“Is He the One?”

March 18, 2009
By Raven Ursery BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Raven Ursery BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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“Is He the One?”

“Sometimes being invisible isn’t such a bad thing, but I don’t choose to be this way, I just am. Why am I always the one that’s forgotten? I don’t have any friends and my family is never there for me. I can’t just sit here and feel sorry for myself though,” Alijah thought lying in his bed. The cute little boy Alijah was drifting off to sleep.
That night the wind was whistling through the valley. A cold breeze came in through the cracked window to force Alijah awake. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes. The breathtaking breeze filled the room; Alijah stumbled out of bed and walked over to the window. Suddenly, a silver beam of light shot down from out of nowhere. The beam of light shot down into the cornfields, creating a huge crop circle. Shocked, Alijah looked up and rubbed his eyes again. He fell backwards, and hit his head on his desk.
He didn’t get up until his mom called,” Alijah get out of bed it’s Saturday and you are coming with me to the farm today!” That seemed to be all that Alijah remembered about last night.
He still lied on the floor holding his head where he hit it.
“Alijah Valdez! Let’s go I have to run some errands and I can’t be late!” Elizabeth, Alijah’s mother yelled up the stairs.
As Alijah stomped down the stairs putting on his sweatshirt, he asked, “Is this another one of your meeting mom?”
“Mind your business Alijah!” Elizabeth squealed. So Alijah just assumed that he was one hundred percent correct.

Pondering as he walked outside to the car Alijah herd voices in the back round.

“Is this the boy? That’s him. He’s a nobody.”

Alijah jumped,” Where are those voices coming from?” He wondered,” Mom did you hear that?

“What are you talking about Alijah? I didn’t hear anything.” Elizabeth answered. Was Alijah the only one who heard the little voices? Meanwhile, Elizabeth was honking the horn of the car and gesturing her son to hurry up.

In the car Alijah could not stop thinking about the beam of silver light from the sky or the fading voices.

“Maybe I’m going crazy or just hallucinating,” Alijah thought as he was sitting in the backseat of his moms white Saturn. The sun was spilling over the top with a hot glare. It would make anyone go crazy. That day was as hot as a volcano about to erupt.

“Finally we’re here!” Elizabeth said. She was angry at the fact that Alijah was messing up her car. Well he did not like being in the car her either. Elizabeth was very mean most of the time, and Alijah didn’t look anything like her, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, and Alijah had light brown hair with brown eyes. He could not believe that she was his real mother.

Anyway, when they both arrived at the farm, Elizabeth hurried out of the car.

“Brian darling, how are you? Are you ready for our meeting about this gorgeous house?” Alijah’s mom was also a very famous realtor and had important business to attend to today. So just like always Alijah was by himself, but now this was his chance to see what happened last night.

“Mom, mom, mom!” Alijah annoyed.

“Alijah I’m in a very important conference. Go play, or something.” Elizabeth replied.

Stepping quietly out the door, Alijah jogged out to the cornfield. His face was already beat red from the scorching, hot sun raining down on him. That’s when Alijah was picking up his speed, and wasn’t planning on slowing down, but he did. It felt like he was being followed. He was out of breath walking through the field, Now walking very slowly, trying to catch his breath. He was walking through the ears off corn now.

“He’s getting closer?”

”Yeah I no, everybody hide! The boy is coming!” It’s like the voices were inside of his head. They were small yet noticeable, and most of the time he could barley here them.

“Finally, I’m getting closer.” Alijah said still panting like a tired puppy. He was becoming anxious to find out what was trying to communicate with him. Alijah took one more step and all the ears of corn formed a gigantic crop circle around him. It was just a big space with nothing there.

His mind started screaming at him,” Throw a rock up to the sky! Do it, do it now!” So, he picked up a rock and looked up. Pulling his arm back with all his might he threw the rock up to the sky. There was silence… Click and the rock flew right back down. Alijah’s mouth dropped; he was inside of a dome.
Alijah started to panic and hypervenalate. What is this thing? How would he get out? Alijah ran trying to escape this glass chamber. Every time he tried to get out he would run into the sides. Then, the ground began to shake; the dome was lifting high in the sky. At the barn, Elizabeth must have felt the shaking because she came rushing out of the tiny house they were in. All she saw in the sky was her little Alijah being taken away.
“No, Alijah come back!” She screamed. The dome was filling to the top with blue gas. Alijah felt as though he was trapped to die inside of a dreadful gas chamber. The gas was making Alijah tired and lightheaded. He lied down and became unconscious.

When Alijah awoke he was in a beautiful room covered in gold and red. An emblem of the letters “KA” was posted on the blanket covering him.
“Where am I?” Alijah asked, “How did I get here?” A girl about his age holding a tray with a hardy breakfast on it came over to him.
“Hello your majesty, I hope you’re hungry because me and the orbs… I mean girls have been cooking for you all morning.”
“Your majesty? Why did you call me that? My name is Alijah, and where am I?” Alijah asked the kind little girl.
“My name is Luna and I’m your maid. I will do whatever you ask because my job is to serve you. Now eat up, the king would like to have a word with you.
“Wait!” Alijah stopped her,” Where am I?”
“Why your majesty, you are in the magical kingdom of Storm hold. Oh, and your clothes are over there by the window.

After Luna left, Alijah finished his breakfast and retrieved his clothes.
“I cannot believe this!” He thought walking down the hall. Pictures hung all over the solid gold walls. There was even a picture of the king’s daughter, she was very pretty. When Alijah came to the end of the hall another picture surprised him. His eyes opened wide and his pupils shrunk. There on that wall hung a picture of himself. Above it there was writing that said,” The next heir to the throne.” Alijah was speechless as he continued down the hall. He followed the red carpet to the grand doors. Who knew what lied beyond them?
“Go Alijah! Go through the doors he’s waiting!” Alijah was starting to get use to the tiny voices in his head. They were helpful and comforting.

He pushed open the very, large doors only to see a bed with a man in it.
“Come in my dear boy! Please come and sit with me.” Alijah was almost scared to go in there, but he held his head high with confidence and pretended to be cocky.
“Alijah, my boy come give your old man a hug!” the king said joyfully.
“You’re not my dad!” Alijah yelled back at him. “Excuse my temper but you aren’t. Just please tell me why I’m here. I need to know, how did I get here?
The King answered,” You are here because I am very sick and will be dyeing soon. My daughter, your sister, has gone missing and no one can find her. I need you to lead your troops into battle to save her.”
“What do mean my troops?” Alijah asked.
“Let me finish my son,” the king went on,” Because I am not to be around much longer, you are to take the throne. You are the next heir. Alijah, you must find your sister Mariah and bring her back safely.”

“If I really am your son then why was I with Elizabeth?”

“She is still your mother.” The king answered.

“Well why do you need me now? Have your troops find her.” Alijah was very confused about the whole thing.

“Alijah, I need my son, that’s you, not anyone else. If you want to be king then I suggest you go get some rest for you battle. Luna is one of my best orbs. She will ready you for tonight.” The king waved his hand and the young girl came out of the bathroom.

“Orb?” Alijah asked.

“I didn’t want to tell you your majesty but myself and every other person here is a shape shifting orb.” Luna answered.
“Please follow me.”

Luna turned back Alijah’s bed and left some ice, cold water on the nightstand.
“Sweet dreams.” Luna said smiling as she left the room.
“Wow,” Alijah thought lying in his bed,” I’m in Storm hold, and I have to fight in a viscous battle to save my sister. I can’t believe this I didn’t even know I had a sister, or a father for that matter.” Alijah reached over to have a drink of water and before he knew it he was asleep as if he were in his own bed. That night Alijah had a dream or more of a vision of what was going to happen. Alijah was in his bed tossing and turning like crazy.

In this dream he saw Luna. She turned into an orb and floated into a secret room in the castle. Alijah saw the orb of Luna turn back into her original form. It was so beautiful. She looked exactly like… Then Alijah woke up. His heart was beating a thousand times per second, he was taking deep breaths. It was about midday at the kingdom. Alijah knew what he had to do.

He hurried out of bed to put his armor on, and ran down the hallway, past all the pictures of his sister, he stopped to look.
“Yep, that’s her alright.” Then barged through the doors,” Your highness!” Alijah yelled. “I know where your daughter is! Will you call Luna in here please?”

“Of course!” the king said with a wave of his hand.
“Your majesties,” Luna said holding the kings lunch tray. She put that tray on the king’s lap and backed away.
“How may I help you?”
“Well, Luna you said you would do anything I ask. I only have one request.” Alijah said skeptically.
“What is it your highness?” Luna asked.
“Turn back into your original form. I know it’s you… Mariah.” A cloud of smoke covered over Luna and when it cleared she was Alijah’s sister Mariah.

“Mariah!” The king sobbed,” Why did you leave me?”

“Daddy, I wanted you to stop treating me like a little girl!” Mariah started.” I also didn’t want to be here when you died, that would break my heart. Luna was created because she can quit working here anytime she wants. I’m sorry if I scared you Daddy, I love you.” Alijah was speechless once again, now he didn’t have to fight.

“So your highness, when shall we hold your coronation?” Mariah joked with Alijah.

“You mean your coronation. I’m better off on my home planet, but you should come visit me sometime.” Alijah answered.

“Who’s going to take me home?” Alijah asked.

“I will,” Mariah pulled out her keys. “We will take the flying dome.” Alijah and Mariah were on their way out when the king stopped them,” Alijah tell Elizabeth that I’m very grateful to her for taking you in. I love you, son.”

“I love you too, dad,” Alijah smiled and walked out of the room.

In the flying dome Alijah looked back at his kingdom. He’s going to miss his father and his sister but he will see them again soon. When they landed back on Earth and Mariah said her goodbyes.

“So, I guess this it huh big brother? I’m going to miss you, are you sure you don’t want to come back with me?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Alijah responded,” I belong here, but come back to visit me baby sister.” Alijah hugged his little sister and walked out of the dome.

He walked back to the barn, to see his mom still outside. She was on the ground crying.

“Hey mom do you need some help getting up?” Alijah surprised her.

“My baby!” Elizabeth squealed. “I thought you were gone forever!” She stood up and squeezed him tightly.

“Dad says hi.” Alijah remarked.
“You saw your father on your trip?” Elizabeth responded. “Well we will talk about your journey in the morning.”

When Alijah arrived at home the first thing he did was go to sleep. He had such a long day, that he asleep before he lied down.

A tiny voice asked,” Is he the one Daddy?”

“Yes that’s Alijah Valdez the savior over the princess and the magical land of Storm hold. Now shhh let him sleep. We owe him that much and so much more to come.

Alijah Valdez

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