January 10, 2018
By ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
ShadowBone SILVER, Calera, Alabama
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Scales flash like the light of death, claws dance like masterful knives, and blood sprays like the ocean’s tides. Everything was happening at once: bright bodies dropping to the ground. The only body to not fall like the petals of a wilted rose was mine. My scales flash darker than theirs, my claws dance faster than theirs, and my blood specked the ground.The axe blade of my tail ended foes likely to stand again, glancing over those that are unable to battle. The enemy seemed numerous though and the battle seemed endless, almost infinite.
Everything seemed to happen all at once. It all stops as a set of claws find their mark across my lanky neck, slicing my neck almost in half. Time slowed to slower than a snail, and my life flashed before my eyes.
I was with my brother, the moonlight absent this night. His scales were the blackest black and eyes the shining color of violet. He walked by me, his stance majestic and royal. He was older than me ready to take the throne when my father would die. I was a replacement if he were to fall. I know now that he would, yet I did not know that then when I strolled through the dark forest merrily. A flash of pure white scales seems to almost appear in front of us. It was all too quick. Next thing I knew, I was running looking back at my older brother, now dead and gone and the white dragon, whose tail speared my brother’s chest.. The lights of his eyes vanished and his body hit the gravel ground. I  looked back at home and took flight, watching with horror. My eyes burned, scorched leaving me with close sight, as well as no family or friends.
My wings carried me to an abandoned hatchery. One egg had survived the disaster luckily, hatching the moment I arrived. The hatchling that came out was what my father would call an abomination. It had scales of the darkest night and markings of the brightest light. The child was male, horns spiralling from his head. I smiled, knowing then that I was not the final one. I also figured I would have to care for the small life in order to keep him alive. I lived there, with the child I had named Equinox, in secrecy, training myself to fight off thousands to my one till I reached adulthood.
There’s my rash decision: to fight the whole kingdom to avenge my family, my friends, and innocent others that lived in the kingdom to their untimely demise. I scream but my past doesn’t seem to hear. She prepared for her absence, hunting almost all day and night to have enough food to care for the soon to be adult male. She thought she would come back, but in case she didn’t, she taught Equinox how to fish in the nearby river and taught him how to hunt the nearby herd of yak. As soon as my past self was ready, she left in the night without a trace and walked straight to our inevitable death. That decision…stupid, stupid, stupid. Stupid revenge: stupid.
Here I am now soon to be dead. In the sky, I can almost see my family. My mother, who was an obsidian color, smiling sadly as she flew by my father, whose scales were a dark red. My brother was flying in loops beside them eager to greet me into the underworld. Sadly, they were only a cruel figment of my imagination.
My body hits the ground, making a soft thump as I feel the impact shudder through my dying body. My blood pools on the ground around me and my eyes stare almost lifelessly. They crowded around me. Their scales blinding me worse than the brightest sun, checking to see if I was dead.
The last things I see are bright blinding scales and black airy smoke. The last thing I smell is acrid burning flesh and death itself. The last thing I taste was the metallic taste of blood. The last thing I hear is pawsteps walking away unhurriedly.
Yet, I wake up? I try to push myself up with my arms, but they are gone along with my wondrous wings. No, no, no. Why am I back? Why am I alive? I should be dead. It takes me almost an hour to get back on my feet that are attached to my two remaining legs.
I look around, feeling the absence of my missing limbs. Then I realize, I can’t die. So feeling that absence of both wings and arms, my hide marred with scars, and helmet of another’s skull, I walk in no specific direction. Dead and alive, to suffer immortally about that one wrong decision that changed me forever. I hope Equinox will be ok.

The author's comments:

This is about my dragon, ShadowBone.

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