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Zombie Apocalypse

January 9, 2018
By OhhhhhhKillem BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
OhhhhhhKillem BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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We wake up and think nothing of it. Apocalypse's don’t seem realistic, it just can’t happen if you ask me. We see them in movies, shows, video games but real life seems like a bit of a stretch. Never was scared of them and I probably never will be because I am not scared of a damn thing until one day my life and everyone else changed in a matter of minutes. Did anyone see them coming, did the government see it? More importantly was my dad hiding things from my mom, brother and I that could put us in potential danger.
We all wake up at the same time except for my dad, he starts work really early and barely ever has the day off. He is a U.S. Senator and doesn’t really ever tell me the classified stuff that he can’t really tell anyone, but lately I have felt like there is something that's classified that shouldn't be. He has been leaving an extra hour early for the past couple weeks, he hasn’t been talking much and spends a lot more time in the shed in our backyard. The shed has been there forever and no one really goes inside unless we need tools or a shovel for when it snows. I wonder what he has been doing in the shed lately. Is he building something in there or maybe he is just trying to get away from my mom, brother and I.
Three days ago when I tried to ask him if there is anything wrong he just looked at me for a little and said “Yes, I am fine but I am going to make sure you're always good and protected.” I understand he says he's fine but I didn’t really believe it and the shed, what could be in that shed that I am just not thinking about. What does he mean he's going to make sure I am protected, what does he need to protect me from. Everyone goes to sleep at the same time tonight. I wake up after becoming instantly thirsty, my brother knocked out cold in the bed next to mine. I walk past my mom and dad's room just to poke my head in. I notice they’re both in bed. I head to the kitchen where there is a window with a view of our old shed in the backyard. I grab a cup of ice water and begin drinking. I bring the cup to the level of my chest then turn my head slightly to the window. The light to the shed is on.
To my parents and brother I had absolute zero reason to be in that shed but I myself had my own reason. I needed to find out what my dad was hiding in there. It 3:30 in the morning and before I know it my foot is already halfway out the door. I close the door lightly and take about 20 steps to the shed. I open the door to see a empty wooden table, a tool box on my father's tool desk and his old Harley Davidson laid up against the wall because the kickstand was broken. I slowly looked and walked around the shed. I pass the table and the bike but something told me there was something in there my father didn’t want me finding. I begin to view his tool desk and was hesitant to open up the two biggest doors on the desk because what I was looking for was in there for sure.
I opened up the doors slowly hoping to find what I have been so desperately looking for. It's a gun with a whole lot of an ammunition. I didn’t know my dad carried guns but this gun wasn’t a real gun. It was different kind of designed like some type of water gun but it looks way more hi-tech. It had lights and buttons on the side and the ammo wasn’t bullets it looked like some type of gooey liquid. This looked familiar, I didn’t know what it was until I took another look closer. It was a ray gun, which is a gun used to shoot out “destructive energy.” What would my dad need this for, I have only used a gun like this in video games and it was to shoot….zombies.
Could my dad be preparing for a zombie apocalypse. Why hasn't he told us yet? When will the apocalypse happen? Will I lose my family?
I hear the backyard door swing open and slammed shut. “Oh s***...dad!” I tell myself under my breath but still somewhat loud because I'm panicking. I get in between the tool desk and wooden table and cover myself with a blanket I can somewhat see through. The shed door now opens but it is not my dad but it is my little brother. He is only 11 and I am 15. I was wondering what my brother could be doing up at this time and why is he in the shed. Does he know I am in here? Is he looking for me? What if the gun is his? He walks around slowly looking around very carefully, almost as if he came looking for something just like me.
My brother slowly started walking towards the tool desk as I sit in between the desk and the table. He stops right next to me. I started breathing a bit heavier than I was. He was going straight for the gun, I could hear him open up the door to the tool desk. Then he stops and turns to look at the door. I hear something. The door to the shed swings open and there stands my father. He starts to yell at my brother saying that he should know better than to come into the shed without any adult. My brother asks him what the gun was for. My father says nothing, this was the first I seen my father confused. He always had an answer right away and for some strange reason I knew something was wrong.
He tells my brother he needs it for protection but I look at my brother to see him confused.
“Why do you need a ray gun to protect yourself from humans.”
“Whats going on!”
I decided to pop out of my spot because I felt it was a good time. My father begins to question me, asking why I am in the shed too. I told him I needed to find out what was going on with you because you haven’t been acting like yourself lately. My brother said the same thing. Now my mother comes into the shed and asks what we are all doing up, no one answers. She doesn’t know what's going on, no one does except for my father. We all then turn to him.
“I have a ray gun because something very bad is happening right now in this very state, in this very district.”
My mom not knowing about the gun answers quickly yelling, “why didn’t you tell me you had a gun, what the hell do you need a ray gun for!” I already knew what he was talking about there is only one explanation. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

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