The world is ending

January 10, 2018
By Dorien BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dorien BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Michael wakes up and sees his lover Rachael next to him dead and infected. He then notices a bite on her. Tears burst forth like a damn, spilling down his face. His howls of misery worsening. Once he gets himself together, he leaves the house and tries to find what killed her. The whole town is silent you could hear a wooden door creak from miles away. It was just perfectly fine around here yesterday what the heck happened he said. He wonders what ever killed her why didn’t it kill him as well.
Michael runs into two people, Tom and Jordan. They are the only two people left in the town other than himself. Tom and Jordan has never noticed this guy before. So they are a little cautious around this guy. He asked them what's been happening around here lately. They tell him that the air in the town is polluted and infected. If you breathe to much of it you will die so everyone scattered from the town as quick as possible. The whole time they are lying to him and his dumb self is gullible enough to believe it. What actually happened was a zombie apocalypse. They are very advanced even smarter than humans. They killed everyone in the town.
Michael asked them,’’You think that's what killed my wife?’’ They replied back,’’Yes that's exactly what happened, Where is she?’’ In the house still says Michael. Tom says,’’ We will take care of her body and l will call when everything is okay to come back into the town. You must leave now before it’s too late!” So he got out of there fast like a cheetah on the serengeti.
While he is leaving the town something zooms by him at lightning speed and starts to laugh real spooky. He starts to get petrified, then another comes as well! He couldn't breath, it felt as if someone was choking him. His heart was racing and all he wanted to do was curl up into a ball and wait for someone to save him. But no one would, no one was there. A choked cry for help forced itself up her throat, and he felt a drop run down her cheek. It seemed as if this was the end of the road for michael.
Tom and Jordan comes out of nowhere and kill the two zombies with these two guns i had never seen or heard of before. Michael said,’’Thank you for saving me but why did you lie to me what were those things? Did they kill me wife?” Tom said,’’No just get out of here before it is too late. We will let you know when it is safe.” Michael said,” Okay this time I am getting out of here real fast!’’
Michael went far away he did not want anything to do with that ever again. He moves to California for a couple of months. He is enjoying out there a lot. He is planning on staying here, but he still wants to go back to see what happened. So he plans his trip and finally visits back. When he gets there no one is there and after that day no one ever heard from Michael again.

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