly. Kyle laughs and shakes his head running a hand through his hair.    “So this is your first time speaking to a human?”
“Okay...Then how are you so good at it.”
“I speak to nature and to animals”
He raises an eyebrow and crinkles his nose trying not to laugh “What are you? A tree?”
Eslyn frowns and the young dragon growls from behind her “I do not know any better”
Kyle jumps at the sound of the growl and stares at Eslyn “I am sorry i just do not understand how this is all possible.” Eslyn pats the dragon's head “it is ok Flare you do not have to growl.” The dragon steps back and lays against the Earth. “What is your name?” Kyle asks trying to drop the idea that she has been alone her entire life and he is super confused.  Eslyn waits a moment “Eslyn” He tilts his head “how do you know that?”

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