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December 19, 2017
By Ronair00 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
Ronair00 BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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After dinner, Ms. Vanderbill and i wait until mother and cousin Mel are asleep to go to my room and discuss tonight's big event. We sit in my room and slowly await the arrival of the bosses. While we are waiting we decide to trade some lighthearted stories to lighten the mood and lift our spirits. She tells me of the time she accidentally ate the wrong family, although the story was gruesome i found it rather entertaining.  I told her of the time i poured milk on some kid in the 7th grade. she seems to enjoy my company. Through all of our laughter we heard a sudden break of thunder and the room began to smell of lime.
¨They are here."  Ms. Vanderbill began to shake and and quiver i put my hand on hers to try to calm her down. We left the house in a hurry when you have a meeting that´s as important as this one it's best that you don´t be late. During the walk, every step towards the house felt as if it were going to be my last. We finally reached the boarded up threshold after what seemed like a millennium of walking.  Ms. Vanderbill goes in first holding the boards above my head allowing me to enter.  I walked in and what i saw i will not soon forget. The floorboards were stained with a greenish residue and the room smelled of decay and mothballs. The wallpaper was torn and slashed as if someone ran across them with every knife in the kitchen. There were no lights except for one emergency light that stood in the corner causing shadowy figures to take over the room. There were winged creatures everywhere, some had ooze pouring out of their mouths and others had a bizarre puss like substance coming out of their greenish yellow sacks that rested on both sides of their chest. One creature had seven rows of teeth each with its own set of micro razors.
¨Listen Phillip, while we´re here you are gonna see some things that will make you want to turn around and never come back but you must stay strong. Keep your head down and stay by my side.¨ I nodded in agreement. She gave me a pat on the back and told me to stand back. I watched as she shed her human exoskeleton and stretched out her rubbery skin. She had long talons with jet black skin, her teeth were sharpened to a fine point. Her eyes seemed to be on different sides of her body. Her head was covered in a thick metal plating causing muscles in her neck to be extremely defined. Once she was done evolving into her natural form we continued to make our way through the house.
¨Demetria where are we going ?¨ Since we were around other demons it seemed appropriate to call her by her real name.
¨Our meeting is being held in the darkest part of the realm so we must head to the basement.¨ She led the way but I made sure to stay near her, I didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea. We arrive at the basement steps, I tried to look at the bottom but it was completely swallowed by darkness. There was no possible way for me to see through this thick cloud of smog.
¨Demetria what do you think is down there ?¨
¨Legend has it that the bosses have a 20-foot guard dog that can breathe fire and eat anything in its path. Any demon to ever cross the bosses have to face it and no one has ever won. ¨I start to shudder at the thought being eaten by a giant gladiator dog. We begin to walk down the stairs into the pitch black darkness. I couldn't see anything in front of me so began to touch the sides of the walls for guidance and i immediately regretted it. The walls felt mushy, they seemed to swallow my fingertips and when I lifted my hand to reposition it the wall detached and it sounded like velcro. I grabbed a lighter I found in my pocket and flashed it revealing the walls true properties. The wall looked as if it was coated with a spiked pudding, it sent chills down my spine. It smelled of sour milk and cat piss. I tightly keep my eyes closed and try to hold my breath as we continue down the dreadful staircase.  I peeked through my eyelids and noticed that Demetria even started to gag at the smell. 
¨I hope this isn't as serious as it seems.¨ I said while clenching on to Demetria's arm for safety. She looks at me to try to comfort me but all I could see was the glare from her shiny red eyes. We reach the bottom of the stairs and make a sharp turn to the left, and in front of us stands a doorway with beaming light shining through the hinges.
¨Ok we are about to go in, now Phillip listen no matter what happens in there you must not show fear or they will eat you alive.¨ Demetria said while holding my shoulders waiting for me to gather myself. I begin to take deep breaths trying to get my nerves under control. She responds by giving me a light tap on the shoulder. She flings open the door and suddenly the light dimmers and I regain my sight. We step in and in front us there is a judge's bench wide enough to seat over a hundred people. We hear a slight creaking noise and suddenly a large snout pokes out from behind the bench. The creature lurks closer and closer eventually revealing its entire body. It was well over fifteen feet tall with jet black fur, milky white eyes and several rows of teeth. As if the creature wasn't scary enough two more heads emerged from the side of its neck. I was stricken with fear but i refused to show it. Once we the creature got a good look at us he began to come closer, Demetria held me close for safety but suddenly we heard a piercing voice come from behind the bench.
“ Trace HEAL!!!”

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