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The Blood Moon

November 10, 2017
By DrPUZZLER BRONZE, South Jordan, Utah
DrPUZZLER BRONZE, South Jordan, Utah
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"Paradise would not exist without great sacrifice!"
-Nicolas Eilander

Astro Moon was a strange boy, and more strange now than ever. He stayed up in his room in his home in Layton Utah. He almost never left, except to pick up his packages. He slept all day, and stayed awake in the night. He always seemed to be looking at the sky with his Lunt - 230MM HA telescope with internal etalon and B3400 blocking filter. He mapped the skies and charted planets and stars.


Finally, his family could bear his strange insanity no longer. They called someone who could help. They called his best friend, Luke Taber. But they could not have picked a more terrible night to try and help Astro. They called Luke on Halloween, and not just any halloween, the first Halloween to have a blood moon in 10,000 years.


Luke arrived at 8:00 that night, just as the moon was starting to turn red. He was greeted by Astro’s parents and sent upstairs to his room. As Luke entered the room, he immediately all the lenses and mirrors throughout the room. “Mom, for the last time, I DON'T WANT YOU IN HERE!!” said Astro as he turned around. “Oh. It's you. Come in, come in my friend. You are here just in time.”


“In time for what?” asked Luke, confused.


“Ah, you see Luke, I am on the brink of the greatest achievement mankind has ever seen. An achievement, not even the greatest scientist could even dream of.” Astro replied.


“What is that?” Luke asked curiously. “Immortality. Everlasting life. The power to live forever.” Astro answered. “Everything has been prepared. I am lucky, that the event of a blood moon happening on Halloween happened in my lifetime. Almost no one gets that.


“And, to add on that, I have know how to open the portal, and the only time it can be done is tonight. I will cross the boundaries that separate life and death and retrieve the stone of immortality. I will live forever!”

“That cool and all Astro, but could you explain that again, but in english?”


Astro sighed in frustration. “I’m going to create a portal that can only be opened tonight that will take me to the land of the dead, allowing me to get a stone of immortality, and come back and I will live forever.”

“Ohhh.” Said Luke That makes a ton more sense Astro. Why didn't you say that before?”


“I did.” replied Astro. “Anyhow, the portals about to open. I must prepare.”


“So how are we going to get this stone?” Asked Luke.


“First we open the portal. Then we go in.  Then, we find a stone that glows bright orange. There should be plenty. Then we go back into portal in less than an hour or we will be stuck in the land of the dead till were dead.” Astro said.


“TILL WERE DEAD!” Luke exclaimed.


“No, probably like 50 years, under the assumption all my lenses are left in place exactly how they are right now and have no dust on them, which is really unlikely, like, 1 to google plex or something like that, so yes till we are dead.”


Just then, a visible red light started to shine through the lenses and onto the wall. A red circle with strange marking appeared onto the wall. “HASA DE BROBLO HAW KAQU KLAE TEMN KMNW T.” Astro said. The marines started to spin faster and faster and faster until all that was visible were red lines.


Then, in a flash of red light, the red circle was transformed into a bleak landscape filled with light purple rocks, black rocks, and a few bright glowing orange rocks. “The portal to the underworld.” Astro said in awe. Then he smiled. “I did it! I created a portal to the underworld! I did it! YESSSSSSSS!!”


After luke got Astro calmed down, they went through the portal and collected the orang rocks. “So, why are we collecting the orange rocks again?” Luke asked.


“They will grant us immortality.” said Astro as he looked at his watch. His face quickly grew worried. “The portal closes in five minutes. We need to leave or we will be trapped.”


Both Luke and Astro ran. As they ran, the portal started spinning. At at feet away, away the portal started closing. They started at a full sprint they dived through the portal as it closed. They landed on the carpet floor of Astro’s bedroom, surrounded by broken glass from the lenses. The orange rocks, however, were missing.

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