The Curse of the Magic Lamp

October 9, 2017
By NoahJ. BRONZE, Chesterfield, Virginia
NoahJ. BRONZE, Chesterfield, Virginia
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The boy yelled down to his mother who was preparing breakfast downstairs. He asked her if breakfast was ready, she  said it was.  He ate his breakfast and went to school. The boy walked down the street whistling and humming. He passed an antique store and in the alley between the store and another he saw a shiny lamp. It looked extremely old and the boy thought to himself that it could be worth a lot of money. He walked over to the lamp but when he went to pick it up he felt a strange feeling inside. A feeling like he knew that this lamp was special. He stuffed it in his backpack and went to school.
Later, when the boy arrived home he lay it on his bed. He looked at it for  awhile pondering the idea of what it could be. He’d heard of stories in which someone finds a magic lamp that grants them three wishes. He laughed at the idea of such a thing happening. Magic isn't even real he thought, it is probably just some old piece of junk that someone threw out. Then he thought what would happen if it was magic, he could ask for riches or something even greater. He decided to rub the lamp just for fun. He rubbed the lamp in a joking way asking for wishes. After a minute or two of rubbing the lamp he gave up and left it on his bed. He walked over to his door when he heard a slight rumbling sound, he wondered what it was. He heard it again and realized that it was coming from the lamp! He raced over to the bed, knelt down and stared at it.  Then the most peculiar thing happened, a seven foot tall man with long black hair in a pony tail appeared in front of him. He was shocked by the sight of the man. Words came out of his mouth in a trembling manner. He asked who the man was and the man said he was a great genie from long ago and he would grant the boy three wishes. The boy was amazed by what he heard, he couldn't believe that he had the opportunity to have three wishes of whatever he wanted. The genie saw the boy’s excitement dwelling on his face. Before the boy could utter his first wish the genie proclaimed to the boy that the wishes come at a cost. The boy stupidly ignored the genie and made his first wish. He wished for a mansion to call his own. The genie said the boy’s wish would be granted when he awoke in the morning.
The next day he woke up and to his amazement his wish was granted! He was in awe of  his luxurious new house. He walked down the grand oak  staircase and walked outside to see a multi story mansion. After awhile of looking around his new house he sat down to watch tv, the tv spoke of a terrible hurricane that hit Hawaii! The boy didn't think much about the catastrophe and went gleefully to school.
On his way to school the genie appeared in front of him. He asked him if he enjoyed his first wish and the boy said he did. The boy said  he was ready for his second wish. He said he wished for a million dollars and the genie said that his wish will come true once he wakes up in the morning. Then when the boy got home his mother made him dinner and he went to sleep. The next morning his wish was granted once more. His room was filled with money up to his neck! He was beside himself with joy as he struggled to get out of his room, pushing the bills out of his way.
He ran down stairs to tell his mother what had happened when he realized something was wrong. His mother was nowhere to be found, he looked and he looked but it was no use his mother was gone. The genie appeared in front of the boy. With tears in his eyes the boy  asked the genie where his mother was. The genie said since the boy had no regard for the people in the weather event and that the boy had not even thought twice about the genie’s warnings,  he deserved to have his mother taken away from him. The boy had tears rolling down his face by now and he begged and begged for the genie to bring his mother back. Then he had an idea, he told the genie that his third wish was for everything to go back to the way it was before he found the lamp near the antique shop.
The genie seemed surprised by the boy's wish. He was impressed with the boy selflessness by wanting to undo everything he had been given just to get his mother's back. The genie said that his wish shall be granted once more and with a grin on his face he snapped his fingers and the boy frantically woke up in a pile of sweat.
He looked around and was very happy to see that there was no longer stacks of money neck high or a luxurious house. He ran downstairs to see his mother making breakfast. He went to her and gave her a hug. The boy looked at the calendar hanging up on the kitchen wall. He was shocked to see that it was still the same day he found the lamp near the shop. He went on his way to school and for a second time he walked by the shop and saw the lamp lying in the same place as it was days before. After staring at the lamp for a moment, he walked on his way to school humbled by his experience.

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