Borderville Journal

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

July 14th, 3098
Okay journal, time to make some use for you. So I have never used one of these before but my mother had one when she was a kid and even into her adulthood. She even made one when she was pregnant with me. I am a Senior at the University of Zion. I am 22 years old, wait why am I telling a book about my life. So in College, I have to do this Senior project where I get to actually go out and do something with my life. I believe I have come up with the perfect idea for it. I want to find out the truth about the Uncharted Territory. Which everyone calls it Borderville.  Borderville is a “ small” town 100 miles away from Zion. But here is the problem, once someone is sent to Borderville they never come back. My brother Chase was forced to leave Zion when he was 19 for a reason I don’t know but I really want to find out what happens. He would be 29 next week. But honestly, I am okay with him gone. I mean one less person we have to feed and deal with in this house. My mother always told me that the reason why he left was that he got wondering what goes on in that city and the Sheriff found out and sent him away. But why would it be a bad thing for Chase to be wondering about what all happens in another city if they didn’t have something to hide. When I told my mom what I am doing for my Senior Project, she got madder than Hades at me. She told me that if I continued to do this, she would force me out of her house and notify the Sheriff. Which makes be believe that my mom was the one who told that Sheriff about my brother. I just don’t understand why my mother would do that. But then I remember that she is his mother, why would she do that. It could not have been her, right?Anyway, I need to go get some stuff done, I guess I will write later? Maybe…

July 26, 3098
So I lied. I forgot all about this stupid book until my mother asked me how my writing was going. So like I said in my last entry I am working on my senior project I found out that Borderville is not what your teachers tell us about. My mother had started talking to again about my Senior Project and now I needed to stop with it before she tells the Sheriff, she made me so mad that I decided to leave the house for a few hours. I started walking down the path of sorrow. That path is the one that the Sheriff found my brother and took him right then and there. To pay tribute to him and my family, half of the town renamed the path sorrow and painted it blue, that was his favorite color. Anyway, I was walking down that path when I saw something gleaming out of a bush. I ducked down and pulled the prickly leaves back and to my surprise, it was the same journal I got but instead of my name on it, it said “Chase”. I grabbed it and slowly opened it. I went turned all the way back to his last journal entry.
“ I know this is silly but I need to write everything down in here in hopes my sister Anna will find it. Anna, I think someone has ratted me out to Sheriff Holmes. But I don’t know who yet. Holmes has been looking at me like he knows I have come into contact with Justin over in Borderville. Justin is the only person that we can trust that is over there. The one thing that everyone is to believe is that the mayor is trying to protect them from Borderville, from what you might be asking. Well, little sis from discovering that the community of Borderville were actually citizens in Zion. A long time ago, before they were sent to Borderville, these people disobeyed a law and got them kicked out. Justin was my best friend and got sent there. But when he arrived, they tried to whip his memory and somehow he remembered numbers 4578. This is where I need your help baby sis, I need you to use those number and telepathically communicate with Justin to let him know someone over here is trying to get help……  Holmes found me, I love you little stinker, hopefully, one day, you will see me again.

August 14, 3098
So here's what I have found out, Justin is the only one who didn’t get their memory whipped, that's because there was a malfunction with the machine and that is why he was able to remember 4578. So the next day I went back down the path of sorrow and memorized the numbers and I was able to talk to Justin. Justin seemed very scared. How it works is that if you think hard the other person on the other end of the number will start hearing everything you say. NO words can be used, just thoughts. Kinda cool right.
If you really who you say you are, then prove it. Where was his Journal?
In the bush. Now please Justin, tell me what is going on over there?
You truly are Anna. Okay so here is what is going on, Holmes has sent all of us here to work on these robots so they can invade Zion. Holmes is working with someone on that side to figure who is acting out but I don’t believe anyone knows who. So if I were you, trust no one in Zion. Not even your mother.
But Chase was taken and put in Borderville, why would she tell her own child.
Have you told her that you have found the Journal and know a lot more than everyone else knows? If you have, you might be next and will more then likely join your brother.
I have, that is only because I wanted her to know that there is still a part of him here.
I’ve gotta go, someone will see me thinking harder than I should be and hack into our conversation. I will keep in touch.
Later that night my mother decided to pick a fight with me and tell me that I am a disgrace to this family, I then called her by her full name, Jane Ann, and then told her I am leaving this house and never coming back. I am walking down the streets of Zion thinking to myself, how am I going to live out here forever. Sheriff Holmes pulls up in his Black sheriff's car flashing his lights. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then I realized that Holmes he was following me. I take off running, I run faster than I have ever run before. I turn down the path of sorrow and hide in the same bush where I found the journal. I think this is it. Whoever turned my brother in has done the same to me. Please whoever finds this journal, leave it alone….. The curse that comes with these journals is not something I wish upon anyone.

September 14, 3109
Everything Anna wrote was the truth, but what she didn’t find out was who turned her in. That would have been me. HA HA

      Love ,
       Jane Ann.

The author's comments:

This is a story about a girl who finds a journal that her brother left behind. As she reads it she finds all of the mysteries behind it and how sometimes the truth is not always best.

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