Fighting for a Reason

November 21, 2017
By Payne21 BRONZE, Clyde , New York
Payne21 BRONZE, Clyde , New York
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Screaming is all I hear in this empty pit of darkness. The empty void fills with memories of you, why wouldn't you believe in me? All I wanted was to protect you, you made me believe that there’s hope in this world. When I'm around you I feel a sense of safety, so then why would you treat me like a monster? The creatures grow near, how should I defend myself? Should I even try to defend at all? Why not? Just let them take me and get it over with. My memory is going foggy; my heart is practically beating out of my chest. What have I done to deserve this moment of hell? My blue jacket is now covered with mud making it more brown than navy blue. My long, brown-black hair is now snarly and wet from my sweat. Closer and closer they creep, the creatures think they have me cornered, they think they’ve won my soul. However, I am not one to give in so easily. My life is more valuable to me then what I let on. I’ve made up my mind; I grab my backpack that's now drenched in sewer water. I must move fast; I wasted more time than I would've liked, and my black jeans are now soaked with water since I sat on the wet floor. I open my bag, the black zipper cooperates with me for the first time, I reach into the bag that's still soaked and pull out a red flashlight. I’m thankful for Rin’s safety concerns I’ve never thought to bring even a flashlight, but she always looked out for me. For once I'm now realizing how much she really cared for me, i'm such an idiot . Just before I found the button to turn on the light, one of the creatures tries to launch itself onto me. Luckily for me, I’ve been practicing my dodging skills and I squat down so the creature jumps over me and I roll head first to safety. I dodged fast enough to miss the other one’s blow. With both of them behind me, I sprint down the hall. As I'm sprinting for my life, my chestnut hair is catching every breeze that blows by me. I click the black button on the flashlight to show where I'm going. I look to both of the moss-covered walls beside me until I saw a dark brown door on the left, hidden in the wall itself. The ground around it seemed to be dark red, but with ages of wear and tear it now looks midnight black and covered in slimy brown mud from all the water seeping in. I quickly sprint to the door, trying not to slip on the mud underneath my black sneakers, I wish I wore my tan working boots. I pull hard on the diamond-shaped doorknob. I'm trying to open the door when I hear the horse like creatures enormous paws smashing into the ground as it sprints towards me. I see its enormous black legs. Its body moving frantically towards me, I now know what true fear feels like. Its huge black claws strike the ground with every step. The door opened with a flood of wind pushing me backward right into one of the creatures. Sadly for it, I refuse to be it’s next meal. With the creature right behind me, I immediately lunge myself forward through the door. The creature is so close to me, I can feel its hot breath down my neck. I rush inside, hoping I'm fast enough; I'm not. The creature lunges its huge arm at me trying to pierce my skin with his black sharp claws. It pierced my white shirt, ripping the fabric, but luckily not my skin. Next its claws go for my head, I ducked just in time. I go under its hand that is much bigger than a beach ball and grab the door handle, pulling it hard so it closes. As I’m closing the door I grab the large nail that's encrusted in rust and stab it right in its arm so I could close the heavy door all the way. It draws back in pain howling for its friend, its blood is dark red like it came from a human. I’m not wasting any more time. I grab my flashlight that I dropped in here earlier and turn it back on. The room I walked into had just a staircase leading right down. It was so cold it almost stopped me from going down, and the brown brick walls didn't help. The creatures know I'm in here and they starting pounding on the door with their huge claws, I start to move. While sprinting down the stairs I wonder, will I die in this hell and wither away? Will I complete the mission and save my home? Either way, I still have a choice to make at the end of all of this...

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