Alien Story (WIP)

October 26, 2017
By Osiris GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Osiris GOLD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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It was easy, almost laughably easy. We came to them and presented ourselves as gods. We showed them a toaster and they gazed in awe. The three of us, deities amongst these idiots.
Their language was barbaric, it consisted of gargles and shriek-like belches. Once we started to teach them our language I told them that "Idiot" meant they were extremely intelligent and talented. Idiots. When we touched down on this forsaken planet these, creatures, gathered around our ship as if it would explode at any given moment. We were sent here from our home planet to see if this rusted rock had any life on it. After a few minutes of exploration we soon found out that these things* didn't know left from right and were extremely easy to persuade.
We decided to make this place our new home, we could live like kings here and there was no one to oppose us since none of them knew what oppose meant. Serafath, Vlodisk and I
decided together on who'd do what. Vlodisk elected himself as the leader, the president, the king, the emperor. Serafath went right along with it.
"You'd be a great leader Vlodisk!"
Serafath exclaimed a little too gleefully during our first conversation after arriving here.
"Thanks Serafath but I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of power yet."
He was, he knew he was, he's been waiting for this kind of power to fall into his hands since he was born. Serafath couldn't get enough.
"Don't worry about it, [placeholder] here can be your advisor in case you need any help"
The grin that stretched over Vlodisk's face reeked of content.
"My good friend, would you kindly help me rule over these people?"
He reached out his hand towards me. I refused and stormed towards our ship. While walking away I overheard what he said to Serafath.
"We'll talk to him tomorrow, in the meantime, Serafath, how about being my second in my command? I need someone to be my brute force and handle our military."
She couldn't keep herself from jumping with joy.
"I'd love to!"
He knew what he was doing, he knew that she studied military tactics heavily on our home planet and this was a perfect way to get closer to her. He wasn't ever going to
use what little advice I'll give him. It's all a well veiled lie. All I have to do is a find a knife sharp enough to cut through this veil. The morning after this we had a conversation about divvying up the power. Vlodisk supported giving these miscreants some piece of what we had.
"We three can't have all this power to ourselves, that's ridiculous! We should give the people of this planet some say in what happens instead of enforcing dictatorship"
“Are you saying we should give these neanderthals control over government!?”
Serafath decided this was her time to chime in,
“Why would you withhold the power to change their lives from them?”
“They had no idea what a government was until we landed here! They still barely know the definition of the word!”
“Friend, still yourself, we mustn't fall into barbarism”
“Don’t you talk down to me”
I was 3 inches away from his face, ready to attack at the slightest of movements. He knew this and made himself immobile, glueing a smug smile to his face. He was speaking as if he was above me and I couldn’t take it, especially in front of Serafath. I took one deep breath and lunged at him, fists flying like a rabid animal. Vlodisk made no attempt at fighting back, he just repositioned himself with every swing. I’d throw my fist towards his left eye and he’d swiftly move out of the way and stand triumphantly in front of me. Serafath jumped in between us and pulled me away from Vlodisk. She was the strongest of the three of us, but this was a battle of wits. She stared into me with scornful eyes, for a brief moment I saw torment skip across those loathing eyes. I hated to put her through this, she hated me even more so for doing it and Vlodisk knew this.
“Serafath, I’m sorry”
We locked eyes for a moment, exchanging a glance that was engulfed in distraught.
“Friend, please, let’s speak like diplomats and stray from violence. It’s unsightly”
While I stood there dumbfounded I saw Serafath run to his aid.
“Are you okay Vlodisk?”
A smirk scythed through his face as she searched for non existing wounds. He played me, like I was one of these halfwits. All he wanted to do was further strengthen the image of me being a barbarian in Serafath’s eyes, while making him seem noble. He set the trap and I happily stepped in it.
“Yes, thank you Serafath, now let’s get back to our conversation”
I’ve lost whatever heart had driven me before. This, humiliation, this embarrassment, this shame. I could feel it weighing down on me, depressing my thoughts and words.
“You can do whatever you like”
Were my last words before storming away, yet again.

We had those creatures build us a home when we first got here, all we had to do was bark orders while they blindly followed. This was a very modest abode, we built it on the foundation of about a 1,000 or so cubic rooms we constructed for those who didn’t have actual housing. I hated living so close to these disgusting beasts. While I was in my chamber, pacing, I heard a soft knock on the door. My heart and mind raced, was it Serafath? What did she want to say to me? Can she forgive me? Can she see past the lies Vlodisk is feeding her? Steel yourself, be prepared for whatever comes next.
A miniature idiot stepped into my room. Relief, disappointment, anger, joy.
“What is it you want?”
“Sir Vlodisk would like to see you”
Rage, Contempt.
“What for?”
“He requires the assistance of his advisor”
I knew it, I knew this little degenerate was smiling. Even if his lips didn’t curl into the same devilish horns that Vlodisk’s does. These things always find amusement in the way Vlodisk treats me, they have a strong belief in this “karma.” I raised my hand to him, prepared to strike. He looked up at me and I saw the grief in his eyes. I couldn’t do it. I lowered my hand and headed out of my room.
“Lock my door”
“Yes sir”
Vlodisk was waiting for me in his throne. A chair about 7 feet high and 3 feet wide. Whenever there were people around he’d show off the ability to jump on top of the chair, I know he kept a small ladder stashed away somewhere in here. This throne was located at the end of an extremely long hallway that we used for meetings and for whenever we let them come in here and eat.
“Greetings, peasant”
He spit at my feet.
“Bow, don’t you know to bow in front of royalty?”
“I will not”
He will not make me subservient.
“What did you call me here for?”
He leaped out of his throne and walked towards me, I stared into his eyes and he stared into mine. Neither of us wavering.
“I just wanted to remind you of your job as advisor”
“You won’t take my advice”
“I won’t, but you could advise those plebeians during their working hours. They’re expanding my quarters and I need someone who’s not completely brain dead to order them around”
“What about you? Or Serafath?”
“You think I’d willingly put me or Serafath in that position?”
A deep, mournful sigh.
“I’ll be there in a minute, Vlodisk”
“Sir Vlodisk”
I turned and headed towards my room. I needed to pick up some things before going to his room. There was a small, folded parchment a few inches away from the foot of my door. As I unfolded it I saw a name, “Serafath.” What’d she have to say to me? How long ago was she here? Did that little one know about this? I was met with a few simple words once I unfolded the note. “We need to talk.” I felt the urge to sprint out of my room and get to her as soon as I could, there was so much I wanted to tell her, so many truths left unsaid. It was either speak to her right now or go help those idiots build Vlodisk’s home. If I go to Serafath, Vlodisk would most likely demote me and have reason to, if I don’t Serafath may think ill of me and not want to hear what I have to say. Vlodisk can wait. I hurried out of my room and to Serafath’s. Her door seemed to loom over me like it could topple over and crush me. I knocked once, waited several seconds, then knocked once more. Still nothing, several seconds more, knock again. Nothing. Was she here? Does she want to talk now? My mind wandered, I looked to the floor, to the ceiling, to her door. I should walk away. I should return to my responsibilities. I’m standing in front of her door, thinking about the mistake I might’ve made when I heard footsteps, hastened and loud. She swung her door open and was in front of me panting. When she realized it was me, a smile began to seep across her face.
“You made it”

We sat at a table in a small section of her room where she was supposed to prepare food. She never got this part finished though, she liked to hunt on her own and cook through a live fire. Her entire room was barren, she had a bed, bookshelf and some chairs near that bookshelf, all in their respective corners of this cube. We just sat and gazed into each other’s eyes, trying to find what words and time we lost. I spoke first.
“Why do you believe in Vlodisk so strongly?”
“Why do you act so rash around him?”
“Don’t you hear what he says to me?”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s constantly talking down to me, like he’s above me!”
“And you continue to act like you only have half the brain you used to!”
I Let the words hang in the air. I gazed into her eyes and saw us. The years we’ve spent together. The academy we went to, the classrooms we shared. The nights we spent eyeing the stars that burned holes into the sky.

The author's comments:

This is a first draft of an attempt at putting Game of Thrones in space. I wanted to have this story about aliens finding a planet and taking it over, while having some sort of politics between the group

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