The End

October 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Chapter 1
It begins
It has been three days since it happened the extinction of the human race and now there are only a few of us left and we are taken prisoner by the unknown race and they despise humans. And in their eyes, humans are worthless beings that only causes destruction, death, and nothing but violence. 300 years before the extinction people believed that they were the creators of the human race so people started worshiping them but they didn’t know what to call them so they stuck with the unknown race until they could come up with a name for them, because to the humans they were strange looking they looked almost exactly like a human but they had wings, and they wore what seemed to be a white coat with a hood that hid their faces. . It was told as stories that they were hoping to create a perfect and peaceful race, but over the years they have been watching the human race carefully and hoping that they have created a perfect race to where there was no violence or fighting but as time went on they noticed that the humans were starting to fight So they sent one of their brothers which was the angel of death to disguise himself as a human and investigate on what is happening. As his anger built up with every day the humans fought in the war known as world war II so they punished the humans and gave them only one warning which said: “If you were to fight again we will make your race go extinct.” The humans didn't know how to respond to this warning from this unknown race until one day an angel known as Leo the angel of life,  came down and explained to them what their race was and who they were.
Present day 3012 “Ok men form up, be prepared to fight them they will only be sending two of them and we will not allow them to destroy this world,” said five-star general MacArthur. “The humans think that they can take us on well they got another thing coming,” said Leo. As the humans trained to be prepared for the attack but they have no idea on what power the angels had anyways they didn't let that stop them from training.
The researchers tried to figure out their weaknesses but they found nothing they couldn’t find out how to kill them if not at least severely injure them. “Have you found anything about how to kill them” first lieutenant Mathew “ No sir I cant find out how to kill them let alone severely injure them but I found an ancient book the other day while I was searching the caves near by, but the only problem is that it's written in german” said James  “Ok we will contact the germans within 0100 hours” said first lieutenant Matthew. As the entire world came together to stop the extinction of the human race presidents from all kinds of countries came together and discussed on what they are going to do and that there will be peace between all of them until the threat is gone. The angels were planning their first attack “Armor up brother we are nearing the time to attack” said the angel of death. “Yes I know brother but there is something bothering me about their behavior” said Leo “Like what brother” said the angel of death “we have to go to the cave brother I have a feeling that they've found it” said Leo “found what brother I don't know what you are talking about unless” said the angel of death “yes brother I'm talking about the book” said Leo “so I guess that this means they defeated uncle but it’s impossible for them to figure out our weakness because it was written by a german and they only speak English” said the angel of death as time went on the two   brothers went down to the cave where they hid the book about their weakness before they attacked and it was as Leo expected the book was taken and their uncle lay dead which angered them even more they. Flew out of the cave immediately and called upon their army as the two commanders of the angels they were planning to attack now to take the book back and exterminate the human race. so they do not have to worry about the humans figuring out how to kill them even though the only way to kill them is in the book but they can still be severely injured so they would have to be careful especially if they lose their wings then they'd become something called a fallen angel and they cannot return home.
Chapter 2 War
It’s been a full day since the humans received the message from the angels and it’s been almost 10 hours since they last had contact with the germans but they were able to get a translation of the book written in german by a translator. “Lieutenant have you heard from the germans about the book” said researcher john “yes we have we've gained intell about the book about 1000 hours ago it said something about silver tipped objects with holy water and that’s about all we got before the connection all of a sudden ended” “ok that you for that information now I'm going to have to figure this out and think about it report back in about 1 hour” said James “ok I'll be going and I'll send someone down in 0100 hours since I'll be busy training my men” said first lieutenant Matthew, as john was thinking about what the germans said about the book saying something about holy water and silver “I got it !” said James yelling as he is calling the lieutenant “this is first lieutenant Matthew” he said as he answered the phone “thank god it was you who answered the phone I know how we can stop the extinction of the human race we need lots and lots of silver tipped bullets dipped in holy water that’s their weakness if any object shall have a silver tip that’s been in holy water then driven into their chest they will die and turn into ash” said James “ok got it I'll take this information straight to the general and how did you figure out that we would have to aim for their chest” said Matthew “there are images drawn into the book of a knight fighting an angel as the last hope of the human race back in the 1600s and in the end they both fall but the knight drove his sword into the chest of the angel so that’s how I figured that out” said James “ok I'll go tell the general this now” Matthew said as he hung up with a smile of hope on his face.
It’s been one day since they found out that the humans discovered the book and killed their uncle and now they are ready to attack and strike hard against the human race. So they weaken their defense and when they attack a second time the human's defenses would already be weakened and so they can finish them off so they don't have to worry about the humans having wars against each other anymore. Now it's time for the attack to happen “ok my brothers and sisters it is time to attack and take back the book and get avenge our fallen brethren and take this planet back from this imperfect race” said Azrael the angel of death as the angels started to fly down to earth group by group but for them it’s only been 2 days since they sent the message but to the human race it’s been about 2 weeks since then and they had plenty of time to train and switch out all the bullets they were using with silver tipped bullets that with holy water on them.
Chapter 3
The big fight
“Ok men it is time to fight today we will rise up and defend our world from the angels they may have created us but that doesn't mean they can just kill us all off when they feel like it we shall fight and stand for our freedom and our world!” as the general yelled as every soldier in the military yelling yes sir as they broke up to go to their battle stations to prepare to fight as the angels started coming. As both leaders of their own armies yelled attack as bullets began to fly through the air, as both sides fight for different reasons the humans defending to save the entire human population and the angels attacking to destroy the human race because they are an imperfect race in their eyes. As the war went on in the united states every other country’s where sending men to help stop the end of the human race. It’s been 3 days since the beginning of the war humans against angels and they noticed that Leo the angel of life or Azrael the angel of death were not fighting and that they were just watching as if the power they hold is far more powerful than all of the other angels.
The angels have had more casualties than the humans since the beginning of the war between the 2 different race’s but something happened Azrael came down to the battlefield and 30 soldiers aimed at him and fired but nothing happened as if he was invincible and just like that within 3 seconds he took out all 30 men. Then he did it again but this time he killed 500 men in a single blow then Leo came done along side his fellow commander then killed about 500 more men. In shock, they were forced to fall back seeing that both commander’s of the angel army were far more powerful than any other angel and than what they expected.
Chapter 4
The end of the war
    Now it’s been 4 months since the war the battlefield changing with all the blood that's been spilled turning the dirt into bloody mud as deep as a pool and now the human population decreased to 13 million people left with each battle the humans lose is one step closer for the angels to gain victory in getting rid of the human race once and for all. “No no no no it can't end like this it can't end this way” as the general of the army was yelling knowing that this war will be lost and all humans extinct with a shortage of ammunition and the metal known as silver and in men for the army to fight against the angels they will have approximately another two or three months of fighting before running out of ammunition and silver. They would have to resort to knives and swords to fight against the enemy but the chances of winning for the human race is at 30% now knowing that there is no way of defeating the commanders of the angel's army. 2 months later the population of the human race is now at 249 with cities destroyed the land filled with blood of the fallen men in combat that stood no chance against the far more powerful army and the angels suffered 789,593,123 casualties and they kept on coming like it was nothing for them as if their population was unlimited they just kept on coming. After the war ended the rest of the 249 humans went into hiding but some of them and were held captives and or as slaves.
Chapter 5
The end
    Present day it’s been 300 years since the war happened known as the war of wars to the rest of the humans. Human population is now at 500,000 led by one man by the name of Damien as hours pass by the rest of the humans gather up to hear his speech “We will rise and fight to take our world back, We will rise to take our freedom back and save our brothers and sisters back that's been taken captive, We will fight to honor and avenge those who have died in the war of wars, We will stand up for ourselves and our world this is our world our lives and we decide our future, our fate not them, They don't own us they don't decide if we live or not, Now I ask you all this are you with me or are you not, are you willing to fight with me not only for our freedom but to get our world back and to avenge those who have died, are you willing to fight the enemy along side me, now I ask this final question are you willing to sacrifice your lives for our future and the future of the human race.” as he finished and went to step off the podium everyone started to cheer knowing that they have hope of winning and knowing that they have a leader to lead them and now up to this point failure is not an option and once their army is large and strong enough they will show their presence to the angels showing that the human race did not go extinct and to take their world back.
Chapter 6
The rebellion
    It's been 25 years since the speech was given and now their army is large and strong enough to fight back and start a rebellion against the angels. “Today is the day my people we will fight and take back what was once ours,” said Damien while the angels are busy with other matters they are  unaware of the humans coming back to start a rebellion and to take back their world and to finish off the angels but this time they are taking a different approach to take them down instead of taking out the army they are planning on taking both of the commanders down so the angels will be forced to surrender. If all goes according to plan then the humans will be able to succeed and free the people taken prisoner by the angels but in order to do that they would have to start a rebellion to weaken the angel army a little so one of the commanders will be forced to come down to fight the humans himself. The next day was a stormy day it thunder and stormed all day long like it usually does until one day it stopped and it was a beautiful day even tho buildings were collapsing and the ground was stained with blood as red as red candy, it was a sunny day it was at least 80 degrees out so everyone enjoyed the day while it lasted.
The angel of weather known as prime didn't like what his commanders are doing in his eyes no matter what every race has a purpose to live and shouldn't be annihilated so he helps the humans in any way possible even if it means fighting against his own kind. As the humans prepare to fight, the angel of weather brings along an army of 50 million willing to help the humans that also do not like the methods of their commanders. The human army barely outnumbered the angel army by 20 million.

“Today we fight to take back what is once ours, they had no right to take this planet away from us and they had no right to kill our people i live every day knowing they did that and I am 17 now and my parents fought in that war and died trying to protect what they loved the most, anyway we will avenge the ones that died and we will take this world back today.” as his speech went on for about 30 min then something incredible happened everyone was so amazed a rainbow it's been about 20 years since everyone last see one it was almost a rare occasion now these days. While they were distracted they almost forgotten how the storms also hid their presence which means that they would have to watch how much noise they make and to not be out in the open. But it was too late all of a sudden sirens, alarms, and bells started to go off then that’s when they realized that they've been caught. Then that's when they seen it something they never seen before but only heard stories about it. It was a angel with wings missing feathers that also showed some bones and they were black and had fire on them, and his face was also bone and he had a black hood which made it harder for them to see his face it was Azrael the angel of death, and then another angel fell from the sky but his wings were all white with what appeared to be green vines and a white hood his name was Leo the angel of life.
In fear they dropped their guns and surrendered knowing how powerful they were and they didn’t have enough ammunition to fight a full on war, but not knowing what was going on as both of them spoke saying “We apologise for everything we were brainwashed and tricked by our enemy the individual u call the devil the one that can change into any form he wants before coming to earth. We need your help in defeating him because if we don’t then it will mean the destruction of your world and our world.” said both angel commanders “We accept your apology and yes we will help you in taking him down.” said Damien as time went on the angel army and what was left of the humans teamed up together to fight an enemy of great power and strength which means they would have to train nonstop in order to be able to fight against the demon army. “The demons are far more different than us they fight different and they have to be killed differently.” said Azrael “T...t...then how do we kill them,” said Damien terrified “calm down all you need is something marked with the cross, and you will need silver along with holy water” said Azrael. “Few that's good to hear,” said Damien relieved to hear that it wasn't that hard to kill demons. The next day he ordered his army to start carving crosses onto their weapons and to start making silver bullets along with holy water
The angels started to give the humans special armor that they wore which would protect them from hallucinating all kinds of things, and from most of the attacks from the demons, and to allow them to breath in the harsh conditions that the demons need in order to survive on earth which was fire and a very flammable gas that catches fire if a man-made fire touches it, which this is what they need to breath other than the purified oxygen the human's breath.
Chapter 7
The final battle
“Okay, men today or tomorrow or whenever they start coming we fight to protect this world and to prevent other worlds from being taken over by our enemy, but I don’t think that it will be an easy task anyway getting off topic. We will need to be strong and fight our best, one more thing do not take off your mask’s under any circumstances no matter what keep them on because if not. This is what will happen you will be breathing in gas that is very flammable so no lighters or anything like that and you will slowly die even if you have your mask off for 2 seconds, anyways I just want to say one last thing to you and that last thing is good luck and it was an honor being your leader and thank you.”
As the day went on everyone was feeling confident and were ready for anything, because they didn’t know when the demons will strike “It's like Russian roulette in a way” said one of the soldiers as they were playing a card game. “You can say that again.” said another soldier jokingly but his smile suddenly turned into a frightened face full of fear as the sirens went off all of a sudden. Then it went off everyone was confused “Are we under attack or what?” asked a soldier then everyone got quiet as they heard the intercoms  “We apologize if you got frightened a little continue with your day we are not under attack, we were just seeing if the sirens still worked.” As everyone was relieved to hear that they continued with their day playing card games, working out, and working on their vehicles. The intercom came back on “we will be testing the sirens twice a week, that’s all.” As the day went on just another typical boring for the soldiers as they waited for these demons as they were told by the angels on what to do if they do show up to attack.
“Ok it’s time to attack now, I would like to take over this world by nightfall so we can attack and take the angels world tomorrow morning, I am tired of living down here.” said the devil himself  as the demons prepared to attack the humans to take their world from them not knowing that they and the angels teamed up. As they all started to attack he realized something and that thing was that both Azrael and Leo were waiting there on the battlefield with their wings spread out getting ready to start flying towards the demons “Fall back stop the attack they are too powerful even for me.
As the humans started to fire at the demons they noticed that they didn't look like what they all thought they would. The hound dog was a creature that was a smoky gray and black in color with bright red eyes and teeth that were about 5-6 inches each that could tear through flesh like a bullet going through a cake, The dire wolf which was a wolf but 10 times stronger and faster than a regular wolf and their fur is pure black, and last of all the corrupted angel it’s an angel that has been corrupted by the devil himself and they have black wings along with black clothing with red but they are weaker than a regular angel. This information that the angels told the humans helped them a lot not only to know what they looked like but to also know how careful they have to be if they got into hand to hand combat with any of them. Even though it is easy to kill them it is also as easy to be killed by them.
As time went on the humans and angels became less and less patient waiting for the demos to attack so they took it upon themselves to march towards the lands that the demons occupy to destroy them once and for all to end the fighting and to stop them from taking over their world’s and to save other worlds from being destroyed. Now it is time for the final battle with all of the other battles leading up to this one it, will be like no other more men will die than any other battles combined and it will be the longest battle in history. “Ok men let’s do this we will win maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday we will even if it takes us years to win, I don't care well will win by all means necessary.” Said Damien the leader of the humans day one the battle was a tough battle for the humans and the angels but they were able to weaken the demon's defenses during the attack. 100 years later the last battle is being fought as the humans and angels are almost to the palace of the devil himself to fight the final battle that will end the war and make the humans and angels victorious, which would mean they wouldn't have to worry about their world or other worlds being destroyed and live happy lives. One year later they killed the devil and destroyed the realm in which he lived in with a nuclear bomb made with silver and marked with crosses and soaked in holy water. Now today it is known as the 101-year war.
“James wake up you will not sleep in class or you will be sent down to the office.” said the teacher “yes mam sorry for falling asleep it won’t happen again,” James said. James was a boy who was a senior in high school that always worked hard to do his best in school, participating in after-school activities along with working at the local McDonald's in his town everyone knew him for his hard work and effort he was also awarded a medal for the most hours of community service. As the school day went on he has been thinking to himself about the dream that he just had. “That was the strangest dream I have ever had I’ll tell everyone at the table during lunch today” said James thinking to himself knowing that he never had a dream like this one before, but was it really a dream or was it visions of the future that he was seeing or perhaps visions of the long forgotten past.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this by different Sci-Fi movies that I've seen 

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