world war space

January 19, 2018
By Anonymous

World War Space
It happened one day… a big light came out of the sky. It was the year 2060 We looked at it with the really loud sound, it took almost everybody's attention. And then it fell into the distance. When it hit the ground it made a huge explosion. I was with my family, we were just going shopping and then this happened. The explosion was huge. The shockwave made the glass on the buildings shatter and fall on the ground and even some of the buildings even fell! Everybody screamed and ran. When i looked up i saw another one falling. The explosion was bigger than i expected. It was really close to me. Then i went into the world of blackness. When i woke up i was under a pile of broken pipes and other stuff. I managed to get up and walk. I couldn't see my family. Then i fell and went into a coma again. Then i kinda woke up by the sound of a siren and people talking. I was picked up and put into a truck like thing.
I woke up with the sound of people talking. I was in a bed covered in a blanket my arm left arm was rolled with a bandage. When i woke up i saw a doctor, the first thing i said was        ¨¨
The doctor said ¨you are in a hospital, you were on the ground when the explosion happened.¨
¨¨ i said.¨they uhh...died of the explosion¨ he said
At that moment i felt like someone stabbed 100 knives in my body. I didn't feel it but tears where falling from my eyes. He turned the TV on it said ¨ today at 10:58 a.m an alien like fleet attack a fourth of the world. We got a report from an satelite saying that they can't see it but a fleet was showing on an radar. We have lost at least 1 million people from the attack. Stay tuned as we try to gather more information about the attack.¨ the doctor turned the TV off, then another person came in and said that he needed help for other people. He went away and  i was left alone.
     In The Satellite.
There are three crew members in the satellite it wasn't big but it was enough to carry 3 people. The alarm came on, crew member one said ¨ What the hell?¨ he looked at the radar and saw some things then crew member 3 said ¨I see heat signature up front¨ at that moment they saw a red light forming in the middle of nowhere, they hurried and reported what was happening. But at that moment the crew knew they screwed up. But they got in time they pressed the button and they sent the signal. One of the crew tried to move the ship but it didn't work… they got burned to smithereens and they were gone. There were only chunks of the satellites left.
Down On Earth At The Army Base
One of the crew there got a message from satellite 5 saying that there was a heat signature and they were going to die. The captain at the base told the crews to zoom up at the coordinates that the satellite told there was. Like the satellite said there was a glow of dim light, they can barely see the alien ship. He told the people to tell the TV station to tell the citizens to evacuate into the bunkers of the city, and to put on the bomb alarm. They knew that they are going to have an another attack on earth. They were probably just charging their lasers and planning to attack earth again. They were in trouble again. He told his crew to let the other satellites to check the alien ship. Then they saw the beam of light firing…
In The Hospital
I was just laying on the bed, being bored and doing nothing. Then all of the sudden the T.V came on. I didn't do anything but it just came on. It said ¨To all the citizens of SECTOR 5, we just had a report from the military saying that one of the satellites in space have been shot down by the unknown alien ship. It's going to strike us again. Please evacuate to the military base in SECTOR 3. I repeat please evacuate the the military base in SECTOR 3.¨ and then the T.V turned off. Then i hear the bomb alarm outside. I can also hear a lot of people yelling ¨ GET OUT!!!!¨ and other stuff like that. I can also hear the sound of equipment banging against metal. I panicked and stood up it was kind of hard but i got used to it after taking some steps. When i go outside i saw a bus but it left. And all the other buses too. I was thinking hard to think of driving a car or staying here and dying. I didn't want to die yet, i wanted to take revenge on those stupid aliens and kill every single one of them. So i got a rock and threw it at a car.i broke the window and got inside. I didn't care because the police wouldn't car. Were in a middle of an attack. I kinda knew how to drive a car, i saw how my dad drove a car. Well you just need to push the gas pedal and GO. i went into the streets and drove to sector 3. There was traffic so i went a little off road. There were a lot of jumps. There were pebbles and stuff so yeah. After a lot of time i finally go to the military base. I saw a lot of alien like jets and saw some of them fire. They were firing lasers to the military base. And then there was a thing under a big sheets. I tried to get under cover and then found a little cover of boxes. Then there was an explosion. Then some of the boxes fell and broke. There was like a file that said the ¨OVERLOAD system¨ i was kinda confused, but when i opened the file i saw a big robot like thing. I flipped and flipped the pages and it was like an instruction manual. I was wondering if the big thing under the cover was this ¨OVERLOAD system¨. It was kinda hard to pull the sheets for the c***pit but i finally managed to do it. I figured out how to open the c***pit, it was like a simulator that i played when i went to the museum. It wasn't hard to control. It was a lot different to control it but i have the manual. I got into it, the seat was comfy as it should be. When i turned the on button on the machine turned on. Then a screen came out of the upper place and it turned on. It said OVERLOAD system and it said ¨ MS ¨. Then the screen surrounding me turned on and then i could see the outside, there was fire and broken piece of metal and stuff, i also saw people's head getting smashed by other big pieces of metal and blood gushing everywhere and more dead bodies. The controls were pretty easy, there were 2 joysticks on either sides of the chair. I put my hands on them they felt comfy. There were two buttons on top of the joysticks.Then i put my legs on the pedals. Those must be the boosters. I was still trying to figure out how to use the bot. I pressed the red button on the top of the joystick, there was a machine gun fire. It shot machine gun bullets. As i said that i saw 2 enemy missiles fire, i didn't hesitate to take them down with the machine guns i just used. I took them down like how i did in the simulator. Then i aimed at the enemy jet, i pressed it and i took it dawn.felt good. Next i tried to stand up, it was not easy, i had to control the sticks so that i can get up on my feet. Then finally i got up i was still wobbling a little but i can see what was happening now. They were bombing the army base. I tried to help so i shot my machine guns at the bombs that were falling on the base. I took some of them out but the other ones fell on the base. I felt bad for the people who got killed. Then i tried to take out the enemy jets that were coming again for the bombing run. I shot my MG’s at them but only some of them hit. Then after a while i ran out of ammo! I was panicking.

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