November 13, 2017
By Raegan.123 BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
Raegan.123 BRONZE, Lake Oswego, Oregon
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The sirens went off...I immediately knew what was happening. But before I explain what's happening let me introduce myself. Hi I’m Brain, I have been living on mars for basically my whole life. I moved here when I was three from America. Now I am seven teen years old. I know what you're think. You're thinking oh ok just another futuristic story that will never happen. I'm going to tell you  a little secret but don't tell anyone because it's actually not that little.  Anyway like I wa saying, the sirens went off…
I immediately knew what was happening, it was the water always the water. Either it was contaminated or there wasn't any, or just basically any problem mars ever got was water.  The reasoning is as you may know, mars doesn't not have much to any water on it so we value our water a lot unlike people that live on earth because they have easy access and they will for a long time. Well that's what they think but i'm getting ahead of myself. So i started waking down to the conference house. This house was smack down in the middle of town. I didn't ever go there until i was ten because there weren't any problems because just eight years ago mars was still a very new place to live. Mars was actually discovered to have just enough water for one hundred thirty thousand people to live here in 2029 after the zombie apocalypse but again I'm getting ahead of myself. I'm totally kidding! That's not happening for another thirteen years.  But back to the story.  I took m y seat and read my book for a couple minutes. I know I know why would you be reading a book! Well as you can probably imagine mars doesn't have cell reception. ¨Here I am hope you didn't miss me me to much¨ Oh yes and that's ur president Mr. Favorite. As you can tell he's a really big fan..of himself. Suddenly the power went out. I felt someone grab me and everything went dark..well darker than it already was.  I woke up for what felt like days later in a weird moving cart. I have never saw one of these in mars but i guess there technical  name is car. “Good morning!” a high pitched voice said, I looked to my left..then my right. On the right a saw a young girl.  “Hi I’m Taya” “Yeah I know you’re my neighbor.” “Yeah I know I just didn't know if you knew” Then I looked straight ahead and saw a girl that looked to be around my age. “Excuse me what’s going on” the girl driving looked back “time will tell” said the girl in the front seat. I had no choice but just to wait it out. Suddenly I saw an elephant and a big sign that said welcome to India! “Come on let’s go.” said the girl that was driving. We got out and walked into a shady store. We walked up to the center and the girl that was driving started whispering to the guy at the counter. She lead us into a small room in the back but she left us outside the room. Me and Taya put our ears up to the door and heard the whole conversation. Apparently we were looking for this cup that would give us unlimited water which made since because mars doesn't have any water. Then I heard something that I will never forget. “If we can have the water I’ll give you the boy and girl.” Suddenly there was silence..the door started to open! I took the girls hand and ran! “TAXI” I called acting like I was a regular. “Where to?” “Anywhere but here!” The women went up the window and started pulling on the door handle. Then I could tell..she wasn't my age, she looked like she was at least in her late forties. “Who is that” asked the cab driver. “Just step on it and lock the doors!” And drivers digital clock. It was already 7:30. “Ok now that we are far  away from those people, were do you want to go?” I turned to Taya “Home?” Wait there's something we have to do before we get back.” I said “Well what is it?” both Taya and the cab driver said in unisense. “Well when we were leaving I saw an address on the lady's hand” “Okay well let's go” Taya said “Ok the address is 2347 Fornell Drive.” A couple minutes later we arrived. “So I’ll run in get the water, and you guys stay here.’ The door was squeeky and the floors were creaking.  I saw it, at least I thought that was it. The house looked and sounded to be empty so I wasn't  nervous of getting caught. I grabbed a small cup that said unlimited water supply. Like it doesn't get more obvious then that. I grabbed the cup and ran back into the car. “GO GO GO!” The cab driver really stepped on it this time. “And ten years later i still think of this story everyday.”
“Wait what! Dad that’s it that’s the whole story?! ” “What more could you ask for” “A struggle a hard time” “you just wait until I tell you about the time i tried getting back to mars.” “JUST TELL ME NOW..please!!!” “Time will tell..time will tell.”

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