A Letter To The Aliens Of The Earth

January 15, 2018
By Aparna_Nair BRONZE, VADODARA, Other
Aparna_Nair BRONZE, VADODARA, Other
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Dear Aliens,

I am a being of the planet ‘Skalion’ from your nearest galaxy, the Andromeda. Honestly, I’m quite sure that I won’t get a reply to this letter but my curious heart forced me to write this. 

Me, being an absolute science nerd, always wondered about aliens. And to my surprise, I saw a news some days before that the SSO (Skalion Space Organization) had discovered the presence of life on your planet, Earth. The whole planet was dumbstruck by the news. Half of the poeple even started making weapons. They predicted that you aleins would come to our planet and destroy us. I don’t know why the others see aliens as a threat! I mean you guys could be nice people, right? Well, at least for me, that was the happiest day of my life and now, I live with so many questions pondering in my head.
So here’s is the list of my puzzling questions-

Do you also have four hands and one eye like us?

Or do you look like how the aliens are shown in the science-fiction movies?

Do you also live in pitch black darkness?

Is your day also 72 hours long?

Do you eat the same thing we do, the colourful pills? (and if you don’t then trust me, it tastes horrible!)

Do you also clean your self with the mini-vacuum cleaner?

Do you also drive the fly-car to travel long distance?

And the main question, do you know we exist? Oh, so many questions yet to be answered! Well, at least now I know that I’d get the answers sooner than I imagined. To end my note, we would get along really well if you visit our planet!

Your soon-to-be friend,

Skalioner A-550.

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