December 4, 2017
By The_BookLord BRONZE, Springville, Utah
The_BookLord BRONZE, Springville, Utah
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Time for history, Brandon’s least favorite subject. Not again, he thought. Another lecture about the fall of Earth is going to kill me. So a planet implodes. It makes no sense to me that we have to study about its history. Besides, that happened about a millennia ago. I have no interest in what happened. Here in the year N.E. 1021, that’s ancient. Back in A.D., I’m betting this would have seemed pretty crazy. Though, I do wonder why they had to call this era New Earth, instead of New Age.

He walked into the history room. One shortcoming of the fall of Earth is that we’re still using computers. You’d think that scientists would think of something better, but no… It’s like we’re stuck in 2023. Though, at least we have supercomputers, instead of boring ones from before 2023.

“Welcome to history, class,” Professor Williams drawled. Oh man, not the lecture voice again, He’s so boring. “Today, we finally give you your textbooks.” A loud cheer erupted from the class. This is great. Brandon thought. No more learning. We finally get to know what we’ve all been dying to know. “The textbooks are not your standard every-day book. They are a set of instructions specifically for you. They are what you” blah blah blah. Professor Williams just goes on and on. We all already know this. Just let us get them already.
Finally! It’s the first day of work! Alexis thought. I can’t wait for my job! Although there were many people that groaned when they received their textbooks, Alexis knew she would be good with any job she was given. This is so exciting! I can’t wait to meet my group! With every job, you were given a group. This would who you were friends with. This would be who had your back. This would be a group of six, three boys, three girls. You would go on to marry one of these groupees. I hope that Michael is in my group! I’ve known him since first grade, and I’m the only one who can get him to remember stuff.  As she got to her group spot, she realized she was the only one there. That’s odd, She thought. Usually there are six people. Why am I the only one?

Max was late. Oh man, my trainer’s going to kill me. Although it was your textbook, someone would train you in your job. If I’m going to get good at my job, I’ll have to listen to my trainer and train a lot. Oh man, I hope that Brandon’s in my group. He’s been the only person to even try to be my friend.
As Max got to the meeting spot, he saw that only one person was there. Where's the trainer? And where is everyone else in my group? Well, I hope I can make friends with this girl. “Hi, I’m Max. What’s your name?”

“Where do you think you’re going?” I don’t have time for this! Michael thought angrily. Why’s Prof. Williams cornering me? “You have a lot of homework to turn in.” Oh, right!
“Sure thing, Prof.” He quickly handed over his homework. “Here you go!” Michael always forgot about even the simplest things. Now that that’s dealt with, He thought, I can finally get to the meeting spot.

As Brandon got to the meeting spot, he saw two people already there. “Hey Max!” He said. “Who’s this?”
“My name’s Alexis.” She stated.
Hm, it looks like Max has made a new friend. “I’m Brandon.” He replied. I’ll have to know more about this girl if we’re in a group together. Maybe she knows something I don’t…

Michael was eyeing the gun. Where’s this gun from? What’s it doing here? “Crap!” He shouted. He bolted down the hallway.

What is this snail doing? Where is it going, and why can’t it go faster? What was I doing again?

Alexis was bored. “Trust me, oxygen is poisonous, and kills you over time,” Brandon argued. “It just takes a long time to kill you.”
“Well anyways,” Alexis said, “I’ve had enough of this conversation, and it looks like Michael’s here. I wondered if he would be in our group.”

“Hey, Alexis.” Michael said. “Looks like we’re in the same group.” When is the trainer getting here? He thought. Suddenly, the ground gave way.

“What is this?” Brandon shouted. I don't like this, He thought. The bottom of the floor was coming fast. Suddenly, Brandon’s world went black.

“What just hit Brandon?” Max shouted. Michael gasped. It’s the gun I saw in the hall. Something snatched them all out of the air. What is this?

“What. The heck. Is that.” Alexis said, following Michael’s thoughts exactly. Brandon groaned and stirred. Though it was hard to pay attention to the creature in front of him, he saw the gun in Brandon’s lap. I hope he doesn’t use it. He thought absently.


Brandon woke to a monster. It had a horse’s body, with lots of spikes at the bottom of it’s hooves. It had a human body with six arms, each of them ending in a hand with three claws. It’s back was bristled with hundreds of pointed shafts, like a porcupine’s back. It’s head looked human, except there was no hair, a rim of horns like a crown around the top, and eyes that were almost all pupil. Absently, he felt a gun in his lap. He knew what to do.

A lot happens when you’re not looking. Alexis quickly glanced at Michael when he heard Max shout, “Don’t do it, Brandon!”

She turned around, and saw Brandon with a gun to the creature’s head. “Don’t come any closer, or I shoot!” he shouted. She glanced at Michael again. He was frozen in shock.

She sighed, “You don’t have to do this, Brandon!”

“I don’t know where we are or what this creature is, but I know what a threat is when I see one!”

Michael finally got the guts to talk. “Brandon, that thing just saved us from death! Give it some respect!”

“I don’t know what you see here, but I see a monster! I’m going to kill it right now, when I have the chance!”

Alexis saw her chance. She swiped the gun out of Brandon’s hands. “Game’s over, Brandon. Although I don’t know you that well, I know you enough. Goodbye.” Alexis closed her eyes and squeezed the trigger.

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