Guardians: The Legacy Begins

March 31, 2009
By JayDarkblood SILVER, Destrehan, Louisiana
JayDarkblood SILVER, Destrehan, Louisiana
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Today started as normal as any other my alarm clock broke and now I’m about to be late for school. Then I saw a girl and she looked hurt so I went to her then I saw that she was holding her leg. “Do you need any help” I asked. “Yes I sprained my ankle because I was running to my school”. Then I saw she had my schools log on her backpack. “Can I help you to school?” I said. “Thank you” she said. “By the way what’s your name?” I asked. “My name is Nea what’s yours” “my name is Jay.” We then went to school Nea was on my back. I hoped we didn’t miss the bus for the school trip. The professor said that we were going to the museum of Solaru History it tells the story of how the five guardians defeated the great evil. “OK now that we are here I want all of you to be on your best behavior” “remember that you represent the image of the institute.” “Ok we got it prof.” this comment came from the institute’s most popular kid and my rival Marshal Shaw. A couple exhibits later was when my life was sent into overdrive. “We come to the final and my favorite piece in the museum the sword of Theodorix the leader of the guardians.” A couple of oohs and ahhs came from the group “legend says that whoever can pull the sword out of that stone is Theodorix’s ancestor so does anyone want to give it a try.” And of course who would you expect Marshal stepped forward. “I guess I will give it a try” he pulled with all his might but the sword didn’t budge. That’s when nea nudged me forward now I was weaker than marshal so he made fun that I was going to try “if I couldn’t pull it out what makes you think you can” I was about to tell marshal to shut his mouth but I tripped and I caught the sword on my way down and it came out. That’s when my life went upside down that’s how I was now known as the mighty Theodorix’s ancestor and new leader for a new generations of guardians.

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