April 1, 2009
By Andi Cullen BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
Andi Cullen BRONZE, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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Their were people who thought the world was going to in and others who thought it nothing but peoples imagination. Both were wrong, what happened in the year 2012 made everyone wish it was nothing but peoples imagination. Volcanoes erupted, meters destroyed cities, seas flooded the land. Times went back to the old ages. People tried their best to build houses after they all got destroyed, all technology was shut down, it became hard to make guns and bullets so people went back to swords, arrows, and knifes. Farmers tired to get the crops growing again but the soil wasn‘t rich and much land had craters because of the meters, so everyone turned to hunting. People tried to keep their families small so know one would starve.

When the first winter came many more died, adults and kids alike. Everyone went back to mourning but didn’t as long as they wished to or they would die. Prejudice started running through the land again. American Indians stayed with their tribe and chose a chief, Mexicans stayed together, whites with whites, Asians with Asians. Races pinned themselves against each other and prejudice spread through the land. Wars started, for land, money, revenge or even just because of what race you are.

Their was already to few of animals and people themselves. Starvation was going around as people died because of the winters or the heat, or if simply because of starvation. Species became extinct from humans hunting and killing them. People turned back to the way of their ancestors using the hides and bones of animals for clothe, weapons, dishes, and even for housing. It took many years for the people to regain control over their life and get back to were they were before 2012 but in the end the great grandchildren had better lives not the technology everyone thought they would have or the movies they would have. But the children did have a peaceful with nature and even the races came back together and helped each other.

Everyone was happy with the life they had and many of the children wandered why their ancestors needed all the technology to make themselves happy when all they needed was each other and the nature around them, while the ancestors felt like idiots that it took many deaths and many years of their own sadness for them to realize they never needed computers to play games, and the I-pods to listen to music, or TV and video games to play.

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