The Battle for the Munch Munch Cracker

December 15, 2017
By Anonymous

Many centuries ago, there was an ancient war in this distant planet named Munchtopia. The war lasted for many years, until the king made a peace treaty in the form of an ancient relic, the sacred Munch Munch Cracker. All was peaceful until one day, when his son, Prince Munch Munch betrayed him, killed him, and stole the Munch Munch Cracker. Security used there swiss swords and destroyed the Munch Munch Cracker and Prince Munch Munch for the (BAD PUN ALERT) “grater” (I warned you…) good. But many years later, Prince Munch Munch was found and he has a plan to bring the hidden fragments of the Munch Munch Cracker to rule Munchtopia and eventually the whole galaxy. But now a boy named George will bring peace to the world with some extra help so he can eliminate Prince Munch Munch and bring back peace to his Homeworld.
     “Mom, I'm heading out to hang with Joseph and Daniel. Call me if you need something.” George said to his mom as he walked out the door toward his Alfa “Romano” 4C(heese)
      “Ok. Can you buy some food for Munch Bear, he hasn't eaten all day. I wonder where he wandered off to anyway? I can't find that thing anywhere...”
      “I'll do it once I come back. See you in a few hours.” George walked in the car, but Munch Bear secretly hid in the backseat and has been waiting for him to start driving away so he wouldn't have to go back with Mrs. Colby. “And can you not call him a thing. He has a name.”
He wandered off and Mrs. Colby continues her chores. But as soon as George leaves, a man walks into the room, but it isn't Mr. Colby.
     “Honey, is that you? Hello? Are you gonna answer me or just stare in the shadows?”
    It's silent for a good 5 seconds, when the figure lurks out of the shadows armed with a French Cheese grenade. He shows his face and Mrs. Colby realizes who it is.
      “Oh my god. Your Prince Munch Mu—”
     That was when he disappeared and she stared dazed at the door where he was. She looks behind her and hears a drop on the floor. The last thing she saw before the explosion happened was the FCG (French Cheese Grenade) lying right behind her feet. Mr. Colby came downstairs from his nap and screamed when he saw it. He tried leaping out to throw the grenade outside, or at the least to protect her, but it was too late. The house was destroyed and engulfed in flames and smoke of French cheese that day, and it collapsed with the two individuals inside. George has no idea any of this happened. And in the background, the fallen Prince says,
     “Good. Now let's see what this ‘chosen one’ is gonna do against me now!” while hiding behind a tree so the MPD (Munchtopia Police Department) don't find him.
        Meanwhile, George and his friends where playing paintball in the Abandoned Gouda Fields and Joseph was destroying everyone because of his skilled marksman abilities. But when George was reloading in the field, he fell to his knees and something strange happened. He had a vision of the future. He saw the Prince sitting on his throne, with Munchtopia in ruins and many dead bodies lying all over the ground. But George was the only one left, standing on the same field he’s on right now, watching everyone suffer. His parents, his friends, his pet, and everyone, except for him, the only on that could stop all of this. When he arose from the vision, Joseph and Daniel were standing above him trying to wake him up.
      “Bro, thank god you’re awake! We thought you were dead.”
     “Why would I be dead. I was only out for 5 minutes.”
       “You were out for over 3 hours. We were about to call the MPD because we thought you were with your paren—.”
     “Daniel, shut up!”
         “Wait, what do you mean– ‘with my parents’?’’
       “Should we tell him?” Daniel questioned as Joseph nods his head.
       “We– we have something to tell you–.
       “Well, what is it?”
          “Follow us in your car.”
     George got back in his car and followed Daniel and Joseph and was confused because they were just going back to his house. He thought they were going the wrong way, but then he saw it. He saw all of the MPD cars there and ambulances. He burst out the car running inside the house and saw the dreaded truth. He saw two pairs of skeletons on the ground, and realized that those were his parents.
      “No. No?!! NOOOOOOO!! Who did this?!! WHO?! I promise, I will find the person who did this, and they'll suffer worst consequences. They thought I was just some kid. Well— they're gonna see how much a ‘kid’ can do. You– YOU JUST STARTED A WAR.”
      George ran up the half destroyed stairs and into his room. It's a good thing that whoever did this didn't blow up this room, or else he would have no luck against this guy. He moved his drawer to the side and pushed a button. That button opened the wall behind him and what was behind was extraordinary. These are things that the world doesn't even have the technology for, but he somehow made it. It was an entire array of weapons and armor for him and Munch Bear. But the most important thing on that list was a portal gun that can take him anywhere he wanted to. He looked at the security cameras to see who did this, and was in shock to find out who it was.
         “So, this jerk decides to come back to life just to murder my family and my world. Well he has another thing coming for him.”
       He decided before he left he would try this experiment he was working on. He was going to combine some portal parts and his backpack together to make an infinite backpack. He tried for years, but never had the right materials, but now this the perfected the portal gun, it just might work. He put them together and tried to put something inside, and it finally worked. He grabbed all the weapons, all the ammo and put on his armor. He also upgraded Munch Bear to have rocket launchers for arms, jets for legs and lasers for eyes. He ran outside, but Joseph and Daniel were nowhere to be seen. He searched all over for them because their truck was still there. He walked towards the truck and found their window shattered and there was a note tied to a brick inside the car. The note read that, “If you want your friends back, you're gonna listen to me. I want you to hack the defenses in MASA (Munchtopia Aeronautics and Space Administration) so I can get a rocket to get off this useless heap of rock and dust. Also because if I stay here any longer, I'll die with everyone else.”
       “I promise, guys. I will avenge you. For Munchtopia!”
               THE END. OR IS IT?

The author's comments:

At the beginning of the year, my friend, Joseph made this joke about a thing called Munch Munch Crackers. It triggered my other friend George and when we made this at the beginning of the year, I decided to base this story around the joke and my friends, which is why the Protagonist is George and the name of his friend is Joseph.

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