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November 3, 2017
By hafsahir SILVER, Islamabad, Please Select
hafsahir SILVER, Islamabad, Please Select
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In the Dino scientist lab, everyone was planning to fire dr. jay
This is because he thinks extra ordinary and makes other scientists to work more. Dr.jay was a very poor scientist. Today dr. jay’s secretary gave this news to Dr. Jay. He was very upset because of his job.
At home his son was playing with an unusual animal instead of playing with his cat. Dr. Jay when looked closely he could not believe in his eyes. It is a dinosaur. Oh my god it really is “where did u get it from ‘’ Dr. Jay asked his son.
I found it in the porch dad u know what they are really playful one likes eating fishes and the other one likes fishes but he also eats lettuce isn’t that cool ‘’ Dr. Jay could not believe in his eyes when he went to sleep he was still thinking about it. Was it really a dinosaur while thinking about it he slept the next morning he woke up because of his son screaming. “DAD DAD SEE THIS CREATURE ATE ALL MY FOOD IT GREW SO BIG “Dr. Jay went out to see what had happened he saw the dinosaurs had grew fifty times of their size Dr. Jay tried to trap them in a cage he knew it was a great danger he was thinking he should look for the eggs as he was thinking about this he heard people screaming. The dinosaurs were everywhere. He wanted to return back to his laboratory. He knew that if he would go there every one would shout at him because he was already fired .so he had to do something himself without going to his laboratory. He knew that the dinosaurs get attracted to fishes .he told his friends to catch fishes and put them near the st.limeton, 1671/F and he himself went to look for the eggs he found that eggs had been made into the dino laboratory because he and his friends were doing experiments last week to create dinosaur eggs he then jumped to his laboratory through the window and with the “checkegg” he checked when the eggs would hatch he found out that the eggs would hatch after fifteen minutes so he hurried and gave a call to the people he had told to get the fishes. They all had brought the fishes where they had to. The police was ready to fire the dinosaurs as they would come to eat the fishes this was all the idea of Dr. Jay.
“MISSION ECOMPLISHED” he shouted as the dinosaurs were all dead
Dr. Jay had given his job back and he was named as Dr. Jay the hero.

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