Project Prseveration Order

November 10, 2017
By Anonymous

After the events of original film “Construction Cancellation Order”, we see inside the government building, as the supervisor tried to contact many people as he could, “Where the hell is Tatami, I’ve tried to find him everywhere!” Supervisor yelled. “Well I don’t where,” person mocked, “and stop calling me from your damn cell phone!” Person just cut supervisor
exclaimed from the door. It was Tatami “Well, well, well…” Supervisor granted him welcome at the door, “Where have you been, my man?” “Well…” “SILENCE, it’s been two months, how long I’ve been looking for you?” “61 days.” “That’s right you know I went to like, blah, blah, blah…” While the manager keeps yakking, we cut to an unnamed South American territory. And we a destroyed and mess-up robot named 444-1 and we see a glimpse of his flashback.

Two years ago, while the construction was still building, there was hovercraft was riding through the swamp. And there was three people and one robot was still need of a finish process. One of these men named John Armstrong he was a tough, adventurer men. After hovercraft was at the dock, they parked and carry their logo, along with 444-1. After 30 minutes, John pay these two Mexican people. “Well, here you and come back later when I’m done.” John said. So, he pulls 444-1 of his plug and take it to his building. He decided to test robot 444-1 and it work! “Hello, my name is 444-1…” 444-1 exclaimed, “I’m here to assist you.”  “Great!” John yelled.

So, next few weeks, 444-1 direct the construction robots to tell them what to do and John wear his construction outfit and checklist everything seems to go find. But things don’t plan exactly, like 444-1 become more restrictive and John become questionnaire. And 7 robots became destroyed and dissipated. John have enough.

The next day, John have stepped his guard down and stomped to 444-1. “HEY LISTEN!” John yelled. “I JUST WANT KNOW, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?” “But master, I just want to be like you…” 444-1 suggest. “SHUT UP! YOU BECAME MORE RESCRTITED, AND ROBOTS BECOME TERMINATED, DESTROYED, AND SHUT DOWN! SINCE WE’RE LOSING OUR ROBOTS, WE’RE LOSING OUR BUDGET! SINCE WE’RE LOSING OUR BUDGET, IT MEANS WE’RE SHUTTING DOWN THE ENTRIE DAMN PROJECT!” “Since to you be that way, I’ll kill you!” “Wait, what?” “Goodbye!” He put his hand out to make it into a ball, he tried to ran, but the ball got him. And he was bleeding on his back and pass out.

Then later, he has been lying over his bed, thinking, and planning to get out of this hell hole.
Then next day, while 444-1 was bringing his breakfast, he seems that he was lying over. But John just smash him, just a little bit. Then he ran off while there’s a thunder storm and never seen again.

The author's comments:

Katsuhiro Otomo.

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