Virus X

October 20, 2017
By jasboyal BRONZE, Lumberton, New Jersey
jasboyal BRONZE, Lumberton, New Jersey
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Safety is a virtue in the lives of everyday citizens. Safety is a virtue that no longer resides with me. Rude, terrifying, and utterly evil beings are sprawled out all in the roads like malevolent c***roaches. A burning passion in their red beaming eyes and a bloodthirsty desire to kill teeming in their chests. Knife wielding maniacs with a lifeless gaze, a half a step away from being zombies. Their brains are being taken over by virus x and there is no way to reverse the effects. Every single person in the next 100 mile radius is being taken over, except for me. I couldn’t hurt a fly, much less murder people in a fit of insanity.
“Dearie can you fetch my water, it’s on the nightstand upstairs in my room. Thank you sweetie,” my grandmother cooed with a twitch in her left eye.
“Um.. of course Nana,” I hesitantly replied. I paced up to her nightstand anxiously and grabbed the glass filled to the brim with water. As I started walking back towards my grandmother a small bit of water dripped from the glass and melted the floor through to my grandmother’s chair. Her eyes shined red hot.
“Why can’t you be careful you imbecile. See what you’ve done. That was my water that you just ruined. Don’t mind spilling the rest on yourself. Actually, let me do it myself,” my grandmother shrieked as she made her way up the stairs with lightning speed. I made every effort to barricade the door before she could enter. Both locks were clicked and my dresser was in front of my door, while I locked myself in the closet. After a few attempts to stab me through the door my grandmother breathed in deeply and paced back downstairs to her chair, leaving me utterly a mess.
After I was completely sure that my grandmother had gone, I peeked through the door and opened it, removing the dresser from in front of the door. My toes creeped down the hallway into my room where I barricaded myself again and looked through my stash of food and my makeshift toilet. Three kit kat bars, a bag of stale tortilla chips and a half eaten piece of lasagna. Part of me knew I was screwed and the other part of me had a feeling I could ration it and make it last a couple of days. I could eat one kit kat bar a day and take one bite out of the lasagna and eat the tortilla chips last. They weren’t getting any fresher after all.
Now comes the toilet. A couple of empty water bottles I had cut open and taped together to use as a toilet and I could open my screen window to empty it out every day. As for the few scraps of unused bottle, I used it to carve into a makeshift knife. I had a little bit of food, protection, a toilet and a barricade so I was safe for now. Next call of action was the put down my blinds so people wouldn’t know an unaffected person was inside this room. All the people want are fresh bodies to infect.
Time is getting slower and slower by the minute. Hours feel like days. Minutes feel like hours. Boredom and frustration are taking me over faster than I would have ever guessed. With the 22% battery I have left on my phone I take a few seconds to text my mother to meet me here at 6:00 to have a meeting. We have to get me more food to last me the next few weeks and definitely bring me more water because unlike Bear Grylls I don’t plan on drinking my own pee. Times are desperate, but not that desperate.  After countless decades of waiting, 6:00 finally rolls around. With a quick confirmation text from my mother that she is outside the door, I finally open up and let her in. Before I can even say a word, I glance into her eyes. A gleaming red. S***. This was it, I was done for. I had only lived until 14 years old. There was so much I wanted to do before I died or before I was infected.
With a voice from the deepest pits of hell, she uttered, “I’m going to kill you Jackson.”
“Please mom just five more minutes. Im begging you,” I retaliated.
“Jackson I’m going to kill you if you don’t wake up already. It’s already 6:10 you’re going to be late for school.”

The author's comments:

I had to write this for a school assignment and I ended up really liking it.

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Bridgetmc21 said...
on Dec. 20 2017 at 8:54 am
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great ending, wish I knew more about what virus X is/how it infected the people in the dream!

on Dec. 20 2017 at 8:48 am
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loved the ending!


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