The Doctor

October 18, 2017
By BigCes BRONZE, Hemet, California
BigCes BRONZE, Hemet, California
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There's a myth about a man with no name. He is only called “The Doctor”. It is said that he could heal anyone and anything, even bring back a man from death. No one knows where he lives or if he's even from this world. People say you can identify him by his dark blue shirt, a dark as night vest that he wears, and the slight smell of medicine that accompanies him everywhere. I was unfortunate enough to meet him during a time where I was young and desperate. My wife and I were knocking on death's door in a hospital that was located in the bad part of town. It was dirty, cold, and depressing. My wife and I only had one option left and that was to pray. Pray to god that he would show us mercy and let us live out the rest of our lives. That’s when he walked in. Just like how people described him a dark blue shirt, a dark as night vest, and the slight smell of medicine that followed him through the door. He came in calm and gave off a vibe that said this is another day in the office. He walked in looked at my wife and then me.
“I hear people say you and your wife are practically waiting for death to come” he said in a professional tone “well no worries the doctor has arrived”
I was shocked almost to the point where I forgot what was going on. It took awhile but I finally managed to give him a response.
I asked “Are you the doctor that people are talking about, the one who can heal anyone?’’
He gave no response except for a slight grin.
“ can you please heal me, and my wife?’’ I asked in a desperate tone of voice
The doctor looked at us for a second time and finally responded
“ of course, but it'll come at a price.”
I responded almost immediately “I’ll give you anything!”
The doctor grind and walked towards me and very gently grabbed my face and in a matter of seconds I was cured. I was amazed, but that moment quickly faded away when i saw him walking away.
“What about my wife?”
He looked back and smiled all while saying
“ I saved you from death did I not?”
“ yeah but my wife is still sick!”
He turned around and very firmly said
“ The price of a life is another life”
Sadly I knew exactly what he meant by that by him saving me I abandoned my wife she would die because of disease and it was my fault. I later asked the nurses if they had seen the man walk out of the room. They all said that they hadn't seen any man other than myself walk out.
“The price of a life, is another life.’’ that's the only thing I thought about for the next three months.

The author's comments:

I did this for an assigment. 

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