Whispered Rumors

April 4, 2009
By leahismagic BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
leahismagic BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Creatures;Animals;Vampires;Werewolfs;Fairies;I became a thing, a creature. I can kill at the snap of a finger. I can read minds, transform into a wolf, a dog, a thing.

Once you stepped foot in that place you never come back” My friends whispered towards me, but did I listen? Of course not. I was going to prove them wrong; as always. “Sophie no!” My best friend gasped. I shook my head, I wasn’t going to listen. I had to prove them wrong. I just had too. Why? Well, I don’t know. But the house, the old gross house up on the hill that looked like something right for a scary movie called me. I swear, it did. No-one went in, and no-one came out. It’s how it worked. Rumors about the house flew by everywhere. You walk by the schools, you could hear whispers about it, hearing that the local idiot walked in and no-one’s seen them since. I couldn’t help but want to know, what was taking the people in, what was keeping them there. I wanted to know! And I wanted to know now.

“Sophie, you listen to me, you remember what happened to my brother right?” Ellie stepped forward, out of the group behind me. I didn’t take my eyes off the house but I nodded, of course I remembered. I was there. I was six at the time, her brother was twelve he took me and Ellie up the hill and we watched him open the ratty old door and step in. No sound was made, nothing. But we felt t he wind blow by, and we swear it whispered to us; “No-one leaves; No-one comes out; the horrid ways will never be forgotten.”
I shivered at the thought of my friends feeling that, but Ellie claimed she never heard it. Ever. Maybe she lied…who knows. “I want to know…” I whispered towards the house. My friends sighed; they knew that I was going in there. Of course they knew, since they knew me. Once I had my mind set, I would do what I wanted no matter what. It scared my friends to; because this was the last time they would see me. Ever.
Stepping forward I bit my lip, did I really wanna go up to the house? No. But I felt like I had to. Why I had no earthly idea. I made my way up towards the grassy hill feeling my friends gasp as I grabbed the door’s ratty old handle and stepped in. A whole new life appeared in front of me. The door slammed its self shut while I stood there gazing around the ratty house.
It was a brand new world. Strangers who really didn’t look like humans passed by. A few snarled “Newbie” at me. I rolled my eyes and stepped forward fallowing a blue rug to a door that said “New Comers” on it. I grasped the door knob, but the door swung open before I could even turn a very pale man who was rather short sat at a desk muttering jibberish to himself. “Mehhehe le cock” it sounded like he said. He glanced up at me and said “Have a seat” he pointed to a chair in front of his desk. I did as
I was told. “Master will be with you shortly” he muttered towards me and went back to blabbering his non-sense again. I nodded and sat quietly with my hands folded in my lap.
A few minutes later a man wearing a red robe that went down to his feet came in I glanced up at him figuring he was ‘master’ the man looked towards me and grunted. “Newbie?” he murmured toward the little pale man. The pale man nodded simply and muttered something that I couldn’t hear. The ‘master’ turned towards me and glared I glared back “What?” I hissed towards him. I really shouldn’t be so loud…this place didn’t seem like a ‘loud’ sort of place.
The pale ma’s head shot up and stared at like me as if I had just said the worst thing in the world. The ‘master’ didn’t do anything he just stared. “Huh.” He finally muttered. “You’re different.” He whispered toward me. I shrugged; I didn’t get what he meant. I mean yeah I had always been the outcast but what did he mean now? I knew he didn’t mean I was different like how all the freaks that I saw were here. He meant something totally new didn’t he? I sighed and glanced around the room, it had a few chairs a desk where the pale man sat at then a door that read ‘Master Ace’. I had heard that name before…it sounded familiar to me. Ace. Ace. Ace. Where had I heard that? I couldn’t figure it out!
“Sophie yes?” Master Ace asked a strange voice he had. It wasn’t an accent I had ever heard before. I nodded and glanced up at him. He looked like a warrior. He had strange markings all over his face and arms. Tattoos but they were a strange crimson color. They slowly turned into what looked like arrows and bows. But I couldn’t tell. They were so pretty I had never seen anything like that before. “Come with me.” Ace said I nodded and stood up following him into the door that said ‘Master Ace’ on it. He led me threw another door that had no writing on it; it was a metal door that had a tiny window. It looked almost like a jail cell to me. “Sit over there.” He pointed to a red couch that had pillows that had faces of mythical creatures I had read about when I was younger.
I did as I was told and sat down; I pulled my legs up to my chest and set my chin in between them. Ace sat in a chair across from me. “Sophie.” He started out. I sat there waiting for him to continue. I had nothing on my mind but what I was doing here. “Why did you come here? We weren’t expecting you for a few years.” Ace said to me. I raised an eyebrow, they knew I was coming? I shrugged. “It called me.” I whispered. “It called me. It forced me.” I said louder. Ace nodded, “You’re becoming something very special.” He said to me. I glanced around the room and sighed, “What am I becoming?” I whispered. This was freaking me out now.
“A mix of a few things. See your real parents are here. Your mother is a werewolf fairy Aloja mix and your father is an Alal and Dip.” He explained to me. I had no idea what those things were; I knew what a werewolf and fair was but the rest I had no idea. Ace probably knew that so he explained. “Aloja is a water women and an Alal is a demon. Dip is a vampiric dog.” He said. “We all look different. Your mother is one of the most gorgeous females here. She’s got Water Spirit and Animal in her. Her name is Devi. Her name means goddess. Your father is famous here you see, he’s a demon mixed with vampire and dog. He’s rather cool looking. His name is Conall.” Ace explained to me. I nodded and listened. I blinked a few times, it was registering. But it was a total shock to me. My real parents weren't my real parents. My real real parents where some sort of thing . I stared long and hard at Ace. Never blinking. Never moving. I breathed slowly, in and out. But I didn't move. My eyes were locked with Ace's. He glanced away from me a lot. But always would return my stare.
“How could you!” I finally screached at the top of my lungs. Ace jumped, it was his turn to stare. He started to speak but I cut him off. “Why do you send me off into the world when I soon would become a thing. A freak of nature! Why didn't you just change me at the start? Why didn't I become a freak then not now? I had a life. You and this place, this world took it away.” I screamed. I stared again, I fell back onto the couch and started to cry. I couldn't believe this. I was be coming a Demon, a vampire, a water women a fairy. What the...? This was wrong. They couldn't do this to me! I should have to choose. But part of me was telling me it had to be this way. This wasn't right!
“Are you finished?” Ace asked finally. I nodded and glared at him still, tears streaked my face. But I didn't care. Ace took a breath and stood up, he walked toward me, and sat down next to me. He set a strong arm around my shoulders, I flinched away and curled up in a ball. “Don't.” Ace whispered. I sighed and scooted back in his arm. “See, once you change, you becoming something new. You're a new person. You wont remember your human life, what you once become. You will go to school here, learn about our ways. You have to-” I cut him off.
“Have to?” I screamed yet again, “Now Mr.Master Ace aka the horrible man who's a freak a horrid monster you listen to me. You can tell me what I have to do, doesn't mean I will do it. If I do, then I'm fighting. You will not get pleasure out of me being here. I will do as you say but I will not be happy. I will not be fun, I will not be good. I will be your worst nightmare.” I shoved Ace away from me and leaped to my feet.
I knew Ace never got that reaction before, it showed in his face. In his body, threw out himself. Ace tried to speak, no words flew out. But I could hear in the air what he wanted to say. Wait...huh? Fine. I herd the air whisper to me. I listened harder to what his mind was say. You will meet your parents, meet your roomate, unpack your things and then eat. Your teachers will come by later to explain your classes and what happens. I herd the air say to me. I nodded once then crossed my arms, “Once I step in this place I change don't I?” I asked him, rudely if I do say so myself. Ace nodded, “You're gaining your Dip skills. Vampires can read minds, you're a vampire werewolf is really what a dip is.” he said to me. I nodded, then thought for a second. Wait a minute, in every book I read vampires and werewolfs hated each other. I remember nothing of both combined. It was unherd of.
“I don't understand.” I said finally. Ace nodded, “I know.” he started to explain, “Books don't understand the topics of this. Werewolfs and Vampires are rather good friends. Infact, they hate a fairy. Which is kind of funny since your mother is a fairy. They don't like water women either. Your parents are special. You're one of the most powerful students here. I want you to learn to be good not evil. Got it? Later on you'll have jobs later on that will make you use your powers.” he told me. I nodded, this was kinda cool. I mean, yeah I would miss my friends my family. Er, my fake family I mean. But this was way cooler.
Ace led me out of the room, and back into the office with the blad man, “Figure out what dorm, and classes she'll be in.” Ace told him. The man nodded and typed a bunch of things into the computer. “Sophie, I'll be back. I need you to tell Alan everything first okay?” I nodded and sat across from Alan's desk. Alan sat there typing away, mumbling whatever to himself. Finally, he looked up at me. I was sort of startled by his face, he looked very worrior like. He had a strong jaw line, with teal eyes and tattoos, an odd color too. Blue blood it looked like to me. “Do you care what floor you're on?” he asked. I shook my head. Floor? There wasn't many....or was there? Alan typed something then looked back at me. “I need you to fill something out for me, then Master Ace will come back and take you of a tour of the school. Normally, we have other students come, but you came during schooling hours so we can't do that.” He explained and handed me three sheets of paper. One that had basic info about me, my name my age, then the next page had odd questions. What Mythical name did I want? What was that suppose to mean? I would come back to that. I filled it all out and stared at the main question. Reading it over and over. Then it hit me, Kali! I loved that name, I had always loved that name. I scribbled that down and handed Alan the papers. He looked them over, “Kali huh?” he finally mumbled. I raised an eyebrow, “That a problem?” I growled, almost annoyed. “No.” he answered.

The author's comments:
This story is unfinished. I wrote this out of a whim. But I like the idea :]

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This is so intriguing!!!!!!!!! You have to continue with the follow up pieces. I want to know the end!!


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