Violet and Mean Ucel Victor

January 17, 2018
By Warthog BRONZE, Berkeley, California
Warthog BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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Violet Andersen lived in a mansion, in the outskirts of Paris, in the 1920’s. She had orange hair and green eyes. She lived with her uncle Victor Brown. Victor was a big, tall, bald man with a jet black mustache. He was a very rich businessman. With all the money he would buy lots of food. He would eat a lot. He would have small feasts every day. He would give any of the left overs to Violet. He also gave her her very own tv and room in his big mansion, but that's all. He wouldn’t give her anything else, and most of all he wouldn’t even let her out of her room. Not being able to do much she watch tv all day. She liked to watch cartoons. Ducktales, The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears were some of her favorites. She never bothered to try and go outside her room. She assumed that life outside of her room (or house) was like on tv and that by watching tv she could enjoy the world without having to do a lot of hard work. She found doing anything (other than watching tv) hard work (especially getting food from her uncle). So she never tried to Sneak out of her room.
Until one day when she was 10. She was watching Ducktales. she stated thing about what it would be like to meet them. So she went to her uncle and asked “Can I meet the ducks on Ducktales please.” 
“Ducktales never heard of it. No you may not!” he grunted
“But you never let me do anything I want,” she complained.
“I said no,” He snapped “Don’t ask me again. Besides I already gave you a tv. Thats plenty for a little girl, like you.”
So she got the idea to go sneak out of the house and meet them on her own. The next day victor left for a business meeting. Wall he was gone, violet snuck out of the house. The moment she was outside, she was startled beyond imagination. It was nothing like the cartoons she watched. She completely forgot about wanting to meet the ducks. She started wandering down the street, staring at everything with amazement. As she got more in town she got more excited. Then she saw a tall building. (The Eiffel Tower) She was very amazed by it.
“Can you tell me what that tall building is?” She asked to a girl about her age, with long blonde hair, and light blue eyes.
“That’s the Eiffel Tower. I thought everyone knew that.” She replied
“I didn’t know. I’ve never been outside my house before.”
“You haven’t? Well then you have a lot to see. I’ll Show you.”
“Sure. That sounds fun. Thank you whatever your name is.”
“You can call me Merida.”
“O, I’m violet”
“First you should see the Eiffel tower.”
Sure. Sounds like fun.”
So the two walked downtown to the Eiffel tower. All the way Merida pointed out things she thought she should see and Violet asked questions about them.
When they finally got there they went up to the top. They climbed all 1,710 steps to the top. At that time Violet was so tired she fell to the ground. She was even too tired to see the view from the top
“That was the most tiring thing I have ever done in my life. I didn’t even know you could get that tied in your lifetime. All I’ve ever done is watch tv all day,” complained Violet.
“What’s tv?” Asked merida
“You know, a box with images and sounds. You watch cartoons on them.”
“No I don’t know and what are cartoons,”
“You know animals going on wild and sometimes silly adventures, My favorite is Ducktales.”
“Nope never heard of cartoons or Ducktales”
“You can come to my place and we can watch some cartoons on tv, only…”
“Only what?”
“I’m not supposed to be outside of my house. My Uncle doesn’t like it. So… I’ve… gotta go now. Good by.”
“Wait don’t go yet! How will I ever get to see you again?!” But it was too late somehow Amelia managed to find more energy to get all the way down the stairs.
When she got home uncle Victor was waiting for her.
“SO WHAT'S YOUR EXCUSE FOR LEAVING!?! I told you never to!!” He yelled at her. Without even letting her answer he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into the house and up the stairs into her room. He then grabbed a big lock and locked it.
3 hours later he unlocked the door and gave her some left over food. “Sorry I got so mad at you. I was in a bad mood I lost a busns deal something you wouldn’t understand. Now why did you leave the house?”
“I wanted to meet the ducks from Ducktales,” she replied
“No! That's not a good excuse! I don’t even need to know what Ducktales is to know that!” He yelled,
“But uncle why haven’t you let me out before it is totally amazing outside there's so much to see and do,” She completed.
“The world is harsh and cruel. I’m the only one you can trust. Everyone else is mean and nasty,” He jeered.
“No their not. No one I meet was…”
“NO! YOUR WRONG!” He yelled and stormed out of the room.
Latter that night Violet snuck out of her room and was planning to run away, when she noticed something odd. It looked like a chair with a large clock. It had a large panel with a bunch of buttons and levers, she decided to check it out, She pushed a button. It made a loud buzzing sound that woke up her uncle. He immediately released the sound was coming from downstairs. He ran downstairs with his pajamas still on. Right as he got there Violet pressed another button, She then disappeared,
She then ended up in a room that was all white and had lots of contraptions and potions,
A tall guy with short curly hair Yelled “there's the thief,” to a couple of police,
“Wait. What? I’m not a thief.”
“Yes you are. You stole my prototype time machine! Where's my antique tv.!”
“Wait, this is a time machine? I found it in my uncle's house.”
“Sure, Sure you did”
“I believe her” Said a short lady with green hair. “I saw the thief he was a big tall bald man.”
“That’s my uncle Victor”
“O. Sorry for accusing you.”
“Wait I remembered something else. I think he had a baby with him.”
“That must be me because I’ve lived my whole life in the 1920’s”
“So we shouldn’t arrest her?” said the old police officer.
“But where is my antique tv”
“It is in my uncle's house in 1930 we can go get it. I don’t like my uncle he’s meen.”
“So we can arrest the uncle” Said the younger police officer
“Yes I think we can. Lets go get him. Girl come with me.”
So Violet, the scientist, and the police officers all crammed onto the time machine. The scientist pressed a button and pulled a lever. They then appeared back in victor’s mansion. Victor was there waiting for them.
“You're under arrest” said the older police officer
“What for?”
“Steeling a time machine and an antique tv”
“So where’s tv?’ said the scientist.
“I’ll go get it” said violet
She ran off and when she returned with the tv, victor was in handcuffs.
“Were taking him to jail in the year 2113” said the younger police officer
“What will you be doing if your uncle is in jail?” asked the older police officer
“I met another kid in 1930. All ask her if I can live with her.”
So she left the mansion and walked down town to the eiffel tower were she saw Marida. She explained what happened and asked her if she could live with her. They went to her house and she asked if violet could live with her. Her mom said yes and they lived happily ever after. Other that when she got accused of stealing from an art museum. 
The End

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