Jake in the strange Journey

November 17, 2017
By Anonymous

 “Please get back safe…I want to know what you wanted say.” Says a whispering disembodied voice.

“Jake?” Says a man walking into sight.  “You have finally come back.  We thought that you would have never woken.  We were going to pull the plug, but your girlfriend wouldn’t let us.  She said she knew you were going to come back, and I guess she was right.”

            “Wait, wait.”  Jake said.  “How long was I out for?” 

            “Well Mr. Quietly,” the doctor hesitates.  “You were in a coma for ten years.”

            “Wait…what!”  Jake shouts, “ten years, what was the last thing that I did before I came here.”

            “The military told us you were in Afghanistan,” The Doctor says quietly.  “You saved the world.”

            “Really, wait.” Jake hears a ringing in his ears, then goes to a flash back. “Before I left, I had one last mission I had to do.  My squadron and I went to battle for nuke codes that were aimed for every big city in the world.  As soon as we got there, there was gun fire and the sounds of explosions everywhere.  I took my squad along with other troops to go for the heart of the operation. We got half way there then, the terrorist ambushed us.  They got us pinned down, I got shot four times in the front lines, but I was going crazy.  I felt like I had a strange force of energy just hit me, I realized I was still walking, so I went and took cover in a nearby building, some medics came and tended my wounds right away.  Then the medics and I heard loud footsteps coming from the right of the building, there were four huge metal robot suits that the terrorists had made for warfare.  They started to unload on us, we faced several casualties, but our weapons were just enough to take them on.  My men shredded three suits and killed the diver in one.  I told the medics to take me to the suit with the dead body in it, I threw him out and I hopped in, and that changed the whole outcome.  I came around the corner and took out everything that was in my way, there was nothing left.  I led my men to victory, but when it was all over I pushed my suit and my body to the limit.  Down we fell and I blacked out, and that’s all I remember of that fight.

            As Jake recovers from the flash back, you see the Doctor was sitting in amazement.  He looked as if he was frozen in time.

            “Wow,” he looks in shock.  That’s unbelievable.  We have call your girlfriend and tell her that you have come back too.  And that it will be a few days until you can go back home.

Three days later…

“Well Mr. Quietly, the doctor says.  It looks like you are good to go home now.

            “Thank you so much for everything you have done,” Jake says in appreciation.

            ‘It looks like you will be on your way, I hope for the best for you.”  The doctor says.

            As Jake walks, outside he waits a few minutes, then a car pulls up from the street.  A beautiful young girl in her mid to late twenties comes out of the car.  She is about “5,4”.  Her bright blue eyes glimmer in the sun light with her orange and yellow hair.  She brushes the hair out of her face and walks forward. Slowly she gets a smile and starts running towards him.

            “JJAAKKEE!” she shouts while almost tackling Jake giving him a hug.  “I’ve missed you so much, are you okay are you hurt are yo—”

            Jake struggles to speak.  “How is it going I haven’t seen you in ten years?”

            “Wait, ten years.” She takes a second to think.  Oh, the military to the doctors to lie to you, have been dead for about 47 years.”

            “Um excuse me!?”  Jake starts to freak out. “Wait dead the doctor said that I died twice on the table, and you look just like the way I last saw you and an—”

            She kisses Jake on the cheek and says calmly.  “Do you at least remember my name?”

Jake takes a second and then says with a smile.  “Icarus”

            “Good,” She says.  “Now get in the car and I’ll tell you everything that has happened in the past 47 years, okay?

            They got in the car and speed off.  Jake looks out the window the car.  There is in the middle of the city, are tall skyscrapers. As Icarus is driving she sees Jake looking out the window in awe and continues back to driving.  After about thirty minutes of being in the car Icarus told Jake everything that he had missed when he was dead. 

            “I still can’t believe that they had a medicine to keep the same body form, no matter how old you get.”  Jake says, “And the technology is insane now too.”

            “Can you follow me Jake?”  Icarus asks.

            She takes Jake into a dark brown two, story house. They walk in and go down a hall passing a kitchen with two dim lights on, a few feet more there is a messy master bedroom with a king size bed in the middle.  They turn a corner passing the bathroom with the door slightly cracked open.  Then the hall gets darker, then they go up a stair case.  At the top there is a door the Icarus opens and there is an attic with a window at the end, they go to the window Icarus opens in and crawls on to the roof of the house, Jake follows.  Once Jake gets out he sees Icarus on the top of the roof and slowly makes his way up to her then stops half way.

            “Do you remember this spot?” Icarus asks while gazing into the city, “It’s our little hangout spot.” She sighs. “Before you left you wanted to ask me something here but you didn’t have to time to say it…do you remember what it might be?

            “Um yes I do.”  Jake starts to man up.  “Icarus I wanted to ask you…even though I have been dead for 47 years, do you still want to marry me

            Icarus is in shock and amazement then replies, “Yes, Yes I will.” She says in amazement.

She slides down to Jake on the roof and kisses him.  A huge flash of light and energy takes a hold of Jake.  Then a beautiful pair of angel wings come out from his back.  He opens his eyes and looks at Icarus.  She has a halo and wings coming from her.  So it was there, when Jakes life got a whole lot stranger.

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