October 6, 2017
By LittleGingerWitch BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
LittleGingerWitch BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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Why is it that so often the things that scare us are so beautiful?

Take the storm for instance. It towered up out of the north west, the sky’s blanket of gray paling in comparison to the blue black clouds in the distance. They didn’t stay in the distance though. The wind picked up almost too slowly to tell, the trees starting to dance softly at first, then angrily as the clouds swirled closer. They were on top of us when they started to rain, almost like soft crying hitting the windows before changing into harsh teardrops hurling from the sky.

There wasn’t much lightning at first, just the wind and rain. Then the lights in the house started to flicker, one room at a time. Off for a few breathtaking seconds, then back on so another room could take its turn stuttering. Once most of the rooms had done this, there was a moment with all the lights on before they all died within seconds of each other. The house was quickly plunged into near silence, darker than before.
And the lightning became steadier as the wind kept dancing viciously with the trees, twisting as it tried to escape the raindrops. Lightning, then a slow, steady rumble of thunder as the rain pooled everywhere, the streets becoming rivers and the grass becoming swamps. The world felt so tense it should have snapped into pieces.

It finally settled down into a slow waltz of wind, rain weeping easily and thunder calling out forever. When you walked along the dark, silent rooms of the house it felt as though it had been unused for hundreds of years. It felt like it was the end of the world, and you were all alone in it.

It made you want to count the cans of food in the pantry and bar the door. This had to be the apocalypse come at last. You could almost hear the sound of four horses hooves down the flooded street as the Four Horsemen surveyed their new domain with grim pleasure.



While panic is fluttering in your head, your heart is longing to laugh, exalting in the darkness surrounding you. Your heart is crying out for the Horsemen to save you a seat so you can watch the world burn in so many shades of black.

That breathtaking, terrifying storm.

The author's comments:

We had a storm a few months ago that knocked the power out and inspired this dramatized little story. 

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