The Dream of Life

October 19, 2017
By alexis.sparkss SILVER, Culpeper, Virginia
alexis.sparkss SILVER, Culpeper, Virginia
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“ This is your life.” the deep voice echoed. It took me through a fast slide of memories to my childhood. “ When you were a toddler your best friend was Katie. You went to Elementary School with her at Emerald Mountain. You were a good kid.” the voice bellowed. Then the slide fast forwarded to my future. It showed example images of what my life would look like. “ When you got to middle school you stopped being friends with Katie. You started hanging out with a new group of friends that did you no good. You started lying and did things you shouldn’t have. You got in trouble with your parents and fought with them all the time. Your hormones were off the charts and your mood swings were terrible. Your “friends” ditched you and you became best friends with Brit. At the end of 6th grade you were diagnosed with depression.” The slide fast forwarded more. “ By the time you were 14 you tried to kill yourself twice and took anti-depressants for 3 years. You got so depressed that no one wanted to hang out with you, even Brit. After high school, you had no motivation to go to college. Colleges wouldn’t accept you anyways because you let your grades slip in high school. You moved out and bought your own place in town. Your daily routine was sitting in the empty apartment for hours thinking how life would be better in heaven. Then you would go walk downtown with your dog because that’s the only thing that gave you joy. One day while downtown you met a man that changed your life. He fell for you and you fell for him. After 13 years of depression, life just got a little better because of him. He was now your happiness. At 22 you decided to go to a community college. You put your life back together. You got your degree and graduated at 25. At the age of 26 you found out you couldn’t have children. The depression came over you again. Your heart and body felt numb of how sad you were. Your now to be husband was there to comfort you. You decide at the age of 28 to adopt a child. You have your own family now and you are an educated women, but there are still days where sadness overcomes your body.” The slides ended and the space in my head was pitch black. “ Another life dream will come along in 2 years, when you’re 12. Every time you have this dream another 2 years will be added on to see in the slides. The dream production notifies you of this information for a heads up to make the life decisions you want.” ( The voice gets deeper ) “WARNING :
every action you make from now on will affect your next life dream and in reality.” I awoke as I jumped up from my bed. My body overcame with chills from how sad my dream was. I didn’t want to be alone, so I quickly got out of bed and went to my parents room. I went to my mom’s side and woke her up. I quietly whispered, “ I had that dream again. The life one.” My mom hugged me then whispered softly in my ear, “Oh, that’s good sweetie. Was it a good dream?” “ No, it was a very bad dream. It made me sad.” I said. “Awe I’m sorry honey. Are you going to be careful of your actions so that won’t happen?” she said. “Definitely” I said. I crawled up into her bed and snuggled up next to her. I fell back asleep and dreamt about what my next life dream would be like, hoping that it would be happier.

The author's comments:

This was based on a journal I had in my Creative Writing class. The prompt was “ I had ‘that’ dream again.” If you have any advice leave a comment and tell me what you think. Thanks :)

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