Trapped Cat

January 9, 2018
By OhhhhhhKillem BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
OhhhhhhKillem BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, it is we are powerful beyond mesure"

“Don’t you wish they all can hear you and not just me.”
“At times I do but at the same time I think I would probably get put into lab or something and I am not good with labs, especially Science.”
“So why do you want to stay here?”
“Well you’re my owner and I think its kind of foul if I just up and leave. So let me tell you what I would do if I didn’t care about you.
I came from a place far away from here where they held me for tests seeing if I was able to do things not just any dog could do. Yeah I can play fetch or I can seem like a normal dog but I am talking about something much more different.”
“What is it, what can you actually do?”
“Well, for one I am not actually a dog. I have powers to convince peoples mind to see things, right now you look at me thinking I am your dog but I am just telling your mind that I am a dog. I am also telling your mind that I am a talking dog. I am actually a cat, I never knew how to explain it to you until now. Im sorry.”
“I have a talking dog, well cat...I think. but why do you have to be sorry, its not your fault.”
“Exactly why I needed to tell you I won’t be staying much longer, my first owner was a very very bad guy, he made my mother create me by using this other creature type thing to make me have these type of powers. I was trapped inside a lab for almost a year until I just lost it. I escaped the lab by make the guards see me choking inside the lab, which caused them to come into the same room as me. I then made them see piegons flying around them, so i then managed to escape. I had the whole buidling seeing space right infront of their eyes. It sounds pretty cool right but its not because I havent seen my mother since the day I started testing, I want to find her and kill all the bad guys especially him. He took my normal life but I am not sayong these super powers aren’t cool because if you were a talking cat that had some type of crazy super powers you’d be pretty psyched too. Listen I don’t know where to find this lab right now, so this is why I might need your help. I need to know where you went to get me and who did you buy me off of? Where was I?”
“I found you on my way to school in the woods, remember?”
“I don’t remember, I feel lost here. I shouldve been out there looking for my mother. No one will no how to save her except for me. I am the only one that truly understands her. I need to find her.”

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