January 17, 2018
By MabelRose BRONZE, Berkeley, California
MabelRose BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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She was a city girl, born and raised in the bustling metropolis of New York City, Manhattan to be specific. But not the Manhattan from the 21st century, Manhattan 150 years in the future, after the rebellion when the world was peaceful and beautiful, lush and green, and there was no global warming thanks to advancements in science. This is the world where Ella lives with her two moms, Eliza and Amy. They are part of the team of scientists that saved our world from global warming and have taught Ella everything she knows about science.
Even when Ella was just 3 years old she could already name all of the 207 elements on the periodic table. Now she is at the top of her ap class as a freshmen in highschool, and knows science is what she want to do with her life.
Ella only remembers bits and pieces from the rebellion, but what has stuck with her the most is the chaos, the screams and the fear that surrounded her. The rebellion happened just after world war 5, when the government was at its worst and the world was covered in trash and hate. People wanted change and they weren’t going to just sit and wait for it. At first it was all violence, people burning government buildings and raining terror on this world. But slowly it changed into peaceful acts of protest and slowly reforming our world by people starting with themselves and planting a garden or picking up trash in their neighborhood.
Sitting in class an alert from the palm of her hand wakes Ella from her daze. Words suddenly fill her vision, a new type of plant that was said to have poisonous properties was discovered today at the New York City International Laboratories. That is where Ellas moms work! She quietly raises her hand and the teacher comes over to help her, an automated voice fills her head “ How can I help you? ” the robot asks
“ Could I please go to the office I got an alert of a family emergency ” Ella replies
“Yes”  the voice says
On her way to the office the worst scenarios continued to pop into Ella’s head. When she got to the office they let her see the principle since that was the only job that had not been replaced by robots. While she was standing in her office she received another alert this time it was from her mom, one of them at least, and it said “emergency meet me outside the school in 3.” The principle walked Ella outside and her mom was just pulling up as they stepped outside. Her mom was “driving” the newest model of hover, complements of the labs, really it was driving her, all of the hovers were now driverless and programed with voice controlled gps systems. Ella quickly got in the car and thanked the principal as she got in. The minute Ella sat down her mom began to sob, “ I just hope that she is ok, what would I do without her,” her mom said between sobs
“It’s ok mom” Ella replied with a hesitation “it is all going to be ok”
But when they arrived at the labs it was everything but ok, the room had been taped off and her mom, where was her mom?
“ Get me my Eliza” her mom, Amy, kept saying to anyone that would listen “ where is she, get me my Eliza”
  Her mom had almost a crazed look on her face, Ella had never seen her like this and it was almost scary. Eventually a lab assistant that Ella somewhat recognized, from coming to work with her moms, and a cop came over to them to let them know what was happening. Her mom had been one of the three people studying the plant, and they had all become seriously ill from the poison and had been rushed to the hospital. They cop offered to drive them there seeing the state her mom was in, and Ella immediately took him up on the offer before her mom could argue.
When they got there, her and her mom rushed into the hospital only to get the news that Eliza had passed in her sleep only minutes ago. Ella just stood there in shock she couldn’t move, her mom was crying so hard her screams were echoing off the walls, but Ella didn’t comfort her, she couldn’t bring herself to do anything, she was sad and mad, she wanted to punch a wall and curl up in bed at the same time.
About three hours had passed and Ella and her mom were back home, the cop had given them a ride and made sure they were settled before she left. Now Ella is sitting in her room just sitting there staring at the blank wall doing nothing. She can hear her mom in the other room crying and crying, when will it stop will it ever stop, Ella thinks to herself.
She will never get over the death of her mother but the sorrow has passed for now. Just a few days ago her mother told her she thought it would be better for Ella to live will her aunt. How could she handle this, and today, today was the day she was leaving.  With tears stinging her eyes she hugged her mom goodbye, and boarded the train.

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