The quarrel between posiedon and hera

April 5, 2009
By Lilyan Elliston BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
Lilyan Elliston BRONZE, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Once upon a time under the sea there was a beautiful kingdom. This kingdom was made of the finest pearls and corral. All around the kingdom naiads’ and sea horses played. Poseidon thought to himself,” I can’t believe I inherited all this. “Then A beautiful naiad on a white hippocampus came galloping towards the kingdom. She rode up to Poseidon and handed him a blue envelope and said “this is a message from your friend Nerues. He said it was important and for you to respond soon..“ then she began to gallop away .Soon she was just a white dot in the distance.
Poseidon entered his kingdom and walked up the pearly stair case towards his thrown room. As he sat upon his thrown he began to read the letter. It read “dear Poseidon I haven’t heard from you in a long time and I wanted to tell you that my daughter has become of age and since your still young ,around your twenties I suppose, it think you’re my daughters best suitor. I would give you her hand in marriage if you give me your word that you will treat her right. Please respond soon , your friend Nerues .”after the letter had arrived ,all around the sea there were rumors stating that Poseidon was going to marry Pleione, the gorgeous daughter of Nerues ,and a goddess of the sea.
Many days later when word reached Hera’s ears, Hera bellowed in rage. She stormed down to Poseidon’s
Thrown room and in rage she flung open the doors and she couldn’t place what she was seeing. There in the middle of the room Poseidon stood in a handsome black suit with a red bow tie.Pleione was wearing a white strapless dress made of the finest silk, real glass slippers ,pretty diamond earrings and a diamond necklace. Her blonde hair was curled in beautiful flowing locks all around her shoulders. Even though Hera hated to admit it ,Pleione looked amazing and the smile on Pleione’s face would have lit up the dark side of the moon.
After seeing how beautiful pleione looked Hera collapsed on the floor by the golden doors. Poseidon rushed over to see if she was all right. Then the unthinkable happened .Hera stretched out her hand and slapped Poseidon across his face just as he knelt to help her up. After having slapped Poseidon ,Hera
Quickly hurried over to Pleione and Hera grabbed Pleione hair and yanked downward with all her might. Pleione screamed in frustration and terror. Just as pleione yelled for Poseidon something unbelievable happened. Hear was engulfed in a golden light. She began to float upward toward the surface of the sea. As Poseidon reentered the room, he looked up and he saw his brother Zeus. Zeus was standing upon one of his famous storm clouds. He was wearing an old green Greek tunic that mother Rhea had given him. Zeus’s beard was a marble swirl of gray and black. He was throwing light night bolts at the sea, and each time the bolts struck the sea the earth rumbled as if the sky and the se had minds of their own. And were going to bring the downfall of the world. Zeus began to smile as Hera cam towards him. Then an awful thought crossed Poseidon’s mind. To confirm his worst fears Hera cast her wedding ring from Poseidon into the sea and said “I knew you didn’t care for me you dirty barnacle. All you care or is marry the snooty Pleione. Even if she is beautiful I thought you loved me. But now it show you’re just a liar and that’s all you’ll ever be, goodbye Poseidon. I wish you well with your new life and your snooty wife.” Then as strange as it all began ,Hera and Zeus images faded and they vanished to mount Olympus.

to be continued……

The author's comments:
Problems that are real today you can make them funny. I hope the reader learns that if you marry someone you need to stay true to them.

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on Feb. 11 2010 at 9:19 pm
This was a very good story for such a young girl,she is going to go far in life with a brain that she has. Just wanted to congratulate Lily on a job well done

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