Earth Dies

January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

The doorbell rang at Sydney’s small city house. These days she just lives with her Aunt, her parents disowned her the moment they found out she was a girl. She paused her childish non-sense TV show. She got up and saw the bright red flashing countdown clock on the archway. She opened the door and a towering man shadowed over her. His cheeks were rosy and splotchy, most likely from being in the fumes for so long. She started choking on the fumes herself as they were brown through the open door. In the distance she was a huge cloud of smoke blowing towards her, another ship has taken off. Sydney settled her focus back to the strange man. His jawline and cheekbone looked like they were carved by the gods. He lowered his shirt that was covering his mouth and displayed a perfect row of white pearly teeth. “Will you help me?” he managed to blurt out. Sydney opened the door gesturing for him to come in. he collapsed to the floor and started gasping for breathe. A beep sounded which indicated that the air cycle had started.
“Can i help you?’ she said peering down at him, “we’re about to take off, what were you doing outside? it’ s really dangerous” he opened his eyes and looked up at Sydney, “i was getting supplies from the shed and they took off, no-one was answering their doors. You were the only one” she paused and peered outside. The horizon was hidden by a thick cloud of red smoke. It’s finally happening, the day has come. The clock on the archway hit zero and sounded a siren.
“Sydney dear turn off the Tv and get your things, we need to dock now!” her Aunt burst through the door and stopped mid step as she saw the man on the floor. “We need to take him, his family left without him. Pleeeeease??” sydney pouted until her Aunt finally gave in “so what’s your name mister?” holding out her hand to him. He grabbed her hand and she yanked him up. “My name’s Thomas. And what's your name ma’am?” She grabbed Sydney rist  said “you will call me ma’am and as soon as we get on the Fletcher you better get out of my site you hear me?”
“Yes ma’am” Thomas squeaked. Sydney rushed over to the couch a turned the TV off then grabbed the quite large duffle bag he hadden’t noticed. “Do you have anything?” Sidney's Aunt said as she made her way the grab the larger duffle bag. “Only what you see” he responded. “Alright then follow me” she tugged Sydney’s rist for her to follow her as she weaved her way through the mess. They passed the kitchen and Thomas’ stomach grumbled as he thought of the last time he ate. “Here we are. Get strapped down fast, we’re going to take off in 2 minutes” Thomas ducked his head as he made his way through the doorway. It was nothing special, a bit cramped, but better than being left out on the streets. “ thank you ma’am, you are awfully kind to let me come with you” She had already strapped in and started pressing some buttons.
“Don’t thank me thank Sydney” Thomas looked at the scared young girl and gave her a warm smile. “Alright is everyone ready?” thomas and Sydney both chimed in with a small ‘yep’. The ground started to rumble and Sydney could feel the ship lifting off. She closed her eyes and clenched the seats arm rests until her knuckles were white. Then she felt a final push and she opened her eyes. They'd taken off, they’re going to survive.
The ground started becoming further and further away. Sydney looked out the small window and saw many others taking off. “alright , hold on!” in a blink they had escaped earth’s atmosphere and were in front of the huge steel hunk of metal, the Fletcher. “Get ready i’m about to zip, the spots are going and we want to be on before….” she trailed off. Sydney and Thomas followed her eyes and saw the gates were closing. “No, no, NO, NO, NO!” she zipped to the doors but only hit the closed door. They heard a crash as the form of their ship collided with the Fletcher. THey were somersaulted back from the impact. Warning lights and sirens were going off “WARNING: air compromised, please return to a dock”
“WARNING: turn magnification on” Sydney’s Aunt managed to push the magnification button and they jolted to a holt. Sydney dared to look out the window and saw the Fletcher zip away, it was gone. They had no hope. They had no-where to go. They were going to die.
Sydney’s vision started to blur as she heard screaming in the background. She stared at earth. It was breaking. She could see the cracks becoming bigger as the core swallowed any living thing on it’s surface. The Earth went in on itself and then burst out. Like virus it spread through the vastness of space. The ring became bigger and bigger as it traveled towards their ship. Sydney felt her Aunt’s arms wrap around her, she wished and prayed that some miracle would save them. She looked at the window and the light seemed to be in slow motion until it reached the glass. It broke through like it was tissue paper and in a snap she was sucked into the cold vacuum of space. She saw her Aunt’s scared face. Her face was white, her eyes were dead, her skin was flaking. Sydney felt like her skin was freezing but inside her body was flaming. She looked at her home, the earth. It was flaming and melting away. Her life was deteriorating all around her. That was the last thing she saw. Her home set aflame and melting away. Everyone dying. Earth was never going to come back, and neither was she.

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