Everything Has Changed

January 17, 2018
By MayaJSmith BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
MayaJSmith BRONZE, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
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Alex looks back one last time knowing that the world as we know it has forever changed. He jumps into the pool of hot green slime after his sister. They struggle through it, burning themselves in the process. Today has been a crazy day for the city of New Chicago. Everything started early this morning when the Strikers came. The Strikers have been trying to take over the city for years now but New Chicago has fought them off each time they came. Last time, the city thought they were safe and that the Strikers wouldn't come back, but they thought wrong. Early this morning when the men and women just started getting ready to fly to work in their Aircars, the Strikers struck. Hundreds of planes and jets and airships came flying in, surrounding the city. Nobody, not even the military, was prepared for this. They got the city good this time.  The ships started shooting their cannons and raining down the acid slime on the city. New Chicago’s military instantly started striking back. Before the city knew it, it was a full out war.

Alex and his sister had just woken up, dreary eyed and confused as to why there was so much noise outside.  Alex looked out the window to find that they were under attack. He and his sister grabbed their shields and guns, ready for battle. Alex was old enough to fight, being 17. His sister, Michelle, was a little less advanced at 14. But either way, they knew they needed to help.

Alex and Michelle have been fighting all day. Taking down enemy ships and helping people to safety. Now they are right in the center of battle.

Alex shoots rapid fire on a jet coming toward him. The jet strikes back, shooting Alex in the leg. But that isn’t enough to keep him from fighting. Almost every enemy aircraft has been destroyed. The battle is almost over. Alex sees Michelle in the distance taking down another. The military has been knocking them down one by one. They are no match for the city of New Chicago. Alex stands there in the midst of the battle, no sound in his ears, his vision frozen in time. Is this really happening?, he thinks.

His mind unfreezes and he sees the last ship standing. He runs toward it with the adrenaline of the day and starts taking it down. The ship crashes. No more planes or jets or ships standing. Alex looks around to see his now wrecked home. The hazy air full of smoke clouds his vision. But he can still see the buildings burning, the streets a mess. Everything covered in slime and ash. People all around hurting. The battle may have been won, but everything has changed.

The author's comments:

I like to write fantasy pieces so I was inspired to write one about the future. 

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