Magical encounter

January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

In a world full of responsibilities and close-minded individuals lived a young listless boy by the name of Jimmy. A boy whose curiosity gets the better of him, falling into unprecedented situations. The boy lived with his father in a small town on the mountainside. A town that’s rumored to have an enormous magical beast amongst them.

     Jimmy had just woken to an unbearable amount of smoke, having had a terrible evening, he was still weary as he got out of bed in the midst of the night. As he was collecting his thoughts he noticed a bright source of light by his bedside. Jimmy soon realized that he had forgotten to put out his candle prior to getting in bed. Sprinting to the nearby well, he retrieved some water with a bucket which he had stumbled over as he ran downstairs. Making it in just the nick of time he was able to put out the fire before it caught on to something else. Exhausted, Jimmy began to contemplate his life yet again. Jimmy kept asking himself questions as to why things never went his way, why that girl rejected his affection, and why his father hasn’t awakened from all the commotion. As he had just settled down and remembered that his father was a deep sleeper his father came barging through the door, bombarding young Jimmy with questions he had no answers to. Ignoring the interrogation, Jimmy ended up falling asleep due to his listlessness.

     The morning after all the commotion. Jimmy felt strangely energetic and had decided to take advantage of it by exploring the lands in which he lived on. Hoping to run into the rumored  “wise man” he had learned during his encounter with the girl of his dreams the other day, he headed out after leaving his father a note. A note which his father would soon read and be confused by for there was no wise man, but a magical beast.

     The boy had only been out and about for an hour or so, and he was already regretting everything. Jimmy was seeking guidance and had prepared a few questions for the “wise man”, questions that the tired boy thought would help put his mind at ease. As the boy pressed on with his journey for answers, he caught a glimpse of a cave entrance in the distance. He had no idea where he’d run into the supposed magic man but he took the discovery of the cave as a lead. The route to the cave was not a simple one, he would have to cross a stream inhabited by strange aquatic creatures, and to find a way up a muddy mountainside. As Jimmy conquered the water obstacle, he came face to face with what seems to be an unclimbable landform. After numerous attempts, Jimmy decided to use his head to conceive a solution. Knowing that the problem was the unstable mud, Jimmy brought over rocks from the streamside which would act as stabilizers. The closer Jimmy got to the cave entrance, the stronger an ominous scent became. At the entrance, Jimmy caught sight of a massive figure not too deep into the cave. Upon further observation, Jimmy realized he had discovered an animal of some sort. Meeting eye to eye with the creature Jimmy was frozen in fear. A soft voice came from the creature telling Jimmy to get closer and without a second thought, he got closer. As the boy was two feet apart from the beast, flames burst out, lighting the candles laying around, revealing a green dragon. With unusual enthusiasm, the boy and dragon conversed for some time. Learning about each other the confused boy was enlightened as their conversation neared its end. The kind dragon shared its two cents on the human Jimmy's problems.

     Jimmy knew the solution to his problems all along, as the dragon had revealed. With just a glance, the dragon was able to see through him. The boy just needed to put his mind to problems that would arise from his life. With just some thought, Jimmy could get through anything.

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Dyecot said...
on May. 14 at 12:19 pm
I fking love this story!

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