The boy who cried wolf

December 19, 2017
By TaniaRuiz BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
TaniaRuiz BRONZE, New Castle, Delaware
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He walks the hallways frightened he doesn’t become a target of embarrassment. As he approaches his locker, the mean girls stare at him as if he did something very wrong. He notices their rude glares and puffs his chest with anger. He yells out “WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH ME!”. The girls snicker and say “No one cares about you loser” laughing as they walk away. He feels embarrassed as he notices everyone was laughing. He feels pain in his head from so much embarrassment, he wants everything to just end. “Who do you think you're screaming at?” chris says. Chris is your average football team jock, who is guaranteed a scholarship to berkeley once he graduates. “Hey im talking to you idiot” he says. The boy gets furious and says “please leave me alone”. “But maybe i don’t wanna leave you alone”chris says as he grabs the boy by the neck. “I said leave me alone!” the boy screams out. Chris and his boys back up terrified of what they are seeing. The boy’s eyes glow a fury red color, and fangs form from his teeth. Chris frightened, turns away and sprints through the main doors as the boy begins to chase him. As chris quickly glances behind to see the boy, he sees the boy literally go on all fours, and sprint like an animal in the forest. Chris got easily distracted, and reached the end of the hallway, in which was a dead end. As the boy catches up with chris, he returns on his normal human stance, and walks towards chris. “I warned you Chris…”. “No please, i'm sorry!” chris begs. “I was only kidding man!” he says. The hallways echoed the painful, shrieking screams chris let out as he was literally getting torn apart by not a boy, but an animal. “SOMEONE CALL 911!” a girl from the crowd screamed. The boy looked up and realized what he had done. He just murdered a boy. He glances at his clothes, which were filled with blood. He looks down at the body of chris and feels almost sympathy for him, as if he didn’t deserve to die that way. No one did. The boy turns around and sees everyone recording on their phones while gasping. “I'm sorry…” He says before he turned away and ran right through the doors.
All the boy could remember is sprinting through the woods, while dashing past deers and small houses. He never remembered getting saved by anyone. “Hey, you're gonna be okay Alex” a voice says. “What? Who are you and how do you know my name?” Alex calmly said. “Just relax, i know everything” the voice giggled. Alex felt good for some odd reason, he felt as if his body had been floating. He felt no pain in his head or body. He almost wanted to just randomly laugh. “Why do i feel like this?” alex asks the voice. “It’s morphine silly, you wouldn’t even feel me punch you in the face” the voice said. Alex could not tell if the voice was masculine or feminine from how he was dozing off. “Just rest for a little bit, you’ll feel better later” the voice whispered.
As Alex wakes up from what he thought was a dream he soon realizes it wasn’t a dream. Someone had actually been taking care of him and his wounds. “Hello? Is anyone there?” Alex yells. “Ugh you're already awake?” a voice says. Alex looks up and sees a figure near the window wearing a long, dark black cape with a hood. “Who are you?” Alex says in a sonorous voice. The hooded figure slowly turns around to Alex’s surprise. It was a girl. Alex was surprised. The girl had long dark red hair, with dazzling green eyes. “My name’s Cara. And i practically saved you from getting killed, so i’d be nice to me if i were you”. Alex had no clue what to say, he had been dazed from how beautiful the girl was. “How did you find me?” Alex questioned. “Well i followed your scent, and found you unconscious, lying on the ground” she explained. “Well why did you save me? Why didn’t you just leave me there to die”. “You sure do ask a lot of questions don’t you” She says dramatically. “Who attacked me then?” Alex asks. “Truth is i don’t know, if i did, i probably would have left you there on your own” Cara says. The girl walks over to Alex holding a glass jar with what looked like black gravel. “Okay well whoever attacked you, left some pretty bad bruises and cuts on you that aren’t really gonna heal that fast” she says. Alex looks at her in fear and pushes her hand away. “I don’t know what that is and who you are, so im just gonna leave!” Alex screams out. The girl’s facial expression turned into a horrifying glance that sent shivers down Alex’s back. “I’m the only one who can help you Alex, i need you to completely trust me” she says calmly. Alex was still angry and confused at the same time because as he managed to be furious on the inside, he could slowly hear his heart rate dropping slower and slower. “Okay i’m sorry, i just have a lot in my head” Alex nervously says. “It’s okay, sit down and relax” Cara says as she grabs the jar and brings it close to Alex. “alrighty, this might hurt a lot, but i promise it’s gonna help you heal way quicker”. She grabs Alex’s arm and pours the black substance on the large cut. “Ahhh! What are you doing to me!” he shouts out. Alex begins screaming as he glances down and sees his cut completely healing itself. “You see, not that bad right?” Cara sarcastically asks. Alex looks at her breathing heavily, with somewhat of a smile on his face. “You have a nice smile, you know that?” she charmingly says. “Yeah thanks, i get it all the time” he painfully smiled and replied. “How old are you by the way?’ the girl mentions. “I’m 18, what about you?” clearing his voice. “haha , your not 18. I could hear your heartbeat from a mile away if you weren’t in front of me” she replies hilariously. “Okay fine. I’m actually 16, now your turn. How old are you, and don’t lie” Alex asks. “I’m 18 sweetheart, is that all you wanna know about me? Maybe you wanna know how i’m a werewolf?or maybe you wanna know if i actually live in this abandoned shed? Or maybe you want my social security number? Anything else?” she sarcastically asks. “I’m sorry i didn’t mean to ask you all those questions” he apologizes. “Well if you were wondering i am actually 18, and i was a werewolf since birth. Ohh and i DEFINITELY don’t live in this dump” she snickers. I live with my brothers and sisters who are also werewolves” she says. “Ohh that must be pretty cool right?” Alex nervously asks. “No not really to be honest, we actually just fight a lot. You know since i’m the oldest and everything” “whoa you’re the oldest in your family?” Alex surprisingly asks. “Yeah i have two brothers and two sisters around my age” cara stated. “Their not REALLY my brothers and sisters from blood, but we grew up together and practically treat each other like brothers and sisters” cara says as she glances at Alex. “but anyways, you need to rest a little bit more, so go to bed and i’ll finish talking to you in the morning” cara says as she yawns. “goodnight , sleep tight, don’t let the werewolves bite…” she giggled. Alex smiled and watched as the lights went out and Cara disappeared into the hallway. Alex could not stop thinking about this gorgeous girl, how she smiled and looked at him, or how her eyes crinkled when she laughed. He just could not get enough. He slowly drifted off to sleep, thinking about her and how he was growing attached to her.
In the early dawn of the morning Alex was woken by a strange noise coming from outside. Alex got up from the couch he was laying on and strolled to the front door. As he approached the door the strange sound could be heard getting louder and louder. “Who’s there?” Alex asks. He opens the door and slowly prowled outside only to find nothing but the birds chirping and it being extremely cold. “What was that noise then?” he says to himself. “What are you doing out here?” Cara asks. Alex turned around to see Cara with the most oblivious face ever. “Didn’t i tell you to rest and not roam around?” she carelessly says. “I’m sorry, i thought i heard something” Alex apologizes. “Whatever, can you just get insi…” Cara couldn’t finish her sentence as she spotted a figure hiding behind a tree. “ALEX RUN INSIDE” she screams as the figure stood up from his position and was holding some kind of weapon. Alex was completely unaware of what was happening, he didn’t know what to do. Alex took cover behind the porch and quickly glanced at the figure behind the tree who now was aiming the weapon at Cara. The girl was paralyzed and frozen with fear. “Cara get down!” Alex shouts out to her as he looked over at the figure who had already fired the weapon and shot  Cara. Alex watched Cara fall to the floor, shrieking in pain. “Alex run, just leave me…” she painfully screams as she rumbles on the floor. “No i’m not gonna leave you Cara just hang in there…” he screams. Alex glances at Cara laying on the floor screaming in pain and suddenly this furious rage builds inside of him, almost as if he wanted to torture anyone who would dare harm her. Alex bravely stands up, jumps over the porch and charged at the figure that was attacking. He could now identify the man as he was on top of him. The man had blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked very young to be attempting to kill anyone or commit any crime. He seemed almost innocent in his young eyes. Alex was violently hitting the man in the face, beating him to a bloody pulp. He was wrathfully spreading all his anger on the man’s face and he could not control it. “PLEASE STOP!, please just let me walk…” the man begged. Alex only could remember the innocent boy he murdered in school in front of everyone. He got savagery memories of when he was tearing the boy apart… he could hear the boy’s screams echoing behind his ears. “Okay get outta here now or i'll rip you apart…” he cautiously shouted at the man. “Okay i’ll leave please…” the man says as he quickly raised up from the ground and darted away. Alex ascends from the ground and suddenly remembers Cara. “CARA!” he screams out as he dashed to her body. The girl was gasping for air as she was in so much pain she couldn’t even get up. “Cara i need you to be strong and get up okay” Alex calmly says to her. “Okay… i’m trying, but it hurts so bad…”  she screams out. Alex feels her pain as if he were the one who had gotten shot. He feels her misery and empathizes her. He picks her whole body up and carries her inside as if she were a precious child that he would never let anything happen to. “You’re gonna be fine Cara, i just need to know how i can cure this…” he nervously says. “OK look i need you to listen to me… you need to pour mistletoe over the wound and dig out the bullet before it gets infected, if you don’t i’ll die…” she dramatically says. “Ok… i think i can do that… i got this” Alex thinks to himself. He runs over to the table where the mistletoe is located and returns to Cara.  “Is this it?” he asks. “Yes… now just open it and don’t hesitate… i’m strong i can take it…” she madly says. Alex was nervous about hurting her or maybe even killing her. “OK… ready? 1...2...3!” he shouts as he quickly pours the mistletoe deep in her wound. “AAAHHHH” Cara shrieks out. “OKAY NOW I NEED YOU TO DIG YOUR FINGER INSIDE AND FIND THE BULLET AND TAKE IT OUT…” Cara screamed out. Alex digs his finger in her wound and wiggles it to locate the bullet. “Ugh… your so lucky i don’t wanna hurt you…” She mentioned. “Ok i think i got it… this is gonna hurt… brace yourself…” Alex said as he pulled the bullet right out of her arm. Cara’s blood was all over Alex’s hands. “Ahhhh… Wait until i find out who sent him…” She shrieks out. “Are you ok Cara?” Alex asks her nervously. Cara  breathing heavily, looked up at his eyes and suddenly had a lighthearted mood and gives him a smile. “Yeah i’m fine kid. Thank you. You seriously just saved my life, and i’m so grateful for that.” Alex felt joyful inside as he cared to show it by the great smile that was on his face. “Well you did the same for me, so it was only fair to do the same.” Alex said as he smurked. Cara was still in discomfort and Alex could tell as she was trying to hide the pain. “Ok well i’m gonna leave you here for a little bit, you look like you wanna be alone.” he says as he gets up from the stool he was sitting on. Cara suddenly grabs his hand hard and says “No Alex… please don’t go…”.Alex felt warm inside as he could not stop smiling. As he smiles, he looks straight in her eyes and says “okay, i promise i’m not gonna leave you alone.” Cara smiles and almost feels attracted to him and like she could trust him for anything. That was a strange feeling for Cara because she usually never trusted anyone that wasn’t her brothers or sisters. “Thank you Alex, seriously.” Cara gratefully rementions. “No problem Cara.” he says as he smiles and grins. “Hey umm… can you lean in close, i need to tell you something important.” Cara whispers to him. Alex leaned over close and placed his ear close to her mouth. Cara smiles and slowly grabs his face, turns it and kisses him. The kiss had been a long, powerful, meaningful kiss. Alex inside could not believe what was happening. He was so shocked by the fact that she liked him. When the kiss was finally over alex gazed into her eyes in amazement while she noticed and laughed. “You’re not bad kid…” Cara added. “Wait… do you… do you like me?” Alex nervously asked. Cara gave him a sarcastic look as if he had been an idiot this whole time. “Yes of course idiot… why else would you think i did that?” She sarcastically says. “Uhh sorry… i knew that of course.” Alex awkwardly mentions. “Why don’t you go to bed instead…i don’t think you’ve completely healed yet” Alex respectfully says. Cara grins at him and kisses him on the cheek. “Okay fine then” she says as she gets herself comfortable on the couch that she was laying on. Alex smiles and returns to the other couch and decides to take a nap along with her.
Cara barely slept all night thinking about everything that had happened. She could not get Alex out of her head even if she tried. While thinking to herself she suddenly sees Alex dart up from the couch and start screaming out of nowhere. “ALEX what’s wrong?!?!” she screams. At that point Alex would not stop screaming so Cara quickly struggled to get up and tackled Alex down on the floor. “WHAT'S WRONG ALEX” Cara asked as she held Alex in her arms. Alex continued screaming even as Cara held him tightly. Alex finally gave in and started grabbing Cara’s arm and whispering to her. “Please don’t leave me Cara…. They want to kill me…there's too many of them...” he whispered to her. Cara felt confused and nervous at the same time. “Of course i won’t leave you… Alex i’m not letting anything happen to you…” she smiled and said. Alex felt happy and he didn’t expect all the warming attention she gave him. “Thanks Cara…” He whispered as he grabbed her hand tightly. “Hey, can i ask you something?” he timidly asked. “Yeah sure what’s on your mind kid” she grinned. “Umm… What if you never met me? Like did you have second thoughts on saving my life out there?” he shyly asked. “Well to be honest i kinda saw you lying on the floor, and i just felt a certain way. I just had to help you i don’t exactly know why” she sweetly said. “I wish i never was a werewolf” Alex quitely mentioned. “Why? You're extremely powerful, fast as a cheetah, and as smart as a 8 years old” she said grinning.
“I just wish we could have met in the real world, like everything would have been different” Alex said. As he sat up to sit on the stool, he looked at cara and smiled. “Things would have been very different” he added. “Things are different Alex… you met me, and now you know what real pain is” she calmly said. “Ohh you mean the near death experience i had” Alex asked smiling. “ no…. I mean this…” Cara disturbingly said as she rose up from the floor and charged at Alex, pounding him to the floor. “What’s wrong with yo….” He could not finish his sentence as he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. He glanced down to find a knife punctured in his stomach. Alex looked up at cara to find her eyes pitch black. He was frightened to think he trusted her. “Sorry sweetheart… i don't trust anyone....” Cara mentioned after twisting the knife and killing him.

The author's comments:

it's an old story i wrote when i was in 9th grade. 

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