The Beauty in Death

October 19, 2017
By Berzyda BRONZE, Hemet, California
Berzyda BRONZE, Hemet, California
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A few months ago, I nearly lost my life. My stupidity had gotten me in the middle of a fatal car crash. Luckily, people nearby were able to call for some help. Meanwhile I was unconscious in the hospital, I experienced the rarest thing.
Not sure if the correct term would be a dream, but an angelic woman appeared to me during my fatal hours. She wore simple clothing and was very beautiful. I remember hearing her soft and tempting voice as she spoke about my life. I also remember the sad and sympathetic eyes she had. I will never forget those eyes.
“Where am I?” I interrupted when I saw my family in tears. It was as if I was invisible, no one could see me.
The woman had finally stopped walking once we reached the scene of the horrible accident. AMR had still been cleaning up the blood and glass.  What a stupid decision I made driving at a high velocity.
“Why ARE we here?” she said in a sarcastic tone. For being an angel I would have thought she would know.
“I don’t understand.”
“You see Daniel, a few hours ago you could have killed a family of four,” she gave me those sympathetic eyes once again, “luckily no one was badly injured as a cause of your stupid mistake.”
“Who are you and why are you here?” I ignored her comments. She seemed to talk to me as if I knew everything that was going on. I really had no idea.
She laughed to herself and said, “that’s right, I always forget to do that.” Her laugh was incredibly pleasing. “I am death.”
I was shocked to the point that I felt goosebumps trickle down my spine. She was so angelic, how could she be death. My image of death seemed much darker and manlier. “Why are you here?” I repeated.
“Oh young boy,” this wasn’t going anywhere I thought, “ I am here because I love wasting my time on stupid errors! You see, my partners: God and the Devil, thought it would be a good idea if I came and showed you how life works. Clearly you don’t know when to appreciate life so I am here to give you a second chance.”
Death came off as a forgiving person but maybe I was just lucky. She was not frightening at sight, but I do remember her strange smell. The sharp, earthy aroma that roamed everywhere she went is still vivid in my nostrils. The tough part came next. She grabbed my hand and took me to a very dark place, it almost looked like a cave. In the cave, it rained stones. Death explained that once a stone dropped, it meant a person had died. My mistake had caused a clog in the death realm.
It was a scary thought of seeing humans as stones. I had always thought dying young and fast was a perfect way to go and it really wasn’t. Nothing is enjoyed this way.
Death then took me to a tunnel where red light was seen on one end and white light on the other. That’s as close to hell that I’ll ever want to be. She grabbed my hand again and took me back to earth.
.Death looked me in the eyes and we discussed why I have been so ungrateful. It was a heart to heart conversation but to tell you the truth, I never want to see her again.
I know that meeting with death is inevitable, but having a second chance at life is pure luck.
Death had dropped me off in my hospital bed. I felt her cold hands grip onto mine as she said goodbye. “Til next time Danny,” she whispered in my ear. It was very faint. I realized she had left when I heard the heart monitor beeping and my ears had begun to ring.
Unfortunately not many people get to have a heart to heart conversation with Death. Then again, if we did, no one would fear Death.

The author's comments:

This piece was created out of imagination. Death is normally depicted as a dark creature as to where in this article, death is seen differntly. 

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