Drops of Memory

January 13, 2018
By SavvySs BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
SavvySs BRONZE, Bozeman, Montana
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Drops of memories
Part One
The temple was lit with small strange balls of light, waltzing in bowls curiously balanced on plinths. They appeared to slowly saunter closer, starring with the eyes of a hot fire. Tilting itself, intrigued and then racing back as if to gossip. The stone floor led to a deep and tall domed rome. Bare of decorations unlike many temples, the Temple of Truth did not distract their visitors with accessories. The only object in the room was a stone future bowl filling with liquid time and the Oracle. A beautiful woman one moment and a moment later she was haggard and grey, shifting with each glance of her eye, scanning the room with a role into time and a glance to the past. Her blind eye, sewn shut twitched, attempting to move in it’s shackling illness.
The Warrior stroked his Familiars back gently, It’s heavy head hung low, swaying with each step of its relaxed paw. Appearing before oracle, Istina, by order of the King’s advisor, Xander was to ask the Oracle about the King’s influence in the war and had to stay until given an answer.
Whether or not he actually believed in such things like fortune telling and magic was of no importance. At 13 his familiar was born….unusually. Full grown and in combat form, a large Saber-Tooth Lion was born. A cloud swirled above one blue eye that emphasized a clear and sharp vermilion iris that was compacted to a thin ring around a dilated pupil in the other. A familiar being born is a rare occurrence itself but occasionally a spirit of rare power produces a creature from pure emotion and need, the younger the magic bearer the more powerful the familiar. Xander was 13, the youngest his kingdom knew of which made him very valuable to the King, that was one of many things that made him special. Familiars appear as guides at first and grow into protectors and the closest friend any person could ever have, with them having been made of half a person’s soul. Technically a person can only have one familiar, they simply are not strong enough to survive. Xander was an exception, he simply did not know all that yet.
“Istina, Oracle of the goddess of Time, bearer of truth. I am here by order of the King to ask for a telling.” The Warrior stood tall and spoke humbly but without let or curve. He did not speak of his rank, simply his business there. He could be anyone from his tone the only clue he gave is that he would stand his ground if refused.
“The King has no value for my tongue, but you intriiiiiiigue the goddess.” She spoke with many voices, that drew out the i in intrigue. “I will tell you for free, no charge. Listen close, Magic wielder. A world stolen from a boy to young, conflicted emotion split his soul. Find the youngest bearer of mystic hand or eye. Both are needed to succeed, be weary of the siren’s reed.” Her eye spun from ceiling to wall and back. Lining her lash line with the light of tellers before settling on Xander.
“One last thing. A blind girl sees emotions she can not feel. A fish kisses the forehead of an innocent holding the world. Fish in sky, inhales lies and breathe the words that saves the lives.”
The Oracle stood, the liquid time seeping into the tellers stone till it’s eroded, curved hold is seen. Xander took note of what was said and left without word. The King nor his Advisor specified what answer they would like. Simply that he could not leave without an answer. Xander had his.
The King’s Advisor awoke in the early light of morning. He rose and dressed. Sitting down at his desk to begin his work for the day. Out of the corner of his eye, a strange yellow paper peaked suspiciously from between the white pages of a book in his shelf.  No one has access to the Advisor’s room beside the King and himself. The information of this secret message was important.
The Oracle had no interest in the King. She babbled of fish
and mystic hands and siren’s song.
I have left my post, you will hear from me again.
Part Two
The cool metal table beneath me was a welcome contrast and distraction to the room around me. The  windowless walls and the cement floor were blinding and only made me more aware of my imprisonment to this Hell. Sensing my uneasiness the researchers entered the room.
Despite being blind I could still “see” what was around me. I felt the flow of energy and could see light shining around shadows of objects. I was blind to the world that everyone else saw, the artificial beauty. Silhouettes of people were all I could see, maybe the deep shadows cast on one side of their faces. Small characteristics like horns or the direction and length of ears, the body structure, height, ect. So I knew more than what I led on, I learned to keep secrets at a young age here. If they found out I could see to that degree they would use that against me anyway they could. I can hear, feel, smell and taste and they use all of that to their advantage while gathering information about me. I still wonder after 9 years “why me”, what made me so special? They took my home from me and then tossed me in this facility to study like a lab rat. I was a blind eight year old orphan, no family, no history, no possessions of my own...perhaps that’s why they chose me. If they took me then no one would question it, there wouldn’t be anything to clean up after the kidnapping, there’d be no one to come after little Zvona…..
A low guttural voice began to speak, mumble really. It was foreign but I had heard so many of the words before that I had began to pick it up myself. Things like “velk” and “teek” were words that referred to me, so they probably meant “girl” or “test subject”, others were general terms that I could confidently say meant goodbye, good day or f**k off. The Researchers could get pretty aggressive towards each other. I guess that’s just troll nature.
I layed down on the table and they began the usual observations. Seeing how my limbs bent, if I had any wounds, how long had my hair grown. How much of my blood a leech would drink and how many needles can the put in my fingertips. Like I said, the usual. They liked to see how much pain it took for me to react. Longer I was here, the more pain I could take. One of them grabbed the lamp and shined it in my eyes, I guess they were still looking for a pupil, as if it would develop overnight or something.
Out of the corner of my eye I could have sworn I saw a smudge of colour….I’ve never seen colour before. I snapped my head to the side and heard the door creak open again but this time the colour came through into the room. I believe it was green...It was warm but not angry or passionate...peaceful and perhaps curious…
“Garneth directed me back here, I was unaware that this place did experiments on such large beings as well… does the King know of this?” His voice was a low rumble that made my stomach twist. I had never felt that before. It wasn’t fear or anger, neither anxiety or regret...It wasn’t unpleasant
“Vhis teek er gwensth verfy.” One of the Researches spoke. I’m pretty sure he just said “This girl is very special”...special or stupid. I wasn’t sure about that word.
“Oh I’m sure she is.” The guy responded and I decided I either like him or hate him. It all depends on what ‘gwensth’ means. The colour got closer, it seemed to be very low to the ground in comparison the the troll shadows. It wandered over to me and I reached out to meet it. Nothing was there but when I pulled back I could have convinced myself I had felt fur. “ Testing on humans and bipedal, sentient beings is a crime punishable by death.”
“Bugse hasdf beho gou?” The troll was getting defensive.
“Actually it is  my business seeing as I’m the King’s personal Guard and the Royal army's general, Sir Xander V.”  He didn’t sound like he was lying. Maybe this was my way out?
“Please hel!” The troll hit me and the next thing I knew everything was on fire except for the colourful man and I.

The author's comments:

My wonderful significant other inspired one of the characters. I was prompted to write a piece of fantasy and this is what I decided I wanted to do. It's filled with mystery and fantasy. 

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