Because of Debt

October 24, 2017
By JoeKing BRONZE, Avon, Colorado
JoeKing BRONZE, Avon, Colorado
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The ground was barren and black. Smoke was billowing from all directions. America was destroyed. Only hours before, children had been playing, adults working, and families spending time together. That perfect world would soon be crushed by something unexpected and unforeseen. The United States was in over their head in debt. They could not get out of the deep hole they dug for themselves. They continued to borrow, never paying back. China, along with many other countries had had enough, so they took matters into their own hands. Without warning, without delay, without mercy, they struck. They bombed the United States to smithereens.
It was like a lightning strike, there was no way to predict this would happen, or warn all 320 million people. Over 150 million people died. America would have to rebuild.

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By: Josh K

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