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April 3, 2009
By Kayb23 BRONZE, Birch Run, Michigan
Kayb23 BRONZE, Birch Run, Michigan
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Once upon a time, far far away, from all the turmoil and stress of the inner city life lies a small valley called Summerset, filled with people of all sorts, in a cottage at the very end of Wicker Lane, lives a young girl of only seventeen. I live with my father, who is the oldest tailor in town. I believe that my life from the beginning was set for me, but I was waiting, and wishing for so much.
“Addision, if you could only see what I see, I… you.”


I remember the first time I ever saw him, I was in eighth grade, walking to school with my friends; I caught his eye for a second, only a second and then he looked away. He was the shyest kid, when Mrs. Gold introduced him as the new boy from Greenwood he immidetily looked up at me and shot a sly smile. I didn’t dare to act like I noticed. All the kids made fun of him, because his hair never looked like he brushed it, and he wore the biggest glasses. His vests and kakis’ just made it the cheery on the sundae. When he sat next to my desk, he said

“ Addision.”
Everyone laughed, and then I found myself joining in, and replied with.

“I don’t think so.”
That was the last time that we spoke.


The sun was shinning, and I couldn’t have felt down anymore than I already did. I snuck out that night, and it seemed as though the stars lit the way just for me, to the great oak tree. I called her mother oak. She was the one thing that I could go to and just talk. I felt like I could escape from the world there.

“I just don’t get it, why am I searching and searching for something that im never going to be able to find, I don’t even know what im searching for. Steven keeps giving me all this attention, and everyone loves him, and I mean who wouldn’t hes so handsome and muscular, and hes good at almost everything. So isn’t it suppose to be like…. lucky me? But the thing is I don’t feel like that whatsoever. I don’t feel any of that beauty, but I see it?”
Addison, started working at the same book store I work in about a month ago, we were into our senior year of high school, that’s when I really started to notice him. We talked and he always made me laugh, he was one of the nicest people I have ever met.

“So Harmony, I was wondering…do you think maybe we could hang uot sometime? Like out side of work?”

“um…well I always busy but..” I felt horrible, who was I to make excuses to such a kind hearted guy. His face immidintly showed the answer I was trying to say but befor he could walk away.
“Addision….i would like that.

That summer was the most amazing, mystifying summer I have ever had. I had been hanging out with Steven all day and then at night I would find Addision down by Mother Oak, were we would talk for what seems like days. But one night I didn’t find Addison down by the old oak tree, instead I found something magical after talking to Mother Oak.
“I see love with Addison, but it cant be. How? Hes so…”
“GEEKY!” yelled a voice I was unfamiliar with.
Was I really seeing what I thought I was seeing? Mother Oak had transformed into a human like form that hoved a tad off the graound.

“What…its going on.-?” is all I could gte out and she cute me short.

“Child listen to me, I have listened to all, and have seen all I need to see. You are looking for something, that you haven’t been able to find, that my dear one is love; love so pure that it transforms from the inside out. You are stuck between what you see and what you are choosing to see. Open your eyes and listen to your heart.

“Mother Oak are you trying to say…”
“It is looks that capture they eye, but goodness that captures the heart, just keep that in mind Harmony.”
So there I was, Mother oak had went back into the form of the Giant Oak tree that I was familiar with. I felt torn between what I knew was right and what I thought was right. So before that summer ended, I stopped giving my attention to Steven.

Steven was the Jerk who never really cared about mine or anyone elses feelings. He was selfish and cruel, and I was blinded by appearance. When I realized the true colors of Stevens’s personality, he changed. He became ugly, someone I wouldn’t look twice at, and I could never get myself to see him any differently. Addision was everything, smart, handsome and kind, he changed, like majic right befor my eyes. And when I seen him walking my way, everything changed, he became the boy of my dreams, the person who I just knew I couldn’t be without.

“Oh hey Harmony, its nice to see you... but I…I have to go.” He said as he walked right past me.

“Wait Addision… I…. I….where are you going?

“Does it really matter, im just going.”

“Please don’t go anywhere, I want to hangout and talk…we could go walk down To Mother Oak, just like old times..”

“Harmony, you have avoided me and put me second every day of your life, I don’t measure up. What you see is what you get ok, im not going to change…..Why are you looking at me like that?” he was puzzled and I could tell.

“Im looking at you, for exactly who you are, my true love.” I was thrown off, he just glared and then let out a slight chuckle.

“I don’t think so.” The words hit me like a semi truck.

“Addison, if you could only see what I see, I… you.” I said, as a tear escaped from the corner of my eye. The next thing I knew Addison was right there drying my tears whispering in my ear….

“I love you too, and always have, since the day I seen you.”
My heart was jolted back to life within two seconds, and at that very moment, everything that Mother Oak had said made complete sense. It isn’t what everyone else sees that matters, and I was ready to prove that. I knew that I had the best guy in the whole town; I had a boyfriend with a heart of gold and that made him shine brighter that anything or anyone.

The author's comments:
I hope that this Mythical story can get some people to understand that looks arent everything.

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