Las llaves

December 27, 2017
By Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Ericaluooo SILVER, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
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The room, was cold and dark and oh so very cold. The room was dimly lit and the smell…. Oh the smell….was unbearable even for a mesially little rat. The room was empty except for a small coffee table rug. Nothing impressive, but grey on the walls with cracks everywhere. Everything black with only one light for the whole room and that was enough to keep the room very bright, in the corner was a book and in that book was poems and stories and tall tails. The door is old and worn…splinter everywhere, the knob was cold as ice and yet it was still shiny and still new. As you open the door to exit you are now casted into an abyss, cold dark and extremely unforgiving. You think about leaving it all in the dark room but then you’re telling yourself you need to be adventurous and WILD. But you come into your senses and talk yourself out of jumping to the abyss, after all you do value your life in all possible ways. Remember this now you are valued by all don’t you dare to even temp yourself because you are SPECIAL. But you look back now after all you been through with the room you realize and understand your value is even greater, than the room. You shuffle around for your keys but first you pat yourself down frantickly forgining for your keys. And there you kinda stab yourself in the palm of your hand. And now you use your keys to unlock your future and your past, and also the door. As you advance towards the door you shove the key in the lock and turn it to unlock. You look back and if you find nothing else in the cold dark room,  you open the door to find you’re in another beautiful place called Earth.

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