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Gone Forever

January 16, 2018
By Mayaswartz SILVER, Berkeley, California
Mayaswartz SILVER, Berkeley, California
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The year was 2305, and almost everything was gone. All of the civilization, all of the nature, gone. All that remained was one single army base. At least that’s what the people of army base #107 were told. At first, as the generals told the people, no one wouldn’t take the downfall seriously. They would say, “we’ve dealt disasters before and we can do it again” little did they know that disasters create more disasters and global warming was their reality.

As the generals said, only a few hundred humans survived the global destruction that eventually cracked the earth in half and destroyed almost all civilization. And it was that in which Wren Evers lost her mother, her father, and her little brother.

Wren was sad indeed, but she didn’t have much time to sit and weep considering her situation. Her main focus was survival for both her, and Lara. Lara didn’t talk anymore, not even to Wren. She laid curled up on her cot all day though she didn’t close her eyes. Wren was worried about her little sister but had no time to think about it. If she didn’t work all day in the base cafeteria, she and Lara would starve.

Wren was finishing up the dishes as the clock struck noon. Just like always, sargent Killuana strut into the kitchen for her daily inspection. “Afternoon workers” she said in her low gravelly voice. “Afternoon ma'am” Wren said in a quiet tone. Sargent Killuana paced the room four times. “Everythings clear.” She then gave Wren and the other workers their daily shots. It used to hurt when Wren was little but she had gotten used to the pain. Sargent Killuana nodded and shut the door behind her.

Wren let out a long breath that she had been holding in. The sargent frightened her as she did everyone else. She was in charge after all. Suddenly Wren’s eyes flashed with yellow. A loud noise went off all around her. An alarm? She bolted out the door with her questions and curiosity close behind. Wren was still a little woozy from the injection. Sargent Killuana’s voice rung out loud and clear from all directions. “People of base #107, go inside immediately no further clarifications.” “I repeat go inside immediately no further clarifications.”

The only time anything like that had ever happened was when the earth split apart. Luckily the base had been on the safe side of the earth. Not very lucky to everyone else. Wren was still outside when the loudspeaker cracked and a gunshot went off. She glanced at the large wall surrounding the base. It was meant to keep them safe but Wren wondered what was really behind that wall.

A thin frail man appeared in from the shadows. “Please you all must listen to me” He croaked. Heads stuck out of doors for the walls were thin as paper. “This place is a lie and I mean it. They are always watching you, from every corner you step. You must leave at once this has gone on for much too long. They are playing you. All of them. There is life outside of these walls they have trapped you in.” There was a long of silence. “You must listen to me!” He croaked louder this time. The people began to grow frightened.

Someone tugged on Wrens sleeve. It was Lara. She hadn’t gotten out of bed in weeks. Wren stood frozen to the solid earth. “I believe him Wren” She whispered so quiet it could have been the breeze. “I've seen mama and papa in my dreams. Teddy too. I know that their alive somewhere behind the walls.” A tear slipped from Wrens cheek. Lara hadn’t talked in months.

New possibilities sprang from Wrens mind in bright spurs of color. Maybe there was more life outside the walls. Maybe there was more than the base. But they had always put faith in the generals. Could she test it? A gunshot cleared her thoughts. The man lay dead at her feet. Sargent Killuana stood, her gun outstretched  at the edge of the scene. “Please go inside” She warned. “This man escaped from our hospital he was not well.”
Wren took lara inside not saying a word. She was confused but didn’t want to think about it. Sometimes there were just things you couldn’t explain. She looked around at their small room with their small cots. She wondered what life would have been like before the disasters. A normal life. Something she would never know. Wren watched as Lara lay down and curled up on her cot, though she didn’t close her eyes. She never did.

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