A Greater Enemy

October 11, 2017
By Anonymous

“O lady Bastet, protector of home, gift upon us one of your loyal servants.”  The worship in front of the statue lasted a considerable amount of time, until the torches burnt out. The eyes carved skillfully on the alabaster figure glew like emeralds, shimmering and reflecting off the altar. Before the worshippers, a cat of silky brown leapt from the top of the statue. Bastet’s gift to her beloved humans. While she, Goddess of protection and the moon, guided the somewhat considered lowly beings with her pale moonlight, deep down, felt ashamed. Her powers could bring naught but destruction if chosen, and followers still lived in fear. They were of the desert sands, easily thrown around. None dare speak wrong of Gods, as some punished the beings with death. Bastet could indulge herself on their terror, she could treat them like mice. Gods from all around did as their merry hearts pleased, simply because they had the abilities to do so.  Surely, humans deserved the divine right to worship or not to worship. A thought like that sent her attention adrift.  Whom could fathom the ideal centered around controlling the weak? Do they deserve to be labeled weak? Her ear twitched. It was then that the Cat Goddess called forth knowledge. There, she learned of a torturous reality. One that left sharp pains roaming around her body. Knowledge was truth. And the truth was, Gods could very well take advantage of human beings, and, there was a place not so far that trained Gods. They claim it’s simply teaching them to hone their powers, but what if those of evil intent attend? Bastet, a beloved goddess in Egypt, contemplating her right to hold power? Reluctantly so, the goddess set out in the direction of, ‘Greater Overworld Deity School’.

The rubies that adorned Bastet shimmered and glimmered when the sun’s rays found them. She stepped forward, inhaling the air. She could taste what felt like a million no-name gods and goddesses in and out of the ‘school’.  One step forward, her paw took, before spears were thrust against her throat.
“Haltt!” A guard demanded. He dressed in ancient roman battle gear, with a fiery gaze. The cat goddess grunted, clearly irated.
“No, you halt. Aren’t Romans just the rudest?” The spear flew from his hand.
KATHUMP! The spear, made of copper, hit the floor and broke. Bastet gazed into his soul. He stuttered out an apology, fearing for his life.
“I’m not going to kill you, though, I know if the tides were changed, you’d not hesitate. I’m...no, tell me, who runs this...school?” The guard shook his head slowly,
“Is that so? Haha, I’ll have to find the many you’ve spoken of. No doubt it’s run by the Greeks.”
“Do you hate the Greeks?”
“Hatred is a strong word, but, they’ve already trifled with Egypt, which I cannot forgive so easily. Now, go find your superior, if you will. Tell them, Bastet is here. If you refuse, I’ll find them myself.”
“B...Bastet? The Cat Goddess Bastet? R-right away, milady!” He scampered off. Now, with her tongue out, she could taste the smell of blood.

“Ah, Bastet. Sorry to have kept you waiting. I’ll deal with the guard who threatened you later.” Zeus, King of the Gods marched beside her, down the marble halls.
“Don’t touch him.”
“I said, don’t. Touch. Him. He did no wrong, it’s not your place to decide who lives and who dies, ‘King of the Gods’. “ Her snarky tone left him completely and utterly confused.
“You’re not still...mad, are you? Have you come to join us in the training of fledglings?”
“Quite the opposite. I came to ask that you shut this school down.” He stared into her deep green eyes, then began to laugh.
“I didn’t know you had jokes in you. In all seriousness, why are you here-?” Silence. Her glare. He let it sink in. And sink in it did. So his eyes darted away. “Bastet. That’s gonna be a no.”
“It’s going to be a yes. You’re breeding monsters-! We’ve no right to rule over others because we see them as weak-! I came to this conclusion some time ago, but never had it in me to voice my opinion. So hear me, loud and proud, self-proclaimed King of Gods! Human beings deserve the right to govern themselves, We toy with them, and they take it, because they know they cannot win against us. I’m sick of doing this, on and on, for eon after eon.” Zeus got angry, real fast, Lightning sparked from his now soulless eyes.
“Who do you think you are?! If anything, Egypt has the WEAKEST gods!  How DARE you come here and tell me I have no right to rule? We teach them to use their powers for good!”
“And what do you do with those who are just wearing a mask? Those whom are truly evil?  Are you as moronic as they say-? Humans don’t belong to us. I will not let this school run anymore. I will bring it to ruin, for the Sake of the human race.” Zeus bellowed out in laughter. Right in Bastet’s face, whose serious expression prevailed. She was told to leave as soon as she could, for she was not welcome here until her mindset changed. The soldier from before saw her out. Bastet turned to him, and spoke in a gentle tone.
“Join me. From the inside, we will rip the power from their arrogant hands. I have seen your hesitance. You must know other Gods who think same as I? If you do, tell them. Tell them and do so with confidence in your cause. You of the human race, are no pawn.”  He felt all breath leave him. Could he trust a God? He felt uneasy, restraining himself in his response.
“I-I don’t think that way. I’m sorry.” He kept his shield by his chest.
“Ah please. Don’t lie to me, I can smell lies.  Smell them. I’ll ask again..” Her tone wavered, as if she felt lost within her own words.
“Lady Bastet...I hate Gods. I hate them. Hate. I fear you’d betray me. I know of Gods..who think like you. But, is it true?”
“More than you’d ever know. Bring them to the Great Pyramid tomorrow, sunrise. We can discuss then, mm?” He eased at her words. “One more thing. What is your name?”
“It’s Selphilies.”

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