The Laboratory -- Part 1 & Part 2

October 10, 2017
By NEndicott BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
NEndicott BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstien
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-Albert Einstien

It was a normal Wednesday afternoon, Jim, a small thin man with black hair, was on his way home when his GPS decided to take him the long way home, he had never been this way and he was wondering why this happened. He was driving what he felt like forever, when he decided to pull over to see where he was. He didn’t know where he was or where the nearest gas station was, so he grabbed his phone, its extra battery, a flash light and his trusty hand-held GPS, and a jerry can to refuel his car. With all of his essentials, he went out to search for a gas station, bzzzt-bzzzt, his brother was calling him, he answered.

“Hey Fred, what’s up?” he said when he picked up the phone.
“Hey! Where are you? We have been waiting for an hour!” He said.
“My car took me down this weird new path and I don’t think I have enough gas to be able to drive around to look for someone; I don’t know how long I’ll be.”
“What does it look like? I’ll come pick you up.”
“It’s dark and long and it’s a dirt road.”
“Hmm, I don’t know any dirt roads around here, what’s the street’s name?’
“Hold on let me check…………. It doesn’t have a name”
“Oh I know, turn on your phone’s tracker”
“Ok” He turns on the phone’s tracker, “There it’s on”
“What the…. The tracker is going crazy”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean the little dot that represents you is teleporting around the map; here I’ll send you a video of it.”
When Jim received the video, it played and showed a little blue dot moving rapidly across the screen until the video ends.
“That’s really weird”
“Yeah I know, anyway I guess I’ll have to cancel dinner”
“No don’t do that, I’ll find a gas station and ask directions”
“Ok, but don’t be too long”
“I won’t” Jim said as he hung up the phone.
  He kept walking until you saw a gas station; he had decided to go in to ask directions and to get some more gas for his car,
“Hello? Is anyone here? My car is almost out of gas and I think I’m lost.”
An old man walks out, he looked friendly, He had light grey hair and a beard, and wore glasses
“Oh hello, what was it that you needed again?” The old man said in a scruffy voice.
“Oh um, I need gas for my car and I think I’m lost, do you know how far away Currier ST. is?”
“Oh well, as a matter of fact I do, if you make a U-Turn and then take a left it will be 3 streets down from here, why? Surely you know the area well enough to be in this gas station.”
“Well, you see I have a dinner party I’m supposed to be at and I am from downtown, anyways thank you sir.” Jim said as he was walking out of the door
“Now wait just a minute, I thought you said you needed gas.” The old man replies.
“Oh yes, I do”
“Here let me fill you up,” he said reaching for the jerry can.
“Here you go,” he said, but when he went to grab it from him, the old man reached behind the counter and hit Jim right on the top of his head with a baseball bat. With the amount of force he used, you fell straight to the ground.
When he woke, he was strapped to a table in a dark musk room; he slowly opened his eyes to see the friendly old man.
“You fool” The old man said in a deep and threatening voice, “Looks now as if you won’t get to your party. You can have a dinner party with me though, and you are in the dinner!”
“Why are you doing this to me?” Jim said. “After all, you are just an old man,”
The old man chuckled, and then broke into a menacing laugh.
“You think I am one of you! I am not one of those puny humans! I’ll show you my real form,” He said while he transformed into a pale white creature with four legs and four arms and pincers as a mouth. Jim gazed into the creature’s eyes with fear for his life.
“Please don’t hurt me,” Jim said,
“Oh I wouldn’t dream of it, but they will hurt you,” When the creature said that, hundreds of small white caterpillar-like creatures crawled into the room.
“Wha-what are those things!?!?”
“They are my larva, and they have been craving human meat”
The small larva crawled all over Jim, wriggling and crawling with a slime trail. One of them reached Jim’s face, it bit down.
Jim wakes up, and looks around. Hmm I’m still in the lab, but where is the creature and it’s larva? He thinks to himself, he gets up and hears a voice,
“No Jim, stay down it is near”
That voice, I recognize it, its…
“Fred!! You came” Jim yells,
“Shut up, you’re going to get us killed” Fred whispers, “Jim, there is something I need to tell you…”
“Yeah, what is it?”
“That thing, it’s my fault it exists, I made it… I’m sorry I didn’t warn you about this place, I should have recognized the road when you were explaining it to me.”
“I-I don’t understand, what do you mean?”
“On your 5th birthday I had found a ship, not a ship as in a boat or a plane but one from out of this world! I had taken it to an abandoned laboratory I had found, that’s where we are, the creature had requested a human body to use to look like us, so I bought a dead body for the cause of science to give to the creature but over time, it became more hostile toward me even though I had raised it. I ended up abandoning the alien and locking it down here, turns out it figured out how to unlock it, so I guess he was he was here terrorizing the defenseless people who needed help”                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
“Wow that’s really deep”
“Yeah, well we need to get going or else we will be bug bait”
The two brothers grab weapons to fight the creature,
“Do you really think we are going to need 2 Ak-47s’ each and a flame thrower”? Jim asks, Fred nodes and puts his fingers to his lips show they need to be silent. They cautiously move down a long corridor, when they hear a deep growl,
“Jim run!!! I’ll hold him off” Fred says,
“No, I’ll fight with you!”
“NO!!!! Just go I’ll meet you up there just save yourself, I need to destroy it while I still have a chance”
Jim runs up the corridor and meets a hungry swarm of larva, he tries shooting the bugs with his AK-47 but they fill the spots he shot almost as fast as he shot them,
“Alright, I’m tired of you guys” Jim says as he pulls the rocket launcher off of his back, when he shoots the rocket launcher at the larva, he runs behind cover, BOOM!! The explosion wasn’t as loud as he thought it would be, but all the bugs were in a glob of slime. Jim runs out the exit and waits for his brother… After about 30 minutes his brother walks out of the lab and says,
“Jim, we need to get as far away from here asap”
“It’s set to self-destruct”
“I understand… Lets go”
“Get in my car, it has gas”
“Right” Jim says… They drive off and when they are about ½ a mile away they hear an explosion and see a bright light…
“It is done, you will never speak of what happened and of what you saw” Fred says
“Right… This never happened”
“What never happened?”
“Exactly” They both say in unison as they drive home…

The author's comments:

--Note to readers. This story is supposed to be imagined as an anime, as that is how it was when I first thought of it. --

I finally finished the whole thing with the little push by an in school suspense story we had to write so I decided to finish this and revise the first part :D  That is why the entire thing has different characters and plot line.

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