Power Crazed

October 9, 2017
By nashgirl19 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
nashgirl19 BRONZE, Republic, Missouri
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The year was 1764 and I had just turned 18 years old and  met the love of my life. Or so I thought he was the love of my life. I would soon learn that he was just using me for the power that I held within my small body. My name you might want to know is Alexandria Bordeaux. And this is how my life got turned into nightmare.
  Like I said I just turned 18, and that age in my coven is when you find out of powerful you really are. Me and my twin sister looked forward to this moment for as long as we could remember. Our mother use to tell us stories of witches that apprehended powers that could destroy villages. I didn't really want that much power but my sister she wanted all the power she could get he hands on. Shes what my mother liked to call ¨Avide de pouvoir¨, which meant greedy for power. And she wasn't wrong my sister craved power, almost as if she would die without it. But me I personally didn't care for it that much, I mean yeah sure power is great and all but I cared about my family and friends more than anything.
Our 18 birthday just so happened to fall on a blood moon. Which for my coven is very rare, because if your 18 birthday falls a on a blood moon you will be blessed with an ungodly amount of power. But that's where the problem started. You see only one person could contain the power, but there was two of us me and my twin sister Joslynn. Being born with a twin is very rare to witches because twins have double the power of a normal witch.  And me and my sister have been very strong since birth, but I've always been the weak one out of the two of us. And to my sister that's a good thing because she wants to be the one to get the the power.

Later that day we started getting ready for the ceremony. We put on our beautiful white and red gowns and did our makeup and hair. I put my hair in a braided bun with pieces of hair left down. And my sister put her hair in braids. We got ready and stood by the opening of our hut. My mother walked up to the door and opened it. She walked in wearing an elegant blue gown that matched all of our eyes. She smiled at us and took our hands and handed each one of us a necklace. My necklace was a blue amulet, that shined in the moonlight. And my sister´s amulet was a dark red ruby almost as red as blood. My mother turned to us after we had time to study our gifts and said ¨ Girls, these amulets will hold the power that over flows from your veins.¨  After she told us that we started down the aisle to altar where we would receive our powers.
We kneeled at the altar as our coven's elders came to bless us with the markings of our coven. They made the markings on our foreheads with the blood of a freshly killed stag. The markings they had drawn were a crescent moon with two dots at each point of the the moon. As the moon began to rise in the sky it began to take the color of blood hence the name blood moon.
At this point the amulets that our mother had given use previous to the ceremony started to glow almost as bright as the moon itself.  Our coven elders started to read from the ancient grimoire that had been passed through our covens generations, and would now be given to either me or my sister.  The elders chanted ¨ Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras. Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras.¨ 
As they chanted I could feel the power running from the Earth and through my veins. It felt weird at first, feeling all that power run through my veins. But after a few minutes the weird feeling subsided and I felt this unhinging power crawling through my skin erging to be released. This feeling wasn't like anything that I had ever felt before, I mean I have felt pain but nothing like this. I doubled over in efforts to conceal the power and the pain, and as I doubled over I turned to see my sister not having the same reaction as me. And I immediately began to panic because I didn't know if something was wrong with me or what was going on. My sister didn't seem to be in as much pain as I was in and I didn't understand why she wasn't doubled over with pain coursing through her veins like I was. The only thing that was going through my head was ¨What's wrong with me?¨. And that's when it hit me.  I was the one being blessed with the ungodly amount of power and not my sister that´s why she wasn't as much pain as I was because I had more power running through my veins and into my amulet.
And in that moment I knew that my sister would be overtaken by rage and anger. I knew that in that moment she would forever hate me for obtaining  the power and not her. And that she would do everything in her power to destroy me and take the power that I held in my small fragile body to have for herself.
As the pain faded away I began to stand up. And I looked completely different, my hair was now a beautiful light blonde and my eyes were a  unique mixture of colors ranging from emerald green to a deep red almost brown color. As I took in my new look I turned to look at my sister.
My sister beamed with nothing but hatred and rage. She now had  dark from almost black hair and a eyes almost as dark as her hair. My once twin sister and I didn't look like twins that we once were.  My sister looked me up and down and then looked at me with a crooked half smile and said ¨ That power was suppose to be mine, I deserved that power not you. You are nothing but weak.¨ And then she turned and looked at our elders and our village and said ¨ You are all fools, how could you let her have the power that was meant for me. I deserved that power. Not her, me.¨
Then she looked at our mother with despair in her eyes and said to her ¨ Why mother? Why her and not me? Why does she get to have the power?¨
My mother looked at her with a sad glance and said “ I'm sorry my dear daughter but it isn't up to me, the elders or the village who gets the power. Its up to the ancestors. And the ancestors chose your sister to harness the power. And I don't know why they chose your sister but they did. So my daughter you are just going to have to live with that.¨
¨No mother, I won't just live with it. I want the power. And I will do what I have to to get it, even if that means taking it from her.¨ She said as she turned and looked at me with an evil grin.
As she turned to to look at me I began to back up and step away from my sister. As I backed away from her I said ¨ I'm sorry Lily. I know what it meant to you to have this power and I don't know why the ancestors chose me but they did. And they must have chose me for a purpose. If I could I would give you the power but I can't just give it to you Lily.¨
¨ But my dear stupid sister. I can always just take it from you.¨
¨ And how would you manage to take my power, dear sister?¨
¨ Well by killing you of course.¨
And with that she looked at me with nothing but death in her eyes and and started  cursing at me in Latin. No one in my coven had ever heard of the spell she was chanting, but she was using all of her power to try and kill me but it wasn't working. The elders from my village took it upon themselves to protect me and keep me safe. They say me as the villages savior and they would do whatever they could to protect me from my sister or anyone who tried to take the immense power that I was blessed with.
The elders chanted a counter spell at my sister or the person I thought was my sister. But it was obvious that she had gone power crazed. And she just wanted more power, and nothing would stop her from getting what she wants.
My sister collapsed after useing to much of her power trying to fight against the elders and she knew she was losing. So she just gave up and stopped fighting them. She fell to the ground in exhaustion, She stood up wooble and looked at me with a devilish glare and said
¨ I'll be back for what is rightfully mine sister. So you better be ready, because next time I won't give up so easily. And I will not stop until I have the power that you hold.¨
¨ Well then I'll be waiting for you then sister, and I will be ready to take you on.¨
¨ You better watch out, because I'm coming for you. You won't know where or when but I'll come back for what is mine.¨ And with that she disappeared into thin air.

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