Wandering Alien

October 5, 2017
By JerryGonzales BRONZE, Harbor City, California
JerryGonzales BRONZE, Harbor City, California
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  All life that has conscience believes that their not the only life out in the cold dark vacuum that is space. They all have theories that planets outside of their world host other life. Even with that knowledge they won’t dedicate the time or resources to go out and look. Except for the Blegoburbs. The Blegoburbs are an alien race that seeks nothing other than information. Once a Blegoburb can read and write it gets sent to a planet with known life. All known living planets have a pod of blegoburbs. All groups of blegoburbs are grown to adulthood in their spaceships. Once they reach their destination the blegoburbs have reached their adulthood and can now start studying their chosen planet. The pod of blegoburbs begin their research hopeful, content, and grateful for their opportunity. The Blegoburbs need to not come in contact with the planet's inhabitants. After a good hundred years the Blegoburbs send a relay message showing the history of the inhabitants and what they did from the span of a hundred years. After all the research has been analysed its up to the pod of Blegoburbs on what happens to the inhabitants of the planet. In most cases the Blegoburbs take over the planet killing the original inhabitants based on their actions and crimes. But in the rarest cases, the most unusual cases the Blegoburbs  want to meet the planet's inhabitants peacefully. Now with that knowledge I leave you to wonder what your world has done lately.

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Sci-Fi story I thought of.

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