Christmas In the Stars

January 10, 2018
By MissCaitlynM BRONZE, Franklin , Wisconsin
MissCaitlynM BRONZE, Franklin , Wisconsin
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It's a lovely thing, the moon. It's where we as humans live. Hello, my name is Katheryn Marks, and I'm one of the founders who built this inhabitable place for the humans. Although it seems dangerous, it's pretty safe. The only way to break it is from the inside, so no intruders can kill off the humans. There are very few of us, since it was an effort to save the humans, but we are repopulating and adapting. We built it when we had another moon landing in 2016. We had to send men who could build architecture to build the dome, with build in oxygen tanks and CO2.

We never truly could make it to mars, so the moon was our best bet. We use earth days still, even though it's a little faster on the moon. It would be December on earth as of now. So we have fake Christmas trees make of plastic, because we are working on making fake plants. As for our food, we have some things from home, which will last us for a while.

It's a happy holiday season, and we are creating ornaments right now. All the artists are helping the people to design their ornament. I sighed as I looked at my little glass ball. I was going to fill it with white glitter so it looked like snow from home, but it was sad thinking about snow and home. I excused myself to go into the labs to see what was going on.

Once I walked into the science labs, everyone smiled. "Good day, Ms. Marks," They said in unison.

"Good day everyone. How is the soil going?"

"Oh, actually we found out that our plants can survive from soil we took from back home,"

"Oh, that's good to know! Haven't you ever wanted to go back to Ear...." Someone said there was an incoming ship going to the moon.

"Lock down right now, because it could be aliens,"

"What if it's other humans ma'am," Someone said.

"I want the safety of our people insured," I said sternly.

They gave me reassuring looks and went away on the computers to lock down the entire dome.

"Send our best of our fighting squad out there pronto," I shouted and bolted out of the room.

Once our squad went to see what it was in their space suits, I was angry. What are these things coming to our planet? There was no sign of previous life besides the moon landing in the 1960's. I went back to the lab to see if these things have landed. It was indeed confirmed that these creatures landed on our home, in which we've had for a few years. When we looked through the cameras we had from old satellites we had, these beautiful creatures with long white hair and pale skin were glaring at me from the outside, and with a snap of their hand our soldiers were on the ground, not dead but unconscious.

"Oh my gosh," The scientists murmured.

"Well if you people aren't going to do anything about it than I will!" I barked and went to grab a space suit. I put the suit and helmet on and opened the hatch way at the bottom of the dome where the humans wouldn't be affected, and popped out and walked over to these aliens.

"Greetings, I'm here to represent the humans. We've been living here for a few years now, so I'm confused as to why you are here?"

"I'm sorry about your soldiers. Many many years ago we used to live on the moon while you people were living on Earth. Once we found out you were going to take our home over we were scared so we fled. We are back for the holidays, of course,"

The author's comments:

I know it's 2018 now, but I thought it would be fun to write a short story about aliens. I love fantasy and sci-fi!

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